PS3 System Software Update (ver 3.42)

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An update to the PS3 system software was released on 7 September 2010. If you update your PS3 system, the system software version will be 3.42 and the following features will be updated. In order to download PS3 system software version 3.42, you will need a minimum 168MB of free space on either the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (System Update) or on removable storage media (PC Update).
Main features in system software update version 3.42
* A patch has been added to address security vulnerability in the system software.

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  • lol, hack attack… well done on the quick fix though guys.

  • nice one guys. you show em who’s boss

  • such a boring update. WE WANT NEW FEATURES PLEASE

  • “Main features in system software update version 3.42
    * A patch has been added to address security vulnerability in the system software.”
    Why dont you just say we have rendered the PSJailbreak/PSGroove useless for a week until the hacker patch it again!

  • Is this a compulsory update to access PSN and the store?
    Nice one for the update guys, I hope this stops them in their tracks.

  • Yet another useless update. Bring us cross-game chat, cross-game invitation etc. and maybe more ppl would start using the PS3 for games and not just as a BR player.
    It’s a good thing Microsoft knows how to do a good online experience!

  • I hope that every vuln doesn’t require a 168mb patch download
    That said, well done on the fix, last thing we need is freeloaders invading the platform.
    That said though, would be great if there was some official way we could install homebrew on the PS3 for home developers.

  • well done sony – we don’t want such “jailbreak-[DELETED]” in or for our great system :)
    ps 4 ever

  • Is it just me but is the broswer look different Now :O
    It been confirm all JB, grove are dead, till the next time :D

  • @ninja_tom : They did. It was Linux, and homebrew didn’t bother with it.

  • lol but my plus icon still lost sony has killed hackers exploit but failed to restore ppl plus icon i did everything log-out, delete cookies etc still no joy. :D

  • Not surprising, I knew this when I switched on my console to see that + had downloaded 3.42. It has begun…

  • *surprised face at everybody saying “booo, lame update”*
    You’d think that adding new features took time or something!
    Swift work on patching this up.

  • Haha patch for the Jailbreak. Was expecting this. Anyway, I don’t use PS3 for gaming no more.

  • *gee* thanks Sony, I’d love to waste another 15 minutes installing the new firmware every time another exploit has been found.
    So did we lose any more features this time?

  • X game chat ???????????????????????????????

  • Really swift updating here to plug some security-holes.
    But adding features that your fanbase has been asking for for YEARS just can’t be done.
    Hell, even your competitor had said features from launch.
    I’m not as angry/cranky as it seems, but you’ve had 3 years Sony, I mean, c’mon.

  • Love it! love it! love it!
    Bye bye damn hackers, hope many get their ps3’s banned for good and other many won’t even get any refund for buying illegal stuff.

  • Could we please also get a list of the other features that have been added/changed/fixed/removed in this firmware?
    It is always the same, and asked before and before and before. We want a full list of changes.

  • Good on ya Sony but anybody who know’s anything about this “jailbreak” knows they’ll bypass it within a few weeks at most. The battle has begun !.

  • And so it begins…

  • In a way Sony deserve it because they removed the Linux option on the PS3. It’s not the end of jailbreaks….. I’m sure there will still be many holes. I reverted to another console because they have more games and a better overall experience. Sony have and continue to ignore their customers, that is why I left for good. I won’t be buying games for PS3 unless they are exclusives (full stop)

  • Good 1 SONY. Don’t let those scum-bags win(hackers) ;D

  • Are we gonna have to download a patch every time someone hacks the system, I see a lot of patches coming out in the future.
    Sony seem to think all their customers are going to run out and start stealing all the games the moment the systems hacked. If we wanted to do that we’d have bought an XBOX360 instead.
    Just admit it, the consoles security had a good run but it’s over. Once you admit that, you can give us back the features we paid for (linux) and we can all be happy.

  • Nice to see you’re on the ball in preventing this Jailbreak thing from getting out of control.
    As for those constantly requesting cross game chat etc. They would add it if it was just that simple to do. I still believe most only want it because the other kid has it and wont be used as often as made out to be.

  • @ wbrinkman dont complain about the security patches, what do you want downloading patches so illegal games playing is stopped, our that game developers dont make good games for ps3 anymore, becuase they dont want to lose money on illegal, games make a choice!

  • @killzonexx
    I have no idea what you just said.

  • I never expect any new features in firmware updates anymore since the launch of the PS3 most people wanted X-Game **VOICE** Chat (Not text) and still we dont have it :( im glad you are stopping the exploits of the PS3 but what i read about the Jailbreak seems people could add custom firmware and new features :/ After you upset alot of people by removing OS Support because one GUY claims he has access to the PS3 you could have atleast give us some new features :/ ones that people want like x-game chat etc. You then advertised PS+ to have X-Game chat and then it suddenly dissapeared and Sony denies it! Come on Sony its about time this got sorted and we start getting new features. Im also disapointed about the fact Xbox has alot more features than PS3, i know MS specialize in software but not in consoles if you still want to win this market give the community wot it deserves! thanks b2d

  • Way to go, Sony! But how about to close PSN for guys with old firmwares and proxies? Right now it open wide for who not updating their PS3.

  • i hate when i have to download an update just for nearly nothing but for the sake of loving sony and fighting thouse stupid hakers im ok with it . thanks for putting the PC link … do it often .

  • Nice work on patching the security flaw (if this jailbreak thing is what this is about).
    I’d still love the opposite of cross game chat and be able to mute all voice chat from the xmb though. Having to mute everyone in uncharted 2 in every single match is ruining my favorite game. Worst game feature of the modern era by far. Wouldn’t be so bad if people were more responsible and mature using it.

  • people stop asking about X game chat it’s not going to happen. i would love to see it to but it’s been 4 years and they no we want it. the ps3 just can’t multitask just look how slow the XMB loads when you press the PS button when in a game.

  • Can you put a changelog with firmware updates please, not everyone reads the blog, when i install an update i want to know what it does without having to go onto the blog.
    And i mean a real change log, because when you actually put one with a FW update it misses out about 90% of the changes or new features and that makes it pretty useless for the majority of PS users who don’t visit the forums or blog

  • So…does this fix disable the USB ports or did you find some way to patch security without removing a feature this time around? ;)

  • When do we get PixelJunk Lifelike (music visualisation), or will it be a PSN download?

  • Here a idea as sony remove the other-OS they could have remove the proxy sever setting, & to bring back PS2-BC as a Sorry to say we remove features it the hackers fault.
    who ever uses a proxy sever setting. it just sits there sony what is the purpose of it, that like asking for trouble. :D

  • I love the patch system. Update only took me 5 minutes.
    Nice job couter attacking the hackers.

  • Great stuff, prevent these idiots from turning the console into a target for pirated games which in turn will cause devs to lose lots of money, which then means they have less of a budget to make awesome games.

  • Stop complaining! If you want to continue seeing great games, Sony must do what they can to prevent pirates. This is an unscheduled update and not one of the major ones that carry features so don’t panic!

  • I can’t seem to be able to sign in to the US Blog (so I can update my Blog Share ideas).

  • @ TheHappyTurtle you dont have to understand it wasnt for you either
    but i try to explain better for you
    people complain about another firmware update that fix the jailbreak hack
    its good they fix it, otherwise gamedevelopers leave ps3 alone, becuase they dont want to lose money on illegal downloaded games.
    as long ps3 is unhacked, we get more and more exclusive ps3 releases.
    so i dont care if i have to update my ps3 2 times a week, as long it keeps unhacked.
    you understand now? becuase i dont typ it again:P

  • This would’ve been a great service to the playstation community and curved the desire to hack our favourite console, if it had both single handedly closed the vulvernability and given us back Linux. Does it? no. We ended up losing a feature and for what? Nothing. We still have to play this game.
    I like many others want Linux back. We lost it for no reason whatsoever. Jailbreak has now proven this. You should’ve invested proper time to close the security vulnerabilities then and kept the system open for the community. Instead you have angry people wanting to open it up again, even more than it was before.
    On you Sony.

  • @ smokeypsd i think with the linux option ps3 would be hacked way earlyer thats why they tryed jailbreak idea.
    they more things sony gives! the more options to hack it, so im glad they atleast closed linux.

  • @killzonexxx
    I’m not against developers and Sony protecting their intelletual property, as a software dev myself I’m all for it. But when the protection inconviences the end-user you know you’ve messed up.
    As for protection leading to more exclusives I completely disagree with you. The Xbox360 was hacked years ago and they still get exclusives.
    As for this latest patch a quick google will tell you it’s already been hacked. Hours, that’s all it took!! So will Sony be releasing another 150Mb patch and stop me from using the console for 15 minutes whilst it downloads?

  • @Everyone wanting new features : Keep in mind that Tokyo Game Show is this month ( around the 16th ) and since Sony is a Japanese company I would be willing to wager that they will announce something a bit more major, in terms of features at the show.

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