Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation Move

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To quote Bob Dylan, The Times They Are a-Changin, and PlayStation Move is about to change the way we all interact with our PlayStation 3 games. If you’re looking to pick up a PlayStation Move motion controller when it launches in mainland Europe on 15 September, in Australia and New Zealand on 16 September and in the UK on 17 September, this guide should equip you with all the information you need to ensure you get the most out of this new addition to the PlayStation family.

PlayStation Move

The Bundles

Here is what will be available at launch:

  • PlayStation Move Motion Controller (€39.99/£34.99 RRP/AU$69.95/NZ$79.95 RRP)
  • PlayStation Eye Camera (€29.99/£24.99 RRP/AU$59.95/NZ$69.95 RRP)
  • PlayStation Move Navigation controller (€29.99/£24.99 RRP/AU$49.95/NZ$59.95 RRP)
  • PlayStation Move Charging Station (€29.99/£24.99 RRP/AU$49.95/NZ$59.95 RRP)
  • Coming soon: PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment (€14.99/£12.99 RRP/AU$29.95/NZ$34.95 RRP)


  • PlayStation Move Starter Pack (€59.99/£49.99 RRP/AU$99.95/NZ$109.95 RRP)

Includes PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye and a PlayStation Move Starter Disc.

  • PlayStation 3 Move Bundle (€349/£284.99 RRP/AU$599.95/NZ$729.95 RRP)

Includes PlayStation 3 320GB system, PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye, DUALSHOCK 3 controller, and PlayStation Move Starter Disc. For all New Zealand consumers, all NZD pricing stated above is subject to GST increase in NZ on 1st October 2010.

PlayStation Move (Sports Champions)

The Starter Disc

The Starter Disc includes demos of the following games, all which are also available to download from PlayStation Store:
Beat Sketcher: Create both art and music as you see yourself on the screen and draw using a variety of brushes and colours in the game’s Create Mode.
echochrome ii: Play through a tutorial and three levels in this stylish, original puzzle game where you use the PlayStation Move motion controller as a torch to cast shadows onto a wall and create paths for your mannequin.
EyePet Move Edition: A taste of what it’s like to interact with your EyePet using the Move controller in EyePet Move Edition. (Existing EyePet owners will be able to download a free software update on 15 September).
Sports Champions: Play both Table Tennis and Disc Golf and feel just how accurate the PlayStation Move motion controller is.
TV Superstars: Get your face in the game and play through Frockstar and Let’s Get Physical either alone or with up to three friends.
Start the Party: Swat bugs, bounce basketballs and whack moles in this hilarious augmented reality party game where you never quite know what your PlayStation Move motion controller is going to turn into next.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: Take part in The Ryder Cup across a range of game types and using various top golfers in this generous demo that is compatible with Playstation Move.
The Shoot: Blast your way through an entire level of the shooter that puts you in the shoes of a movie star trying to impress the director.
Tumble: Play through two stages of levels of this Jenga-like game where you have to keep a steady hand to build towers out of various objects, and use mines to blow them up as comprehensively as possible.

PlayStation Move (Slider)

PlayStation Move Games available at launch

  • Sports Champions
  • Start the Party
  • Kung Fu Rider
  • EyePet Move Edition
  • Tumble (Available from PlayStation Store)

Games that you may already have that will support PlayStation Move at launch

  • EyePet
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
  • Toy Story 3
  • R.U.S.E.
  • Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

Games that you may already have that will support PlayStation Move soon

  • Heavy Rain
  • Hustle Kings
  • MAG
  • High Velocity Bowling
  • PAIN


Upcoming PlayStation Move supported games

  • The Shoot
  • The Fight
  • SOCOM: Special Forces
  • TV Superstars
  • SingStar Dance
  • LittleBigPlanet 2
  • Sly Trilogy
  • Heroes on the Move
  • Killzone 3
  • echochrome ii (Available from PlayStation Store)
  • Beat Sketcher (Available from PlayStation Store)
  • Sorcery
  • Virtua Tennis 4
  • John Daly’s ProStroke Golf
  • The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest
  • Time Crisis: Razing Storm
  • Tron: Evolution

I’ll keep this blog post up to date with the latest information as and when it comes in.
While this is a starter guide to help you decide what to buy at launch, the comments section will no doubt be where we get to the real meat and potatoes. Feel free to ask anything and I’ll try to answer as many detailed questions as you can throw at me.
Also, check out this excellent guide that the community over at the official PlayStation forums has put together, based on information gathered from around the web.

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  • I’m armed with more than a dozen pages of notes and ready to answer any specific questions anyone may have, so fire away.

  • When playing the party games with friends for instance TV Superstars and Start the party will more than one move be required or is it the case of just passing round the controller.

    • In Start the Party you only use one controller and pass it around to each other. I haven’t spent much time with TV Superstars yet. I’ve noticed a general rule that developers will try to accommodate players with one Move controller if the style of game allows, like in a golf game where you take it in turns. However, with games like table tennis in Sports Champions, where two people are playing together, you will need two controllers for multiplayer.

    can’t wait till next week i want to move it move it right now lol.
    Question: Will you be able to use move on Playstation Home and/or could it be used for mini-games in PSHome?

  • Aww i thought the UK got it with the rest of Europe. That sucks.

  • any idea if a bleach is in the works for PS Move otherwise its a no buy for me

  • Is the Move enabled Dance Dance Revolution coming to Europe?

  • Whats is the RRP for 1st Party games like Sports Champions?

  • Then say hello to my little friends:
    – What exactly is the charging station? I haven’t seen a picture off it yet.
    – Why are the famous buttons placed as a square rather then a 45 degrees twisted square like on the dualshock controller?
    – Can you charge the Move/Navigation controller with a mini usb cable?
    – Is the Move controller idiot proof?(like some sort of rope attached to it so that drunks guys wont throw it against my tv?)

    • – It lets you charge two Move controllers or Navigation controllers at the same time: http://bit.ly/b6rG40
      – Yes you can use a mini usb cable to charge Move and Navigation contollers.
      – Each controller comes with a wrist strap that should be worn securely to prevent mishaps.

  • Is the navigation controller an essential part of the experience?
    i.e. Am I going to find that I need to spend another £24.99 on a separate controller after already paying over £75 for the Starter Bundle and Sports Champions?
    In addition, why is there no bundle which includes the navigation controller?

    • The Navigation controller is not required for all Move games; it’s an optional peripheral that provides the use of an analog stick and directional buttons for games like Heavy Rain and Killzone 3, where you move a player around the screen. You can also use the left hand side of the DUALSHOCK 3 controller for this purpose but the Navigation controller may be a more comfortable option.

  • Online for Sport Champions please?

  • i though flower would be getting a patch

  • There’s actually very little space in my room, is Move worth it if I’m only going to play single player games?

  • I have a question, although I’m not sure you can answer it James, because it’s more on the development side…
    But why can MAG, Heavy Rain, Hustle Kings etc PATCH move controls in… but Resident Evil 5 requires an entirely new disc? :\

    • The first few games you mention are first party whereas Resident Evil is published by CAPCOM. It wouldn’t be fair for me to speak on their behalf but you could try their Twitter account, @CapcomEuro

  • Can you use Move on the PS3 internet browser, and if so is it anygood?

  • Any word on the Move patch for LittleBigPlanet?

  • “EyePet Move Edition: (Existing EyePet owners will be able to download a free software update on 15 September).”
    Thank you!! I bought this game for my GF and given the lighting conditions/eye set up etc, the little card thing was very difficult to use, I am really happy to see this will be a free update
    A little bummed by the lack of move support for the Original RE5, but such is life

  • Good to see the demos will be available on the store too, i have the PSeye so no need to pick up the Bundle, I’ll be grabbing 2 Moves and the Navigation Controller instead. any news on a price for Sports Champions?
    Anyone else get an invite to the PlayStation Hub in Dublin on the 16th?

  • Will the XMB be updated or given a new look for Move?

    • The XMB remains the same but you could always take a look at the PlayStation Move Dynamic Theme if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

  • can you give any information about the move controls in Toy story 3??

  • Is it correct that PlayStation Move will be 100% awesome?

  • How long do the controllers last on a full charge (approximately)?
    Can they be used while charging (like dual shock controllers)?
    Will any games *require* two Move controllers or will they just be *optimised* for two but compatible with one?
    Also, a dual move bundle, or a move + game bundle for games requiring two Move controllers would be a brilliant idea. Whether it is for multiplayer or for enhanced single player there’s got to be a market for people wanting more than one Move.

    • You’ll get approximately 10 hours of battery life from a full charge. I just tried using one while it was charging and it does work, but it hinders your movement a bit.
      Most games only require one controller but some may support two controllers for single player, like The Fight, or multiplayer.

  • Why does the Starter Pack in EU only include a demo disc, when the same bundle in the US includes both the demo disc and the full Blu-ray game Sports Champions and at roughly the same price?

  • I’ve ordered: 2 Move controllers, 1 Navigation controller and a charging station ;-) Got RUSE today so i’m all set!

  • I got told by my local gaming store while pre-ordering my move starter pack that I would need two move motion controllers to play move enabled games.
    What I want to know is:
    Is that standard in all move compatable games or is it requred in only some? And if it is only required in some move enabled games will it state on the game box/case how many motion cotrollers are required to play the game.

    • Most games only require one controller but some may support two controllers or a Navigation controller and this will be indicated on the box.

  • Having a game that is not officially compatible with Playstation Move, what happens when you use it with that game?

  • @8
    [- Why are the famous buttons placed as a square rather then a 45 degrees twisted square like on the dualshock controller?]
    If they were placed as they traditionally were, you would contantly be pressing X instead of the Move Button in the centre of them.

  • @25
    I dont know, try it and find out, lol

  • James, any idea when we can expect to see a release date for the Heavy Rain Move Update? Thanks

    • I’m trying to get those dates as we speak and I should be able to update you here on the blog later next week.

  • I know you listed some bundles, but where are bundles missing right? There were bundles with more then one controller or Move and Navigator controller together. Also I already have PS EYE camera, I don’t want no bundle with it, it was said there will be bundles without it, so is there any information on them bundles like what it contains, prices and release dates? I know you can buy them separate.

    • These are all of the bundles available at launch. Don’t forget that you can download the contents of the Starter Disc from PlayStation Store.

  • I also want to know about an update for the XMB controls, but most importantly the browser, because what I’ve seen currently is a little silly. I’m expecting something where the controller can be used to point, and also would like the option to zoom in/out, scroll left/right, etc. (say like in RUSE or similar).
    I guess this is not the thread for this question (perhaps ask Anton ;) ), but I was also wondering about games that use pointing: some of the games appear to use the gyroscope only for aiming, including an FPS like MAG, where I would get the impression that pointing using the full position and orientation of the Move controller creates a vector that can be used to calculate how it intersects with the TV (after typical shoot the edges calibration). I think perhaps that Sony (Richard/Anton’s team) should perhaps work together with the various FPS developers to get this right, as it will be a big selling point for the PS3 if it’s done right.

    • That’s a pretty amazing idea. That’s one of the things that makes new games technology exciting – wondering what devs are going to be using it for years down the line.

  • I know that Nintendo sells their controllers separately, but why did you decide to sell them separately instead of bundle the navigation+move controller? I don’t know how much you’d be able to cut the price but I believe that if you bundled it and lowered the total price by 10 dollars a lot more people would buy it. Not that I know anything about economy though.

  • I also hope that it won’t be a trend that all Motion games are completely devoid of online multiplayer – the PS Eye camera opens some fun options for multiplayer. I understand that in some cases you don’t want the additional lag, and it only needs to be one to one like Singstar for many games in my opinion, but it would be really great and if it can be done for a game like Tekken or Street Figher, then Move games should be good enough too.

  • @13
    You might remember the incident a couple of years ago when you had to pay for the Vs Multiplayer key code when the mode was already on the disk.
    Easy answer. CAPCOM are being plain awkward and want you to waste on money on something that should have been included for free.

  • Got me the following ready for a day 1 release and AM TOTALLY on the edge of my seat for upcoming games!…
    1 x Starter Pack
    1 x Move (additional)
    1 x Navi
    2 x Silicon covers
    1 x RE5: Gold Move Edition (I waited and yay – Umbrella corp watch out for my Move skills!)
    Thanks Playstation for not rushing your development of interactive control… been with you since The Eyetoy and will salute for for a while more yet!

  • @ Saber_IV according to the devs it’s to do with how the game was programmed to use the PS3’s memory. PS Move requires a small memory/processing overhead to interpret the movements but when Resi 5 was made they designed it in such a way that there was no spare memory available. However when they decided to release the ‘Gold Edition’ with DLC included they went back and tweaked the programming to free up some resources in preparation for Move.
    As long as you have the ‘Gold Edition’ of the game there will be a patch available at launch. The only reason they are re-releasing it again is to give the ‘Gold Edition’ some Move branding and encourage more sales…

  • I can’t wait. Looking forward to try out tumble. Looks great.

  • It’s a shame I can’t buy playstation move since im already buying james bond bloodstone & littlebigplanet 2 for christmas and my birthday =1

  • @18
    But can the Move motion controller be used to navigate the XMB and it’s applications, like the browser?
    I think I’ll buy Move sooner or later because I’m interested in some of the coming soon games, but I tought there would be more than 4 launch titles. Are there any 3rd party PSN games being released in september or october?

  • If you can get those answers, I’ll save you some work:
    @Toy Story3: they are a bunch of downloadable minigames. Don’t expect too much, there is no support in the main game.
    @2 move controllers: all games work with one controller. Some games give a better experience with two if you have them, like Sports Champions Archery, Gladiator Duel and Beach Volley. Yes, even The Fight: Lights Out can be played with one Move controller, and use a sixaxis/dualshock3 controller instead.
    @PS Eye-less bundle: no non-PS Eye bundles at launch. But there may be games bundling a (second) Move controller later.
    @Games not supporting Move: nothing, though the regular buttons will still work on the Move controller (x will be x, etc.)
    @Flower: yes, apparently, though I haven’t heard details either
    @Charge: lasts 7-9 hours of intensive use (including vibration and light on)

  • Will MAG have an option to center the reticule to the screen? the current implementation looks awkward :S

  • I think the Move has lots of potential and it WAS on my wishlist. Hardware wise, its good – but the launch titles (From IGN – Racquet Sports 4.5/10, Tumble 3.5/10, Kung Fu Rider 3.5/10) all very bad reviews. Will we see any AAA games that would be made solely for move?

  • When will the demos that are on the starter disk be released on the PS Store? And all will be released at the same time I assume?

  • (As a general rule, a lot of answers and nice videos can be found on iWaggle blogspot com … this has also a much more complete list of games that have announced Move support, what kind of support they will have, release date if known, if they support 3D, etc.)

  • hey i’, dying to get ps move :D but i already got a ps eye which i think is fatastic but can you guys make a bundle with the navigation controller and ps move maybe even a game that would be AWESOME for me :D Can you at least consider this option ?

  • @ Apnomis
    There is no need to free memory on the disks. Thats where the HDD based updates come in. It works the same as any other update for compatability, such as Eyepet and Heavy Rain.
    Its just taking advantage of marketing like you said, thats all.

  • @22 (Why does the Starter Pack in EU only include a demo disc, when the same bundle in the US includes both the demo disc and the full Blu-ray game Sports Champions and at roughly the same price?)
    EU’s starter pack is 59€, US’s is 99$.

  • @Move AAA games: Killzone 3 will have Move support, which is the best example I can think of of an AAA game. Also AAA in my book is LBP2 which will have 10 bonus levels that are Move exclusive, and the real fun will start when Move support is patched into the level creation so creators can make Move dedicated levels (using the great new direct control seat functionality that can now already also link to sixaxis features). Whether or not you consider Sports Champions an AAA title, or RUSE, or Resident Evil, or Heavy Rain, etc. depends on your own definition of AAA, but I sure like them for Move.
    @IGN Reviews: they didn’t setup Move properly for the Tumble review I’m guessing. This game generally gets really good reviews otherwise (look around).

  • @ niwrA
    thanks for the info…..

  • Thanks for your reply, one last question then, as you said we can download the content on the store thats on the demo disc, will that content be free of charge or at a cost ( if so what cost ).

  • can you by any chance tell me for sure how many launch/patched at launch titles will be better played with the nav contoller, i have 1 of each controller pre-ordered and my funds aint great this month so im wandering if im better suited to just getting the move controller this month and a navi next month
    thanks for you assistance

    • At present, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. There are more on the way, such as Heavy Rain and MAG.

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