New PlayStation Plus Sign Up OFFER And Content For September And October

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I hope everyone who has signed up during Aug has enjoyed the continued LBP sign up offer?! If you signed up early in the month (or are in German, Greece or South Africa) and didn’t get your copy of LBP in the Plus section straight away, then don’t worry, you will be emailed a voucher for this as soon as possible.
Now, for all those who haven’t signed up to Plus yet, here’s just one more reason! Sign up for a 1 year membership between the 1st September and 5th October and you will get all the great features of Plus AND a copy of the great PS3 game Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, completely free and yours to keep forever.

Ratchet and Clank - Quest for Booty

“The mysterious Zoni have taken Clank! Now Ratchet must use his space-age weapons and new Omniwrench to battle Captain Darkwater’s band of cut-throat ghost pirates to find the Fulcrum Star – a lost treasure that could be the link to finding his best friend.”
Here’s the list of great content that is available to Plus members from September 1st – October 5th
Sam and Max: Devil’s Playground (entire season)
Vector Tower Defense
PSOne Classic:
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Full Game Trial:
Warhawk (Plus exclusive 50% discount for Plus members on purchase)
Inferno Pool
Exclusive Discounts:
LBP: Ico and Shadow of Colossus costume pack – 50%
Metal Gear Solid (PSOne) – 50%
Warhawk – 50%
Pixel Junk Shooter – 20%
DLC Exclusive:
UFC Undisputed 2010 DLC
Dynamic themes:
Exclusive PlayStation Move theme
Exclusive ‘Fish Tank’ theme
Premium avatars:
Eye Pet Blue Goalie Avatar
Eye Pet DJ Avatar
And here is what you can expect to see from the 6th October – 2nd November
Street Fighter 2 HD Remix
Aero Racer
Yeti Sports
PSOne Classic:
Syphon Filter
Full Game Trial:
Gravity Crash (Plus exclusive 50% discount for Plus members on purchase)
Hustle Kings (Plus exclusive 50% discount for Plus members on purchase)
Exclusive Discounts:
Burn Zombie Burn (inc. free exclusive Home item for Plus members who buy)
Dynamic themes:
Exclusive Move ‘Start the Party’ theme
Exclusive ‘Halloween’ theme
Premium avatars:
Pain: Jarvis and Le Toot Avavtars
SingStar: Wannabe and Rising Star Avatars
As before, you can rest assured this is not all that will be available each month; look out for some more exclusive, surprise treats, coming to Plus in September and October.
Hopefully there is plenty there to entertain you!
As always, please feel free to tell me if there is anything in particular you would like to see in the Plus content list.
Enjoy all this and keep an eye out for some extra exclusive treats during the month!
Update: please note that the Ratchet & Clank offer comes into effect from 5pm today (1 September, 2010).

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7 Author Replies

  • What about firstplay included?

    • Hi, as I mentioned before we are def looking into this for you but one of the things we have to consider is that Plu content is available for the whole of Europe whereas firstplay is just for the UK. As I said we are looking into this for you and will let you know any developments ASAP

  • boring i have most of that stuff already

  • Great content, looking forward to Octobers, Syphon Filter is a classic and Street Fighter HD is a good game even though i get pwned online :D
    Today i shall be on Abes Oddysee making constant farting sounds and giggling like i used to back in the day :) Great stuff.

    • Just a little note to let you know that the other James is at IFA in Berlin and is trying to jump on and respond to your comments but he might be held up.

  • Hopefully we’ll get some extra stuff during this period ;-)

  • Whoot!! I shall be downloading Sam & Max with Oddworld \o/

  • Do existing customers get this game for free too?
    Please dont be messing us around… :(

    • Hi, we are definately not messing you around. If you are an existing user then you will have got LBP as your extra free gift for signing up to one year. This is simply the next sign up offer for people who haven’t joined yet, but all the other content mentioned is obviously for all Plus members. plus the extras that we will be giving you during the month

  • Will be downloading Sam and Max and Abe’s Oddysee today then! Still amazed that it’s all five episodes of the game for free and hopefully it’ll keep me occupied for a while.
    Looking forward to the other Plus surprises this month too.

  • Hmmm… I think an option for a few extra months instead of a game would be more enticing. I already had LBP and would have preferred the 3 free months that the US got.

  • nice can’t wait for the pain ava’s
    how about some exclusive themes of games that will come out this fall ??

  • It get’s worse!
    So, I signed up from day 1, do I get Quest for booty?

  • Looking good, thanks for the update. Any news on the other Tomb Raider PSOne games coming to PS Plus? Would be great to have them.
    Is there any news on PS2 Classics on the store? In the pipeline at all?

    • Hi, we are def looking into both of those for you but i don’t have any info on them yet. Will let you know ASAP

  • Again already own most of this content dont think ill be renewing my subscription

  • You seem to have missed off the DLC for October….

  • What about the people who allready own burn zombie burn?
    Will they get the home item too?

  • Damn, I was an early subscriber that already owned lbp (so that freebie was useless for me), I should have waited to get free r&c instead :(

  • Thanks for the update James,
    I have a fair bit of the content but looking forward to Sam & Max and I was nearly buying Hustle Kings last week when I heard it was getting Move & 3D update, so will just need to wait til next month now for my 50% discount.
    Anyone who hasn’t played Abe must download – it is a classic!

  • Still not sold. Are you planning on offering anything above and beyond PSN store game content?
    Such as…………
    Cloud Game Saves
    PS3 Extended Warranty (a la Continuous Play)
    Cross Game Chat
    Movie Download Credits
    Magazine Content (Qore/FirstPlay)
    Store Wide Discount Scheme (10-20%)
    For those of us that already own most of the ‘best’ content from the PSN store, you need to think outside the box if you want us to sign up to PS+.

    • Hi, that is exactly what we are trying to do for you. we feel that the content offering in Plus is very strong and getting stronger but we are always looking for new ways to improve the service. Plus is def not a fixed service but evolving all the time.

  • Wow, if you’re dumb enough to throw away 40 notes on a handful of discounts on old stuff you deserve to get ripped off.
    The only good things there are the PS1 games, and I already dl’d abes oddysee ages ago and still have syphon filter on disc.

  • [DELETED] more content I already have….
    …hmmmm do I renew?

  • looking forward to sam & max and will be gettin metal gear solid its been ages since i played that
    also is there any chance to get a free singstar song each month or a discount on a song pack

  • Am I right in believing that the money generated from PS+ subscriptions is going towards making PSN better? Like more online features and faster download speeds?
    Thats actually the main reason I got PS+, Because I want to help contribute to making PSN a better experience.

  • It’s getting a bit better, but not enough to tempt me into buying just yet. I think that asking for FirstPlay to be included free is not likely; US subsribers get Qore included, which is $2.99 a month, as opposed to FirstPlay’s 99p a week. On that basis, if a FirstPlay subscription was half price for Plus subscribers, I’d go for it.

  • Sam & Max is very nice!

  • I don’t find any reason at all to renew my subscription, the only thing I get are games I already have or don’t have interest for.
    Seriously what does Plus “offers” appart from old content available for a limited time and the “automatic downloads” which downloads demos of games I already OWN?
    And last week the R.U.S.E demo was released on Steam for everyone, and Sony just delayed it for everyone else claiming it was a plus exlisive.

  • Same as #10
    I signed up from day 1, so do I get Quest for booty?
    How about some MOVE demos/games.

  • Any one that is debating whether to sign up has no excuses this month. Sam & Max as well as Abes Odysee free PLUS a sign up bonus too. You should see a spike this week well done.
    The only thing I could ask is a discount on Quest for Booty for existing customers Pretty please :D

  • Might subscribe for 3 months of Playstation Plus Soon. 4 Avatars for free for October!!! ME LIKE!!!

  • I signed up on day one and I’d rather have Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty for free instead of LittleBigPlanet as I already own LBP.
    Also, didn’t we get Gravity Crash as a game trial in month one? Why are we getting it as a game trial again?

  • I hope this month’s unannounced specials will be more than an early demo and an overpriced PS1 Classic. I know you guys make sure to give us the best content possible, but I’m really thinking about subscribing to the US Service after the end of this month. Also; where is the cross-game-chat you guys promised before PS+ even launched?

  • @23, Yeah, I thought that too, PS+ is just giving us demos on the actual release date of the demo, And delaying it for regular users…

  • Hey
    Why there is no DLC for October?? There should be one per month…

  • It used to be little big planet for signing up which was not worth it for most people as they already have it, plus it was the standard edition which was about £15. Now your giving away quest for booty, this game costs around £10 in the shops, thats even less of a giveaway for signing up.
    It’s the same with the PS1 classics, yet again I either have any classic PS1 games on disc or I don’t want them.

  • Hey!
    Am I right in thinking that Quest for Booty does not support trophies?

  • My Birthday is October 5th.. So I’ll sign up that day.. get R&C for free get all September stuff and get October stuff the day after…
    PlayStation have you planned this around my birthday?

  • It a good job i sign up for a 90-days sub, However i will give + a chance to evole i shall renew my sub this month.
    ppl you are in for a treat for S&M it funny as hell i bought it cheap as a pre-order.
    btw james i‘ve read about sony giving a 1 hour press conference tonight about a possibly a music & video sub service, will this be a + Feature :)

  • So do I need to do anything to get my LBP download voucher as I joined in the middle of August when it was not available for download under PS+ section?
    Also, any chance to change that voucher for R&C Quest for Booty as I already own LBP? ;)

  • I can’t believe those like me who signed up day one are unhappy.
    Look at all the great content we have already and its only been a few months.
    We have more than had our moneys worth and there is loads more to come, its only been a few months after all.
    What more do you want?

  • Either you annoy subscribers by not giving them anything decent or you annoy those that haven’t subscribed by delaying content or restricting access.

  • where is our dead nation beta? if you talk about exclusive dead nation is! people are getting keys while they sometimes didnt even heard of the game, and plus members dont get nothing great deal sony!

  • Agh! I bought burn zombie burn not long ago!
    Ah well, SFIIHDR will be a welcome addition to my collection and Hustle Kings has been on my radar for a while, so a 50% discount will definitely be welcome.
    What’s the DLC for October? It’s not mentioned…
    Can everyone please stop asking about Firstplay, it’s getting annoying, they can’t do it because it’s not a first party product.
    Quore is made by Sony, so they can give it away, Firstplay is made by Future Publishing (I think), so it’s not Sony’s to dish out gratis.

  • @James I got a 3 month membership on day 1 so when it runs out and i get a year membership before October 5th do i get the Ratchet and Clank game? Any way thanks for for great update i am happy with it so far. Got my money back in the first month alone.

  • Hi James, please can you suggest that ps+ subscribers get cloud game saves. I know quite a few people that are waiting for ps+ to improve PSN in general (and not just offer games).
    So perhaps add:
    Cloud game saves
    Some sort of extended warranty (discounted to plus subscribers)
    And we all know the community want cross game chat which I believe Sony are working on anyway :)
    Thanks for the update, looking forward to Sam and max

  • Free Ratchet and Clank QFB is really very nice :D

  • Warhawk and Quest for Booty? If you guys are already scraping through your back-catalogue of old games what is it going to be like in a few months time?
    I’m sorry but Plus just doesn’t interest me at all, I’ve either had the content already for a very long time or didn’t get it because I didn’t want it. I’m not against subscriptions to support PSN but I want features not freebie rentals of old games – online backups, better browser, priority downloads etc. The only things that I am interested in with Plus are the auto-downloads and exclusive themes/avatars, but those on their own don’t justify the subscription.
    I guess I’ll wait for the next sign-up offer and hopefully it will be something more worthwhile (and something I don’t already own)…

  • Would of prefered R&C over LBP purely because i already own LBP but there we go.. Why hasn’t October gotten any Premium DLC listed or has it been removed like the HR Dynamic Themes? Alas! Still no Tombi 1 8( Would pay £40 for that on its own..

  • People keep saying “you get your monies worth” but do you really want half the “free” stuff you get when you sign up? I for one would play most of it because I got it as part of the deal but I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to pay for most of it given the chance.
    I have most stuff that I want and anythign new like Joe Danger won’t be included any time soon.

  • @flamingcarrot (#17)
    you forget webbrowser updates (support for more embedded movie formats, descent javascript support etc.) ;-)
    @funkpower (#32)
    Indeed, no trophies for R&C:QfB

  • Offerings comparable to the US ones, because we pay way more to get PS+. Cross Game Chat, which was advertised by Sony before PS+ launched. Oh, I’d also just be happy if the guys who manage PS+ in Europe just posted here and admitted that they cannot do anything to be on par with the US’s offerings instead of just saying “…..wait for sepcials throughout the month…” just to make everyone shut up when they know that those specials won’t be anything other than early access to things. Then there are also a couple of Betas going on right now that they could let PS+ users participate in. Just a couple of things.

  • ratchet and clank i already have as it was cheap enough on the store anyways ages ago and it doesn’t have the new convienence of being installed on the hard drive as it already was a downloadable unlike LBP.
    Problem with a lot of this is that the majority of people who’d want certain games already have bought them long before they end up on Plus. People like me tend to buy games on release date or soon after. If we haven’t for a while it’s likely in most cases cos we don’t really want the game. I think they need to be of more expensive games we put off buying at first due to cost.

  • I too would rather have had Ratchet instead of LBP

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