Digital Comics Store Update (25th August 2010)

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Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s very exciting store update! I don’t even know where to start.


Well, let’s begin anyway with a comic based on the acclaimed and hugely popular video-game Starcraft! And it’s even free! Yes. This sizzling sci-fi action comic, set just before the events of Starcraft II, follows the War Pigs, a disbanded team of shady outlaws reunited for one last mission … Follow this intriguing bunch of characters as they cross paths with zergs, special Cerebus units, protoss, and other familiar Starcraft characters … and events. You can read more about the comic and all the thinking that went behind it in this interview with writer Simon Furman. In the meantime, make sure you get your free copy while it lasts!
But that’s not all – if you’re more of a horror and infected towns kind of person, or if you simply happen to like Silent Hill … we have the perfect comic for you. All five issues of Silent Hill: Dying Inside are coming to PSN today. And it’s not just the setting that’s good – the comic itself was so popular that the first two issues sold out in record time, and it is completely justified: written by NY Times bestselling author Scott Ciencin, with art by Ben Templesmith (too many good comics to list – but Wormwood fans here know what I mean) and Aadi Salman, and a suitably chilling and gripping story to boot … it’s just as good as it sounds.
And because big cities look just as nice infected, join a group of outcasts fighting Coney Island’s zombie infestation in We Will Bury You #3. Awesome comic featuring zombies on fire and a very good audio piece by writers Brea and Zane Grant.
Also out in the store this week is a slice of vintage comic goodness with Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83 to #86. Issue #83 sees Stan Lee introduce the mighty Thor for the very first time; he has famously said that comic books were the mythology of modern days, and therefore set out to create this god-like new hero … Check out his vision here!
And finally you can also pick up issue #1 of new series Raising Amy, the adventures of a little girl with a very big attitude (you’ll see). Officially “born to be wild”, Amy is a bit of a terror but it’s safe for you readers – just sit back and laugh with this very funny comic strip.
Here is the complete list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1694 2000AD
  • The Authority #7 DC Comics
  • Bayou #8 DC Comics
  • The Beagle Boys and the Coastguard Caper Disney Digicomics
  • Breathe #3 Markosia
  • Criminal: The Sinners (2008) #5 Icon
  • DMZ #19 DC Comics
  • Ex Machina #6 DC Comics
  • Fables #21 DC Comics
  • Gen13 #27 DC Comics
  • Green Lantern: No Fear #3 DC Comics
  • Growing Up Enchanted Markosia
  • The Hammer DC Comics
  • Hit Monkey (2010) #2 Marvel
  • Jonah Hex #19 DC Comics
  • Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83-#86 Marvel
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #8 DC Comics
  • Planetary #8 DC Comics
  • Raising Amy #1 Markosia
  • Safe Inside #3 DC Comics
  • Silent Hill: Dying Inside #1-#5 DC Comics
  • Sonic Universe #3 & #4 Archie Comics
  • Starcraft #1 DC Comics
  • Stormwatch PHD #19 DC Comics
  • Street Code #2 DC Comics
  • Superduck #14 & #15 Disney Digicomics
  • Ultraheroes #8 Disney Digicomics
  • We Will Bury You #4 IDW
  • Wildcats #7 DC Comics
  • Wizards of Mickey II #2 Disney Digicomics
  • Y: The Last Man #4 DC Comics

Please visit for prices or to see the whole catalogue – and see ya next week!

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