MotorStorm Apocalypse Video Interview

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Walking around shows like gamescom, talking to journalists and developers, you pick up on certain ‘buzz phrases’ each time, and this year, one of those was “MotorStorm Apocalypse in 3D”.
Those that had played it were encouraging others to do so with anecdotes of physically ducking out of the way as a racing truck tumbles towards them. The other big news for the boys from Evolution Studios last week was that they were showing the first new track since the game’s announcement.
I managed to prise Game Director Matt Southern from his dark room for some well earned Vitamin D; check out the interview below.

[viddler id=a7b0ace1 w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

It seems there are more MotorStorm Apocalypse announcements coming in the next few months, and I’ll be on hand to bring them to you.

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  • Man James, you really were busy during gamescom! Awesome work man :)

  • Good interview. Matt seems really enthusiastic about the game which is great too see.
    The one thing i want to know is will the events repeat themselves everytime you play the same track? Or will it be different everytime?

    • Thanks, we’re glad you enjoyed it! :)
      The tracks in Apocalypse will feature both set-piece events and real-time events, and have been designed to provide spectacular and emergent gameplay while also making sure that the racing experience isn’t unfair or frustrating.
      With MotorStorms trademark emergent gameplay, though, even an epic earthquake designed set-piece event won’t play-out the same way everytime. Falling debris, the AI of competing racers, the AI of the looters & private military, the objects and obstacles in the environment (and so on) are all un-predictable, and the natural reactions of each entity will have ‘knock-on’ effects in real-time (on one another, on the environment and on you) which will create a different experience everytime: it’s insane and you’ll need to read and react to it all as well!
      This emergent gameplay is what defines MotorStorm, and makes it exciting, enjoyable and rewarding every time. :D

  • you looked nervous james, smile it aint that bad XD

  • the new Motorstorm looked and played very well last week, seems very promising :)
    and talking to the devs put to rest many of my fears about the game :)
    bring it on :D

    • It’s shaping up very nicely and the entire team at Evolution Studios is working extremely hard to make sure that it’s the best that it possibly can be in Spring next year – there’s still a way to go yet, but it’s great to see comments like this. Thanks Fantatier. :)

  • twisters? boats? freakin awesome! and thats what theyll tell us? gotta admit i was a sceptic at first but have done a complete 180 since. an original score remixed by top motorstorm artists, original artwork and what i gather should be an epic playable intro sequence means i cant wait for the party at end of the world! Whos joining me?

    • There’s much more than the twisters and the boats – but we don’t want to reveal too many spoilers!
      Everyone at Evolution Studios will see you at the party. Bring your gloves and your helmet, it’s going to be insane… ;)

  • Great interview and great to hear different questions instead of the traditional once that other gaming journalists are making. Thanks for that!
    As for Motorstorm Apocalypse, yeah it looks very promising! I hope the can fix a little better graphics and and cooler levels then they have shown. All the concepts that is out about the game looks epic, I hope they can translate that into the game. Day 1 for me!

  • I’m joining you Kegs11! This will be one of the two racing games that I’ll be buying this year… I wonder what that other game may be..? <.<

  • #7
    It’s coming next year

  • Nice interview. I am looking forward to this game.

  • Can’t wait for this game. There’s only two upcoming racing games I’m interested in, this being number 1 and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit being the other (I normally don’t like Need For Speed but this one’s being made by the Burnout folk and I love that series)
    Really want to play this very soon.

  • Loving the sound of that new track, and the demo. Hope it doesn’t bite you in the bum like last time.

  • Yeah, it’s funny that PS.Blog interviews frequently get more interesting answers from devs than the independent gaming journo’s. Partly good questions (nice one James) and maybe the devs are more relaxed with a friendly PlayStation face asking the Q’s.

    • Thanks! We know our games inside out and we like to think we know the bits that are most interesting to you.

  • Are you keeping the beard?
    Suits ya ;) and good interview and good job keep it up.

  • I’m definitely getting a 3D tv soon

  • Will their be more online modes on this and split-screen modes?

  • I want that T-shirt!

  • I was one of the people fortunate enough to try the new track in 3D and it was insane. I wasn’t really all too excited about 3D before, but after trying this, I really want 3D in my house as soon as possible!
    Keep up the good work guys ^^

  • Honestly can’t wait for this….the track with the twister and the boats has me salivating!

  • Was the Gamescom gameplay trailer posted on the PS blog? I stumbled across it on Youtube. Looks brilliant.

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