This Week On The SingStore (25 August 2010)

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Guten Tag und Willkommen!
Apologies, I must think I am still at gamescom in Cologne where some of our team spent a few days last week demoing SingStar Dance and Guitar to the world’s media and gamers. I even got to meet some of you and it was nice to be able to put faces to comments, if you know what I mean :-)!
So, here’s what we have in the SingStore update for you this week: Rock your socks off with ‘Dude (Looks Like Lady)’, a classic from Aerosmith, ‘Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through’ by Meat Loaf or, if you like it even heavier, there’s always Korn with ‘Coming Undone’.

SingStore Update Meat Loaf_Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through

SingStore Update KoRn_Coming Undone

Also on the ‘menu’ are songs from Carrie Underwood, Nik Kershaw, Kate Nash, Julian Cope and Metro Station to name a few.

SingStore Update Metro Station_Seventeen Forever

SingStore Update Carrie Underwood_Before He Cheats

Sing on! Until next time…
Nina x

In English

SingStore Update Depeche Mode_Master and Servant

Aerosmith Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats worldwide
Chris De Burgh Lady In Red
Daryl Braithwaite One Summer worldwide
Depeche Mode Strangelove
Depeche Mode Master And Servant
Depeche Mode Stripped
Depeche Mode A Question Of Time
Depeche Mode Halo
Editors You Don’t Know Love worldwide
Elvis Presley Way Down worldwide
Julian Cope World Shut Your Mouth
Kate Nash Mouthwash
Korn Coming Undone worldwide
Meat Loaf Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through
Metro Station Seventeen Forever worldwide
Nik Kershaw Wouldn’t It Be Good
Scouting For Girls This Ain’t A Love Song worldwide
Travis Closer worldwide
In Finnish
Uniklubi Luotisade
In Spanish
Los Ronaldos Idiota worldwide
Luis Fonsi No Me Doy Por Vencido
Nacha Pop Vístete

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  • Carrie Underwood, Scouting for Girls, Elvis Presley and Chris De Burgh for me this week! Thanks again!

  • Still no Chilli Peppers, Oasis or Foo Fighters, ah well.

  • Thanks for the List Nina!Hope you had fun at GamesCom :)
    Second time in a row that there is not a single song I want :(
    I am really hoping for Alesha Dixon – Let’s get excited or Natasha Bedingfield – Soulmate :) or some more Pussycat dolls :P

  • We need more Portuguese music!!
    There are a lot of unknown artists available, but what about great bands? Just look at the charts from each country.
    I would love to see some Muse songs, or even a song pack. I would buy it right away! Or even other genres, like Metallica, Rammstein. Madonna is missing too, and she has a lot of great songs.
    Please consider adding new artists, because you’re missing a lot..

    • Hi,
      We look at the charts in each country week after week but sadly it’s not as easy as just saying ‘we will have this for the SingStore’. I wish it was.
      No Muse on the store for now, I’m afraid.

  • Only Metro Station for me this week seeing as you adding songs from different countries how about some Lochnville (Sun in Pocket) and The Parlotones (Push Me To The Floor), Louise Carver (It Dont Matter)for us South Africans

  • Meat Loaf, yeah. Wrong song tho :(
    Still, bodes well for future releases.
    Need some Bryan Adams. You know the one.

  • I don’t ask for italian songs anymore because i have no more hope.
    What about I don’t wanna miss a thing by aerosmith?? Any chance?

  • Wow!! thanks Nina!! for Closer by Travis! i sure buy for me!!
    Thank you so much!

  • Eurgh, of all the Korn songs to pick it’s from one of their least popular albums :/
    I hope the couple of rock tracks in this update aren’t the token effort for the year. Also seems that there’s become a case of fewer and fewer songs included in each update recently.

  • Hi!!
    Any change on getting more song from Black Eyed Peas and Maroon 5? I vote for Red Hot Chili Peppers too!
    As for song in Spanish, I’d like to see more latin artists like Chayane, Andrés Calamaro, Coti, Marc Anthony, Shakira and Paulina Rubio. Their music is more fun to sing than the usual Spanish songs available.

  • Hell yeah!
    The Aerosmith, Meat Loaf and Travis songs are a must-buy, and I’m still contemplating adding ‘A Question of Time’ from Depeche Mode to this list. Great week again!
    Obligatory wish-list update (aside from feverishly nodding my head in agreement to Bryan Adams as suggested by Radgie above):
    – Beautiful South – Dream a Little Dream
    – Juanes – La Camisa Negra
    Oh, and more U2. Always room for U2. =)

  • sum nice songs no doubt my girl will get scouting for girls and has been after new meatloaf songs for ages is there any chance of any katy perry and black eyed peas
    and a song that i think would be solid to sing but a really great laugh is rolf harris – the court of king caractacus

  • Woohoo, you can never go wrong with more Meat Loaf.
    (Well technically you can *cough*Life is a lemon*cough*, but there are plenty of better singles left to pick before you get that far through his catalogue ;) )
    And has anyone ever asked you about getting any songs by Paramore?
    I keep trying to sing to the Evanescence tracks, but Amy Lee falls quite firmly outside my vocal range (having to change octave every other word is painful to me and the other victims in the room) and Paramore were suggested to me as a possible alternative.

  • If You’ve got Aerosmith already please for one and only ‘Dream On’…
    Besides that, Bon Jovi ‘Living on a Prayer’, ‘Always’, ‘Thank You for Loving Me’ and of course ‘It’s my Life’ would be very nice!

  • nice update, may be a few for me and my little girl – Nina what’s the chance of getting some Plan B on the store??

  • Thanks for the Carrie Underwood Nina! How about also getting the songs: Wasted by Carrie Underwood and Just a dream by Carrie Underwood

  • Okay a respectable list, seems like we are getting back into the groove again. Will be purchasing about 5 – 6 songs this update, more if I hadn’t bought the Depeche Mode pack.

  • Hi Nina! Still no Alphaville – Big in Japan? :)
    Also, do you have any idea when leaderboards will be available? Many of us Singstar fans have been asking for this feature since the release of the PS3 game and we’re still waiting. Is it some kind of technical issue, or has it never really been a priority for the team? I’d really like to know.

  • I couldn’t sing Lady in Red without going Bill Bailey cockney style!!!

  • Hello Nina,
    Sorry but only 1 song for me for this update : Kate Nash’s “Mouthwash”. Nevermind, I’ve got other things to buy. What about these tracks for a future update ?
    . Brett Anderson : Love is dead + Back to you
    . The Script : For the first time
    . Jennifer Lopez : Louboutins
    . One Republic : Secrets
    . Jeff Buckley : Hallelujah
    . Snap : Rhythm is a dancer
    . The Hoosiers : Choices
    . Royksopp : What else is there
    . Tatu : All the things she said + Not gonna get us
    . Sheryl Crow : If it makes you happy
    . Elvis Presley : In the ghetto
    . Noa : I don’t know
    . Télépopmusik : Breathe
    . Rozalla : Everybody’s free + Are you ready to fly ?
    . Manic Street Preachers : It’s not war (just the end of love)
    But most importantly, I’ve got one important question. Besides “Singstar Dance” and “Singstar Guitar”, the site AMAZON France announces a mysterious third Singstar disc for November 30th. Now that is seems “official” somehow, can you tell me a bit more about this disc, please ? Unless it is a mistake made by Amazon. Here’s the link if you wanna check :
    Have a nice day, Nina. Bye

    • Hey
      I’m afraid I know nothing about another SingStar disc to be released in France apart form the ones you mentioned already.
      A bientot,

  • The update is great… 5 songs for me this time :D
    I would like to see more ballad songs in the future like the ones below:
    Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
    Shontelle – Impossible
    Rihanna – Te Amo
    Taylor Swift – Fifteen
    Shakira – Gypsy
    Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
    Charice feat. Iyaz – Pyramid
    Kelly Clarkson – Already Gone
    Pink – Glitter in The Air
    Christina Aguilera – You Lost Me
    5 of any song above would be really good. Thanks!

  • You’re crazy. I suggest that you put up a page listing the number of songs you have in Singstar at the moment (wikipedia doesn’t cut it anymore) and maybe also the individual songtitles.
    If you did this I have a feeling it would be a great promotional move, both for Sony and you as Singstar developers.

  • I love singstar… Ill probably get a few songs from this update… carrie underwood for sure…
    Has there ever been talk of bring k-naan – waving flag to singstore… its probably the peak time for the song as it was just one of the themes of the world cup.
    also have you ever thought of:
    Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
    Taylor Swift – Love Story
    Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
    Cher – Believe
    Men Without Hats – Pop Goes The World
    New Kids On The Block – Hangin’ Tough
    All Thoes songs I would gaurentee i would be up early on wednesday waiting to download them… ps… when are we getting a track list for singstar dance

    • I’ll let you know about SingStar Dance tracklisting when I have it. We’re still finalising that one!

  • Nice one, a few more for our regular Saturday night SingStar parties !
    Meat Loaf – Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through
    Aerosmith – Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
    Nik Kershaw – Wouldn’t It Be Good
    Would have bought the Depeche Mode tracks, but already bought the pack, hopefully get more DM soon !
    Any chance of more Alphabeat soon, my daughter and me love singing along to these?
    Also any more more La Roux? And any Little Boots especially Remedy and Earthquake :)
    Thanks in advance Nina!

  • @23: They did have “” for that purpose, but they’re not very good at keeping it up to date.

    • Apologies – we’ve been having issues with the website but all songs up to March 2010 should be on there for you to browse.

  • (I meant @22 – Prox1mately of course)

  • *sigh* My hearts is broken, I’ve been waiting on Chris Deburgh’s music to come stateside, and now I see it isn’t. :(
    Thanks for the update though. :)

  • Hi Nina,
    I have some suggestions for improving the SingStore:
    1. From the shopping cart let us view the song info/preview
    2. Add sort by addition date option to store song list
    3. Show more than 1 week of additions in new songs (like in the PSN store)
    4. Ability to filter out songs that I already have
    I usually put some songs in the cart, and then before purchasing review if I really want them. If I could go to the song info directly from there to see the previews (1), that would be very convenient.
    Also as I don’t always check every store update, any songs I missed from the previous update are lost among all the other songs. Having (2) and/or (3) would make this a lot easier to deal with (currently every once in a while I do a review of *all* songs but that’s obviously a lot of work).

    • Thanks for your suggestions. Some are already on our list for investigation and I’ll pass on the rest to the team.
      I know it’s difficult to browse through because we have so many songs now. One day it will be easier, I hope :)

  • Well nothing for me at first sight but I’ll have to browse the store to see if any video tempts me. By the way, wouldn’t it be great to have the Singstar Viewer available on PSP? I would be able to browse the store whenever I want and buy the songs when I come home!
    Other than that some disco songs would be great! Like “You make me feel” from Sylvester, “Let’s Groove” from Earth, Wind & Fire or “Knock on wood” from Amii Stewart. And some french songs too, I feel left out lately :P.
    Thanks for everything and keep up the good work !

  • Editors – You Don’t Know Love. AWESOME! :D
    Now, where is Muse in the Singstore… :P (sorry to ask that again :P)

  • WE WANT BON JOVI please !!!

  • Oops almost forgot Nina please could you get Just Be by Tiesto and Kirsty Hawkshaw :

  • Hi Nina,
    Is there any way to request Dutch songs?
    There’s a few titles in the SingStore already yet I’d still love to see more recent titles. If there’s any way to be of help or influence, please tell me.
    Jeroen from Holland

  • @ saintaqua, forget the US store (well except for the few songs that you may want that dribble out over here, this update has a few I will get from our store), go and get yourself a UK psn card and have fun and a much better selection!

  • need some more Bloc Party. and MGMT

  • Hi there the update is ok but we need more newest songs, songs that are now on radio or at least that have 6 months from being released.
    please considere it! I prefeer that even if you need to reduce the number of songs released each update.

  • Can’t you upload more songs from Elvis Presley? I would really like to have all his best ballads like:
    Are you lonesome tonight
    Love me tender
    Can’t help falling in love
    Thanks, Mikael

  • in the US store, please:
    Julieta Venegas – Me Voy
    Shakira – Suerte
    Selena – Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
    Uffie feat. Pharell – A.D.D. S.U.V.

  • Hi Nina,
    I’m super frustrated right now because I have lost my songs again.
    This makes the third time I’ve lost them and had to re download them.
    I signed in and over half of my songs were missing from the carousel.
    Last year I had to download them because they all became locked, and it took a whole day to get them back.
    Now even more of them are just gone.
    It is giving me the option to redownload them this time too, but the servers are freezing, and as long as I’m signed in the menus lag so much it is impossible to navigate them. Even the songs lag while online.
    This is the only game I’ve had so much trouble out of, LBP, Modnation and Rockband are all doing fine online.
    I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Singstar and it is giving me nothing but grief.
    It’s taking too long to redownload the songs and it ruined another karaoke party for me. Continued:

  • I’m aware that you are not responsible, but i need to vent.
    And I’m so disappointed with this game, I am starting to wish I had not put so much money in it.
    I see that there will be an update tomorrow, I am hoping it fixes the lag so I can get my music back.
    I loved Singstar, but I can’t recommend it anymore for the lousy service.
    You are wonderful and always polite, but no one else at Sony seems to care.
    I’m just so discouraged.

    • Hay
      I’m sorry you’re having these problems for the third time now. Let me see whether I can get someone to look into it/give you some advice. Remind me next time and I will tell you if I have had a response for you.
      Also, I’m afraid the downtime today was not a new update but necessary for different reasons.

  • Good artist, wrong songs!

  • Nina Good afternoon I’m Samuel from Brazil wanted to know when you’re going to put Brazilian music? wanted three songs from
    The Saturdays (Ego, Work, Missing You)
    Spice Girls, The Corrs, More of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys gosh it would be perfect! I want more Brazilian music please! I m fan of you this game does mt success I take in the festivities!

  • Hello Nina,
    Here’s my wishlist for today :
    . Lou Reed : Perfect day
    . Des’ree : It’s okay + I’m kissing you + You gotta be
    . Maroon 5 : Misery
    . Tricky : Evolution revolution love
    . Les Négresses Vertes : Easy girls
    . Plan B : Prayin’
    . Tracy Chapman : Sing for you + Talkin’ bout a revolution + Baby can I hold you
    . Katy Perry : Teenage dream
    . B.O.B : Nothin’ on you
    . The Last Shadow Puppets : The age of understatement + Standing next to me + My mistakes were made for you
    . Tom Jones & Stereophonics : Mama told me not to come
    . Tom Jones & The Cardigans : Burning down the house
    And for future songpacks, what about…
    1) a SIMPLY RED songpack with singles like “Something got me started + Stars + Home + Sunrise + Holding back the years + Money + It’s only love” and of course the wonderful single “Fairground” !!!
    2) a EURYTHMICS songpack with “There must be an angel + Here comes the rain + Sweet dreams + I saved the world today + Miracle of love”
    See you soon. BYE ;-)

  • Still can’t get onto the servers.
    It was OK when I bought SingStar volume one, the christmas it was released.
    These days, I can’t get on to get a single one of my songs. It’s frustrating but the servers are SOOOO BAD. There are about 160 songs I am owed that I can’t download.
    I used to play it all the time, dragging my PS3 around to friends, even bought a light kit for it for party funtimes.
    But now, it’s dead to me. Because I can’t get what I paid for. Because the servers are USELESS.
    Sadness abounds. :(

  • Hey Nina,
    Just quietly I think you rock!!!
    Daryl Braithwaite…Nice! Loving the Aussie artists! Have you heard if more Butterfly Effect is attainable? Birds of Tokyo and Gyroscope are also awesome Aussie bands if you can get your hands on their music!
    Keep up the great work :)

  • Hi Nina,
    Some more Dutch songs are veryyyyy welcome ….
    When will we get them???

  • Hey, just wanted to say that SingStar Dance looks awesome. I saw some Gamescom 2010 co-op dancing on youtube which looked hilarious, and I’m sure it’s going to be a really big hit at home. Really look forward to seeing more of it and playing it myself! Day one for sure.

    • Thanks for posting the link – this was shot at the SCEE press conference at gamescom and everyone had a great time trying it out.

  • Nina,
    Is there any way you could ask the technical team about a downloading a patch so we can turn the volume down for the ratings system after each song ie: Tone deaf – lead singer.There is a volume control for almost everything except this & everytime i have a singstar party i have to stay beside my ps3 almost all night so i can turn it down when the rating comes on after the song & turn it up again when the next song starts…..It seems as though the rating system volume is louder than the actual songs themselves???

  • Any chance of any of these nina??
    Aha – Train of thought
    Alphaville – Big in japan
    Big country – Look away – In a big country – Chance
    Billy idol – White wedding – Eyes without a face
    Billy ocean – Love really hurts without you
    Bob marley -One love – Jammin – Could this be love – Buffalo soldier
    Bon jovi – Living on a prayer – Blaze of glory – Never say goodbye
    Brian adams – Run to you – Summer of 69 – Heaven – i need sombody
    Bronski beat – Smalltown boy – Why – Hit that perfect beat
    Bruce hornsby & the range – The way it is – End of the innocence
    Cyndi lauper – Time after time
    Deacon blue – Real gone kid – Wages day – dignity
    Dire straits – Walk of life – Money for nothing – Brothers in arms
    Don henley – Boys of summer
    Elvis pressley – Burning love – Return to sender – Always on my mind
    Eurythmics – Thorn in my side – Sweet dreams – Would i lie to you
    Fleetwood mac – Gypsy – Be with you everywhere – Don`t stop
    Flock of seagulls – Wishing (photograph of you)
    George michael – Careless whisper-A different corner-prayin for time
    Haircut 100 – Love plus one

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