LittleBigPlanet 2 Video Interview

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gamescom 2010 is over but our coverage on the PlayStation Blog is still in full swing. I managed to capture several interviews that there simply wasn’t time to publish last week so we’ll be spreading them throughout this week, starting with Media Molecule’s Alex Evans, talking about the highly anticipated LittleBigPlanet 2.
Just when I thought MM had spilled all the beans on the sequel to one of the most lovable games on PlayStation 3, Alex hit me with a bunch of details I had no idea about, including an outline of the story and an incredible new music generator. I really enjoy seeing how people went about creating tunes on the original LBP and the idea of this being expanded, with the possibility of it becoming a huge collaborative music project, just blows my mind.

[viddler id=c502cf52 w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

More videos to come later in the week, with MotorStorm Apocalypse coming same time tomorrow.

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  • Awesome! Literally can’t wait for LBP2, I hope the Beta and Collectors Edition Pre-orders are coming soon.


  • Alex is the best most enthusiastic developer in the world. Has such passion for LBP. LBP2 is a day 1 buy. :)

  • This game is looking better and better the more I see it. Really enjoyed the first, and playing the levels that the community came up with.
    Seriously looking forward to doing that again.

  • hm no news about the collectors edition for EU ?
    Or did i miss that somewhere ?

  • Looking forward to LBP2. Great game for creative people. This is what makes Sony shine above the rest :)

  • @Basket21 there is a CE for EU as I read on the LBP twitter it’s definitely coming but I dunno if we get the SAME content as the US?

  • My head is about to explode. I can’t wait for this :D Great interview. I wish they didn’t announce the game until it was ready for release.

  • LittleBigPlanet is what Nintendo should have made but didn’t and it probably wouldn’t have been as good if they did. Would have been full of all that twee Mario garbage no doubt cos they love milking that cashcow and I love the quite broad cute-but-not-sickenly-cute feel of Sackboy and his world.
    Anyways LBP is pretty much the best platformer of all time and LBP2 looks set to be even more impressive and flexible when it comes to creating. I feel like giving them my money now.

    i live for the days when, once more, when stephen fry will caress my ears with his voice, and all things little, and big, will be dressed in burlap…

  • Yea Alex enthusiasm gets me really excited about this game.. I probably wont have the time to build epic levels and all that but i cant wait to play some of the great games that’ll get built from this. cant wait.

  • Day 1 buy for me. I can see this being game of the year.

  • Hi-five for alex ^^
    Nice interview^^

  • What #11 said. Every time I listen to an interview with Alex I get more and more hyped by the sheer awesomeness LBP2 is shaping up to be. I simply can’t wait until November!
    The only concern I had with the original is how to to find the time to create levels that are deep and polished enough for my taste… the most ambitious one I made in LBP took me around 80 hours in total. If what was said in this interview is true and complex levels can be made in a lot less time than before, I’m afraid I’ll be hooked on this game for a looong time to come. =)

    • The circuit boards will certainly help keep everything tidier, especially if you have vehicles and machines in your level. And it doesn’t have to be a game in 2 – you could make a short film using the cut-scene tools and a few Sackbots.

  • November will be AWESOME, LBP and GT5!!!!

  • November will be AWESOME, LBP2 and GT5!!!!

  • Hi
    First I would like to say that I am really looking forward to the new game. I really like the “you can use your levels from LBP1 in the game”-feature.
    But what if I “only” have the original game? Will I be able to play the levels created in LBP2?

    • No, that won’t be possible because so many of the tools, like the grappling hook, the Power Glove and the circuit boards don’t exist in the LBP. The backwards compatibility is only possible in LBP 2 because it includes all of the original tools and materials, and lots more on top.

  • I think it was said that you will not be able to play LBP2 levels in LBP. Makes sense though, really!
    But I noticed that he mentioned voice acting in the interview, I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear that being announced before.
    Which is super awesome!
    (It’s that or I’ll need a hearing test, rendering the voice acting obselete for me…)

  • I want it now!
    James get me a copy now…. Please!?
    November is to far away! :(

  • Hi, any chance of interviewing ALex or Mark with some community questions? Will there be a switch that activates something if your wearing the correct clothes? Cheers great job James Cheers MM. Any news on the EU Collectors edition. When will Alex reveal that LBP2 will have 3D support?

  • hi. great interview!
    as a creator on lbp i had 2 major issues with LBP. 1. why is there no way of organizing your hearted stuff in pop it. u should be able to fully customize the hearted page in pop it. because theres just so many objects/materials/stickers that it needs organisation from the creator himself. 2. in lbp psp you can choose if you want materials and objects to have physics. now in lbp you have to glue everything down. this psp feature could save creators alot of time.

  • The playable LBP2 demo on the GC was very good, definitely looking forward to this. Can’t see much going wrong there :)

  • This is an undeniable purchase for me.
    I put lots of hours into LittleBigPlanet and made new PSN friends from it too.
    Can’t wait to try out LBP2’s story mode and tinker about with all the new features.

  • I loved one and becoming an awesome creator. I can’t wait for 2 and all the awesome new features.

  • When LBP2 was first announced, I, like so many others, weren’t sure that it was the right thing to do. I couldn’t see why we needed another one, but I’ve changed my mind since, and only become more and more excited about this since!
    Soooo many new features, gimmicks, tools and costumes! LBP2 is definitely going to be another huuuge success!
    I just hope that MediaMolecule learned from their H4H-mistakes from the first… No trophy that needs hearts to achieve would be very welcome!

  • Alex looks like a nice guy. Plus he got a very nice accent XD

  • I noticed on the USA Collectors edition that a bookend Sackboy had 3D glasses (old skool red & blue ones) on. Is this a hint at possible 3D in the game?

  • @27
    That would be awesomeness!
    Day one buy for me : D
    ps.WOOOT! he’s wearing Humör-shirt! I have the exact same t-shirt!

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