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FistPlay 21

Hello all,
Both of FirstPlay’s other writers are on holiday this week, so as well as the power of games and HD video this blog post is brought to you by the emotions panic, loneliness and fast typing. Which isn’t really an emotion.
None of which has stopped us making another packed episode this week. Coming up in episode 21 of FirstPlay this Wednesday we have a review of scuzzy crime sequel Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, as well as a Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow hands-on with all-new footage, and a preview of the PlayStation Move‘s launch line-up.

FirstPlay 21 Kane

FirstPlay 21 CastlevaniaFistPlay 21 move

On top of that we’ve got a review of super-addictive PSN car-scrapper TNT Racers, a look at Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company‘s recent DLC, a round-up of the latest PSP comics releases and a look back at what made the original Dead Space so scary. Oh, and we’ve also got our regular selection of screenshots, this week including Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011.
All of this comes at our regular price of 99p per episode, which works out at less than 75p if you take out a 90-day subscription for £8.99.
We’d love to hear all your feedback, suggestions for content, and hair loss remedies, and you can get in touch with us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk,, or the official EU forums. And don’t forget you can sign up for the FirstPlay newsletter at to have regular news and content updates delivered directly to your inbox.
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1 Author Reply

  • I want Firstplay for Scandinavia and in English please ;-)

  • Interested in the Castlevania footage if it’s not the same rainy gate section, and the PS Move stuff.

  • People ..
    just release this all over europe and let people decide if they want the english version or not.
    U can always make a subtitled version later.
    Cause if u gonna dub it … im so gonna be [DELETED]. (and i bet more people)

  • People ..
    just release this all over europe and let people decide if they want the english version or not.
    U can always make a subtitled version later.
    Cause if u gonna dub it … im so gonna be mad. (and i bet more people)

  • just add this to PS Plus already [DELETED] im fed up of having to pay 2 subs to get both this and PS Plus ild even be happy if it was a a discounted rate just make it in ONE sub

  • Honestly?
    I paid you to deliver marketing materials which I could view at my leisure, interspersed with ads that I couldn’t skip. *I paid you for advertising*.
    In return I got one of the worst user experiences I could wish for.
    – Time from launch to viewing content is too long; I’m not making an afternoon out of FirstPlay, I’m after a “nibble”. The UI’s launch time prevents drop-in, drop-out behaviour.
    – Menu navigation, while flashy, is also pretty poor. The number of times I’ve done the wrong thing when trying to navigate to something I genuinely want to see is surprising.
    – Forced advertising, in a product containing nothing but advertising, is a no-go. Given that the product is primarily advertising of one form or another, having some of the worst offenders be interstitials that prevent me from sampling the content detract.
    You guys need to seriously rethink how the product is put together, and focus more on the user.

  • I am so glad I cancelled my subscription to this, as mentioned previously unskippable adverts is a [DELETED] thing to have, especially if you already own the games featured each week. The DLC may as well have been none existent since around episode 10-11 since its just [DELETED] themes. The screenshot gallery just seems like a waste of time as nobody I know even looks at it. It’s a shame as before it was released it seemed to have a lot of promise, it really is just a let down though.

  • YES!!! My Subscription is over this week now i can stop being dissapointed :D Oh if any of you guys are hoping to get reply here they haven’t replied to a comment in weeks.

  • Hello! Wraxend – sorry to hear you’re not re-subbing. We do our very best to reply every week, but when there’s a bank holiday the post publication date often clashes with deadline day, which is bad, bad news.
    CTO – The UI stuff is interesting, and something we’re always keen to hear about. In development we tested the ‘right/left’ controls with dozens of people, and it came out at almost exactly 50/50.
    I understand what you mean about the advertising too, but it’s always been part of the plan and it’s the reason we can price as low as 99p. It’s also a standard model – Sky TV, say, is subs-based but also carries advertising. I’d strongly disagree that our own videos are just advertising too – did you fancy buying Kane & Lynch 2 after this week’s review?
    And DLC – there is more coming, imminently. You’re bored of me saying this, but tough – we always said the DLC was a bonus as and when we could get it, and we’ve got a good few weeks coming up.

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