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Like what?
MUBI is coming to PS3. Which means your console will become an online cinema.
Cool. Why?
Well, most people who are into gaming love cinema, which pretty much answers the question.
From October.
Straight to the point! We like that… So, to begin with it will be available in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia and New Zealand
How much?
Certainly no messing around with you. Ok, an ‘all you can watch’ monthly subscription is €12.99 / £9.99. Individual films are €3.59 / £2.99 each. Sweet, right?
Can you expand a bit?
Sure. Didn’t expect that one but I’ll improvise. MUBI is an online social cinematheque that will bring the best independent, classic, and international films to your living room. Watch favorites like Amélie, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Mulholland Dr. to festival gems and award winners from every festival in the planet.
MUBI is also social; it’s not just a virtual cinema but also the cafe next door, where film discussion takes place. You can rate and become a fan of films, share your recommendations on PlayStation Network and Facebook, follow your friends, and get real-time updates on the films they love. That came out right I, thought…
Didn’t get any of that but anyway… What’s with the haircut?
Find out more at
* By the way, this post is based in an imaginary Q&A between Efe Cakarel, Founder of MUBI, and a girl from The Netherlands who’s been playing with her PS3 for six straight hours.

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11 Author Replies

  • Video doesn’t work but £9.99 a month is pretty cool! Any idea how many movies are available at launch?

  • Sold.
    Is it October yet?

  • i’d rather keep my lovefilm subscription and get Games aswell for that
    I won’t be signing up, sorry.

  • No mention of HD, so I assume this is all in SD.. in which case, count me out. I’m far too used to blu-ray and BBC HD etc now to ever watch SD again.
    Also £9.99 sounds an awful lot for what I imagine will be a lot of old catalogue stuff which could be bought on DVD for a couple of pounds each.

  • Did I reed that correctly?
    Unlimited amount of films to watch, for £9.99 a month?
    Can you tell us what movies are available? New, very new, old or even rubbish films?
    Cheers, sounds great!

  • Too expensive for me.

  • Sounds great! And finally a video service for Denmark – i should make a pedestal for my for Ps3, it will officially take over the place as the center of my entertainment center from October. Thanks for some great news

  • I can’t help but wondering that the plus members could get this too.
    At the very least a movie a month…

  • Why didn’t you guys just offer a Zune Pass style subscription service for movies on the PSN marketplace? The only realistic competitor you’d have would be iTunes, as Microsoft seem totally disinterested in the movie stuff outside of the US, there’s no Netflix here, and Lovefilm’s streaming offering is hilariously bad.

  • Don’t know if i will subscribe just yet, many many of the films now on the MUBI website say not available in my country, which is annoying to say the least.

  • Question, will this be IP address locked? For example, I am British but has a PS3 in Asia travel back and forth alot 50% in each area.
    If I subscribe to the service does it mean I can only watch it half of the time?

  • Please, please, please tell me that the films will be available in their original language. I live in Spain and I’m sick of English language films being poorly dubbed into Spanish.
    Most people prefer subtitles anyway, or speak English like me :)

  • I will subscribe directly, IF there are no major limitations to the films available in the Netherlands. (or if I haven’t seen most of them already :) ). This service seems made for me.
    Given enough choice, I might use this more then my home use rights for downloading in the Netherlands.
    really.. Hedwig in a Playstation service announcement.. :D

  • I love the sound of this, but I’m partially deaf. Would it be possible to make subtitles for the hard of hearing mandatory as there just isn’t enough around to support deaf users in services like this.

  • Great stuff for a gamer who goes to film school. Maybe I should take my ps3 to school from now on.

  • Here’s an interesting experiment for everyone, go to the MUBI movie list page – then click on ‘available to watch in your area’. It drops from 700 pages of films to just 20.
    Oh Sony, did you even bother to check?

    • you need to press next at the bottom of the page as we are showing 20 films per page. There are at least 300 films available to watch today in UK with many more to come by launch date. Bear with us; good things come to those who wait…

  • £9.99 a month to watch as many movies as I like? Seems like a pretty sweet deal… as long as the films I want are there.
    Will MUBI have plenty of classical hollywood? ;)

  • Films shown for free on channels like Film Four (in fact examples mentioned sound just like one of their listings, Amelie, Labyrinth, Mullholland have all been on TV several times recently) and you’re not even owning them I presume? just watching. Buy play tv and within a 6 months you’d prob have all these films saved onto your ps3, to watch forever, whenever, free. More fool to anyone who purchases this. At least with lovefilm or similar, you get new releases.

  • Yep 19 pages of 9 videos available in my country. :S I was going to subscribe as well :(

  • Sounds great. What’s the price in Australian dollars?

  • sony can give the EU old boring crappy movies for overrated prices.
    3.59€ for a movie which you can get from the budgetbox for 1.5€ each
    but is still not able to release
    Videostore EU wide.
    comicstore EU wide
    Playtv EU wide..
    shame shame shame

  • @ 18
    Not everyone can use the Play TV. Even the movies you are naming don’t just appear on television here in the Netherlands. We have to go to a special cinema to watch for example Pans Labyrinth.
    on topic
    I think this service could be well received in a lot of countries. I am glad to see for once a lot of the countries will be participating @ launch like it should be. Unlike some other services we know (sarcasm)..
    Cheers for launching this service the right way I will surely check this out.

  • what about the quality of the movies?
    from what I’ve seen on the Mubi website they don’t look great (at least the previews) – I can’t imagine watching them on the big telly.
    what is the resolution of these movies (480p? 720p?)? what is the bandwidth needed? what is approx size of the full-length movie?

    • Trailers are optimized for web and and encoded at low bitrate and resolution. Films will be of much higher quality. /efe

  • I would have asked if you could also watch the big movies like Iron Man and Terminator: Salvation.

  • To those complaining about Sony: This is not the place! This post is not by Sony, this is by the company MUBI, who are bringing their service to the PS3.
    Anyway, to actually be on topic: I like everything here, except for the selection of films that are currently available in my area. :(

  • Looking forward to seeing what the library is going to be like when it launches. That’s the kicker for me. Still great news that’s it’s coming to so many countries at once other then just the ‘big 5’ too. happy day. :)

  • Finally films are coming to Sweden!!

  • it´s a little expensive to me. sorry.

  • Get ready for a new “When Poland” series.

  • Will there be HD movies (and DTS sound)?

  • i’ll stick with the blurays.

  • thats really nice, finally a video service on PS3 in Denmark and they got some nice movies too :)

  • Cool…
    Is this going to be a replacement for the PSN Video Store which is not yet available in most European countries?

  • @16
    I have to agree there. The listing for Germany is almost a joke.
    None of the “most popular” movies of the first page are available here.
    In fact, I watch movies for almost 25 years on a very regular basis and know virtually none that are listed on the available “most popular” list. Actually, I subscribed to Mubi earlier as the first rumors about a possible PSN integration came about, but there was no improvement at all since then.
    One can certainly argument about movie taste here, but I mean that I literally have not even heard of any of them due to the fact that they are just smaller independent movies.
    Even the really old classics are not on there.
    In my opinion it would have been way better to simply offer a flatrate subscription to the PSN video store which already has much more to offer and just needs to adjust pricing a little bit.
    Just my 2 cents

    • Give us a little break here. The offering is not perfect, especially in Germany where the rightsowners are so conservative when it comes to internet distribution. And to convince them a flat rate subscription model that potentially conflict with their TV deals is even more challenging. We’ve been working day and night for more than three years now trying to convince the rights owners to give us all the best films, and it’s hard. The fact that this offering is available same day on eighteen countries with an all-you-can-eat price is actually amazing. each film is owned by a different distributor in each country. to show one film in these 18 countries, we have to speak to 18 different people. imagine that. we are going to launch with at least 300 films in each territory, and won’t stop before our offering has all the films we want to watch. thanks. /efe

  • Who’s going to pay 9.99 a month for that it will flop big time

  • “Good things come to those who wait” What? Seriously.

  • Had a look through, they have some very good early films, notably those of the Soviet Unin such as Battleship Potemkin

  • A few of the films on the auteurs were/are free. Will those still be free on PS3?

    Why should I pay €3.59 for a film, if I can pay 2€ for the same film on Why Web users pay less than PS3 users?

    • Hello.. We will have the same price online and on PS3. That means the price will need to be adjusted (upwards in the case of Portugal, unfortunately) when we launch. The rights situation is extremely complex, and we are trying to offer these films with as low a price point as possible. Thanks. /efe

  • like fact theres more variety coming to ps3 but for me personally i wouldnt watch loads of these films so highly unlikely i will use it .

  • i will not use it sorry

  • 3.59€ a movie…Is that a rental or to own forever? If is a rental is more expensive than the PSN videostore…Are they even in HD?

  • Wow, It will release a lot faster in Belgium than the Comics store.

  • Pricing is a bit steep if you ask me. Should have capped it at 3 euro!

  • I too like the fact new stuff is coming to the PS3 like this, but you have priced yourself out of it for what are mostly films I wouldn’t even watch for free.
    Good luck though.

  • When POLAND ????????????????????????????

  • I have two PS3’s, will I require subscriptions be locked to each PS3 or will I be able to watch them on either of them once the movie has been downloaded. £9.99 a month for unlimited movies considering the quality of the content is for once a very good price. My wife and I are big foreign and independent film buffs so this service is ideal for us.

    • Hello. You will be able to watch films on either PS3 with one account. Subscriptions will not be locked to a PS3. In fact, you can even watch films online on your PC (at home, at work, etc.) once you subscribe on PS3. The service is cross-platform. We care a lot about stuff like this. It’s all about the user experience. Thanks. /efe

  • The ignorant commenters on here don’t understand that BFI, Criterion, Artificial Eye DVD’s are very expensive. Tarkovsky’s films are not on the £3 shelf in Adsa next to Danny Dyers latest cinematic crime.
    I’m dead against subscriptions but for £9.99 I think I will bite. I had signed up when the site was called Auteurs to see what it was all about. Viewing on the big screen seals the deal.

  • Are the movies in HD? Launching a new service and not having HD is kinda strange in 2010 aint it?
    Nice prices but if it aint in HD im not so tempted…not saying I wont rent a movie now and then but HD is like magic you know :)

  • Tbh theres not much point in me getting this. im not a great fan of foreign and independant films. And when I can get movies from the video store i see no point in investing £10 in this.

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