PlayStation Home: gamescom Comes To You!

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The big event this week is in Germany, where the Koelnmesse in the stunning city of Cologne plays host to gamescom! Can’t make it there in person? Then attend virtually with PlayStation Home! Bringing the spirit of the booth to your home, the colourful gamescom event space takes its styling queues from the gamescom booth itself. The gamescom event space will be available for two weeks.


Our gamescom event space will bring you the latest games trailers for upcoming titles, all set in a space perfect for mingling with the community and discussing all the latest news. Gather up a team of four to play our oversized slot machine game to win some great rewards. Finally, stay tuned for news of exclusive gig footage from up and coming Sony Music group Locnville showing in the virtual booth!


Play M.A.G.? Whether you’ve aligned yourself with SVER, Raven or Valor, this week the Estates store has a personal space just for you! There’s a selection of furniture available for each faction to help deck out your new personal space just right and show your allegiance.


Our third and final release of 30th anniversary Empire Strikes Back content arrives tomorrow, with some of the best furniture and ornaments I’ve seen for a while. There are AT-AT and AT-ST tables, a Slave 1 sofa … and Han Solo in Carbonite. LucasArts are also making available an amazing value bundle pack including all of the Empire Strikes Back content released during the anniversary celebrations.


Also releasing this week there’s a Solitaire table in the Stuff store, Audi furniture items, and some shirts in the V-Store. There’s plenty to see and do this week, so we’ll see you in Home!


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7 Author Replies

  • No IREM Mr Thylaudax? :(

  • Gamescom boot v. Live stream press con.
    Just give me the live stream, This is a mayor fail!

  • Sweet Update looking foward to seeing the gamescom event space
    Nice work scee =)
    Btw any news on Irem content?

  • The Gamescom looks great!

  • Hew Weeksey! :D
    Thats a nice update with a few bits and bobs for everyone :)
    One question though…
    Will we see some Scott Pilgrim vs. The World items entering home soon? It would be awesomely epic if this was to become true :P

  • I still have not installed home to my PS3… The logo still remains on the dashboard but have never found a reason to use it…
    Live conferences however, that’s a diferent matter. you need video content to keep the place fresh, unique and maintain an audience. The gamescom conference is a perfect example, if you could get the gamescom conference and the space up and running at the same time, instant hit!
    By the way, if you need any video content produced, I work at a production company. Send me a message ;)

  • 1 year on and no hovercrafts Thy theres teasing then theres uhm not delivering :( we want these bad boys i have tracks set up in my pads ready to be raced

  • @OttoT
    The major fail here is your comment, live stream ? When the even is already over ? I’ll leave you to think that one through.
    On Topic :
    Like the work you guys are doing with Home, it has came on massively over the last 12 months and I was amazed by how much when I went on it a few weeks back, this may reel me in again.

  • I missed this when the e3 space was made up – so will def be checking this out :)
    I agree with reel big kris – good that you do these things – keeps it fresh and exciting – and can admit – there is nothing else out there which has the ability to do something like this

  • i dont like home

  • I wasnt gonna comment on this weeks update because apart from the gamescom event space its a waste of time to repeating anything Alex doesnt already know except:
    @ENGCLM: The major fail here is your reply to another users feedback, for your interest gamescom isnt inished uptil saturday so therefor there are still does organising interviews and new trailers being released up until then. yesterdays conferences were just one part of the whole event. Just had to put ya in your place ever so kindly m8. enjoy tomorrows update.
    Anyway, Alex any news on nextweeks update… clearly a shot in the dark with my comment ever getting replied. but hey lol

  • Yeah, in case my message was considered too negative, I do agree with MisterBigMack (awesome name) that there is nothing out there like home.
    Home’s such a hard sell at the moment because it takes so much longer and so much hassle to use the video content when you can simply get it from various websites. Home needs exclusivity, regular updates and a way to allow users to really interact with what they are watching. Home can be a great platform to broadcast new content such as trailers, web series and much more.
    I respect that you have created this interactive world. But what you need to do now is to get third parties interested in developing these interactive worlds merging the online title “second life” with social networking site twitter…
    Allow companies to use the service and give each of them access to the software in creating a space in home. We are looking to develop a web series and are looking at deliverin it online so having a virtual a space to broadcast and allow viewers to itneract with the content would be smashing news!
    Of course, if these services are allready available, please tell me!

    • The services you’re asking about are already available, and there’s already many third party companies creating content for Home (such as VEEMEE and nDreams).

  • @ reel_big_kris
    Your right mate, it almost feels like the big corp Sony are reaching out to other big corps for content and i feel its wrong, what they need to do is reach for the community like the millions of users that enter Home every single day for broastcasts and content (not the silly little ‘everybody wear pink’ parties which are sellertaped together), content on the same par as LBP or modnation where we can design unique things within home.
    Home, to me is just a missed oppuntunity so far. Its safe to say every trailer you’ll see in the gamescom space will be trailers we’ve alrealy seen from other sites or from the PSN store and thats just silly to load up home just to only see them again… with lower res?!
    Alex… deep down you and your team know what to do. I almost feel its not really entirely in your hands to do the things you want for Home and i honestly think it sad. I wish Home have more freedom soon. This is no means a complaint of home is just that alot of users see home can be so much more then a bunch of square rooms filled with old footage.

  • Are we getting the MAG public space? And how long will the GamesCom space last for?
    Thanks for responding to my previous question

  • This Gamescom space looks very nice! I can’t wait to try it out. :D
    I didn’t think they’d design the Gamescom space around the Events Gallery space, E3 had it’s own separate place didn’t it. Well I guess that proves you can make just about any event inside the gallery. :P
    So does this space actually have a stream of the whole conference or what? I may be dumb but I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere in the post. :(
    I wish the conference would hurry up and get on the Store in parts like what usually happens. I love watching them after previously only reading about what was announced, since Gamescom doesn’t ever have a live video stream. :(

  • ENGCLM, the major fail here is YOUR comment! He is quite clearly saying he would rather have had the live stream instead of a booth now, not that he thinks Gamescom is still going on at this second and he wants a live stream of it.
    He is from Holland and English is likely not his native language. Please don’t be so quick to jump on someone and just read the posts with your logic hat on.

  • Can’t wait for this space tomoz =P
    Hopefully it’ll come to NA too, since that’ll be sad if we got E3 AND GamesCom but they only get E3 =1

  • Look’s very cool these new area’s in Home, even when they are not perminent they are EPIC in every way’s, great job, I hope to see more of these area’s but perminent ;)

  • hi alex!!
    -can you tell me when the lockwood ice cream cones of home NA are available in europe.
    -the scott pillgrim clothes
    -and super hero villain costumes

  • I read in playstation home twitter, the irem market and apartment comes to home, it’s true or false?

  • Styling queues Thy? Surely the queues for some of the games in home are bad enough :-(
    Or, did you mean styling CUES?
    That aside, some good stuff coming through.

  • Locnville! They are huge here in South Africa, you are referring to the twins from South Africa right?

  • Sorry to post again Alex… But can you link me to infomation that will allow me to set up my own home virtual space?

  • You tease Thylaudax, I can’t wait.
    *Fingers crossed for next week*

  • i heard that gamescom will be streamed to the space

  • i hope that that gamescom is steramed into the space

  • the gamescom space is gr8 can’t w8 till the virtual booth open

  • hope there’s more update’s

  • Home sucks!!! The one thing i was looking forward to most (Pre release) was the private space TV’s that you could show your own content on to your mates. Home reps talked of this as a feature coming to home and when home first released, there was an option to buy appliances (tv’s etc….) in one of the Home stores and they never turned up, and l8r those options were patched away. So i ask WHERES MY [DELETED] TV! It seems to me that Playstation and Home only care that children are happy with their products while adult gamers get pissed coz of the FINER details left out! Home’s like a rubbish game with crappy music in the background i dont wanna play!

  • eu quero colora o avatar do ps3 do brasil

  • eu quero colora o avatar do brasil ps3

  • ★I read in PlayStation Home Twitter, the Irem market and apartment comes to home,it’s true★

  • @ KAP i completely agree with you

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