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Hi there PlayStation Blog.
We’re really excited to share with you below the stunning gamescom trailer for inFAMOUS 2.
There’s more of New Marais, more electricity, more enemies and more Cole! (Who, by the way, may look a little different…or is it a little familiar…? ;))
Check out the below, you won’t be disappointed…

[viddler id=d04e1c9e w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

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  • It feels good having the old Cole back. :)

  • coulden’t you stop the damn camera at him that way we could get a clearer look at the new cole with the old look

  • Bad trailer, in still frame the game dont look that good anymore. The ending was nice though. Guess all the Cola haters are pleased now.

  • Finally our beloved Cole is back. At least that’s how it looked.

  • AMAZING! Just truley AMAZING!
    Im so happy for Sucker Punch for this big achievement but also for SONY that put down allot of money to make fantastic AAA games!

  • Resistance 3 and Ratchet and Clan 4player Co-op, excellent!
    Great trailer, my favourite game my favourite song.
    He looks a bit too casual with the T-shirt though. He’s a superhero, not a tourist. :P
    We all loved Cole’s original attire, everyone envied his stylish bag, I do like his pants though.

  • It’s great that the old Cole is back.
    Also, a neat idea for a trailer, but I would prefer one that shows some gameplay. Tune’s sweet though.

  • Wow at the early winers, the choice of sauch a trailer (ala KZ2) is made to show what the engine can do, which is really nice from the devs who could not care at all and just put some explosion here and there randomly, the sparkles/vegetation/lighting and the overall IQ is really great, and even if it was clear already from the early screens the tweaks on the game engine couldn’t be better, let’s just cross fingers for a rock solid framerate.
    Kinda glad about the choice to switch back to the good ol Cole, but still there were things about the new design that I really liked a lot.
    The bandages on the fingers, some of the tatoos and a the haircut, maybe you should really go for the “beckham styled” Cole.
    The shirt it’s pretty familiar (uncharted much?) almost generic, but I think the devs will let us change Cole’s clothes this time, so it’s not a problem.
    Keep up with the good work, once available this game it’s a dayone.

  • i dont care about the clothes or tattoos. I just wanted the old cole Back & we got him :D

  • Graphically it looks lush and updated, I also see you’ve sorted out the aliasing that plagued the first Infamous. As long as the gameplay holds up this looks like a solid buy.

  • I liked the trailer just anticipating to show the old cole returning. :D

  • No more Aliasing. Just this is a great step.
    And regard Cole.. post a close-up other than a clip of 2 sec. :(
    I paused the video and he looks.. D: and I don’t wanna think at him with the new voice actor :brr:

  • Good to have the new old cole back :D

  • i quite liked the new cole, but i’m not too fussed either way.
    but damn, i just love that song, not the best version i’ve heard, but still a fantastic track.

  • @11
    does that mean the resistance 3 trailer shows how Insomniac couldn’t care less about showing off any real gameplay?

  • can i ask for something… i want both coles, now! i liked the “new” variante… maybe you can put the skin as another char in it… please… im deeply sad, that u changed this brillant character-design, even if it was a not realistic to change such a great hero :)
    please… keep the idea and skin in the game.. maybe as “oliver” – the brother of cole ;)

  • This is so stupid now the old (out of the e3 trailer) Cole looked like the old(first game one mixed in with drake=awesome charter hopefully they will put a free add on skin that will change his look so every one would be happy.

  • Love that trailer. Cole looks good too, need a better view of him to really judge but hope it pleases the haters this time. I personally had no problem with the old new Cole. I do believe SP should have stuck to their guns though, as long as the gameplay is good thats all that matters and judging from the e3 trailer SP looked to have improved upon the first games gameplay. I do agree with the above post, give the haters a free skin of original Cole to satisfy their needs, personally id charge em for it but you could just make it a reward for completing the story.

  • Why does Cole now look like an AIDS victim? Can’t we have the best of both worlds? The old look but with the new hair?

  • Yeah old Cole is back! Love the trailer, it looks freaky awesome!

  • I LOVE THE New-Old Cole! XD

  • It’s good to see the rugged old Cole back. The new Cole they showed in the first Infamous 2 trailer sounded like a complete muppet.

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