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No time: gamescom. You coming? Here’s your recap.

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  • LBP2 Collector’s Edition European info please. How long we gotta wait?

  • Things I would like to see at Gamescom:
    Insomniacs new game,
    Irish video store (Can’t believe we still don’t have it.)
    Another HD remake (Jak or Ratchet)
    LBP 2 CE with beta access.
    Also how long will the conference be on for? I am guess just an hour
    Will the conference be recorded and be on the store?
    Will be be getting the E3 treatment will the store be updated daily with new trailers?

  • I basically echo Lucreto’s feelings, at Gamescom I want to see:
    – LBP2 info (particularly about CE)
    – Resistance 3 (surely it’s gotta be?!) or whatever Insomniac are working on
    – Ico Collection confirmed or any other HD collections
    – PSP Phone? ha
    – UNCHARTED 3 TEASER (no chance)
    – Some BIG info for Plus subscribers please? Maybe some nice Beta access :-)
    Now go do your job and get us some juicy info James :D


  • I just hope the PSP phone is not PSP 2. I just want a handheld console that plays games. I don’t want it to make calls or texts. If is does end up a phone I will get a 3DS instead. /rant
    Anyway James are we going to get an interview from Atlus about the surprise release of Persona on the store and if any of their other titles will appearing soon?

  • please please please please can we have iss pro or crash bash on the psn store? We need a serious football game to lose hours of our lives to and crash bash is like the best ever PS1 title! I mean i know i’m not even gonna get a reply but you know i live in hope.

  • This is offtopic but i had to ask somewhere regarding “full game trial” on PSN+.
    What is the purpose of it exactly? I.e. this week you released Mushroom Wars for us (psn+) and having downloaded it – I played it for like 10 minutes and then the trial had expired? Is that it? Someone please explain.

  • @Lucreto
    If you caught the last European PlayStation Store update, it has Shin Megami Tensei: Persona as a downloadable game for the PSP. It was one of two games that Atlus was reportedly to start their Euro PSN publishing with. The other was Hexyz Force, but there’s no update on its status.
    here is original source i just hope persona 3 portable or kenkan bancho badass rumble is gonna come this way but i’ll be buying all their psp games 2 support for more releases

  • james,
    PS Plus banner at top of blog promtoes earth defnse add on for zen pinball at 100% discount.. ie FREE.
    Yet on the store it only has a few pence off.
    Which is correct?

  • Some interesting features of Move controller detailed in this article on TSA..

  • @James: Please bring us a report about “Deep Black” – an upcoming underwater sci-fi/espionage game for the PS3. The developer is a Russian studio named “Biart Studios LLC” and they will be located in Hall 04.1 – Stand C047c and the publisher “505 Games” will be located in the same hall but Stand G020. Here is a link to an article about this game’s announcement:
    Thank you very much!

  • i have a list of game that i want to play on Playstation 3 can you please put the games on Playstation Store For me
    Muppet Race Mania
    Digimon World 1
    Digimon World 2
    WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role
    Spider-Man (2000 video game)
    Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories
    WWF SmackDown!
    Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour
    South Park Rally
    MTV Celebrity Deathmatch
    Muppet Monster Adventure
    Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22
    Dragon Ball Z: Legends
    Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout
    Batman Gotham City Racer

  • DDP991
    i’d say dream on no way they getting that on the store any year soon just look at how long it took them 2 get Tekken on the store and we are still waiting for the Resident evil series or even the legacy of kain games

  • o ya it would be usefull 2 post when there is maintenance

  • I just read we will be getting twisted metal on the EU store.

  • As well as Tekken 3 and two Spyro games, apparently.

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