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Hi Guys, as promised we have some little mid month exclusive extras for all you Plus members.

PlayStation Plus

I’m sure you will have already seen the Mafia 2 demo in the Plus section from Tuesday. Hopefully you are all enjoying it and are eagerly awaiting the full Blu-ray Disc game coming later this month.
Wednesday saw the launch of Pixel Junk Racers ‘2nd Lap’, exclusively for Plus members, 2 weeks before the actual release date. If you already have Pixel Junk Racer then this new version of the game with added extras is totally free to download. And if you haven’t experienced the mayhem yet, then you can download this new version of the game with a Plus member-only, exclusive, 20% discount – well worth a try.


And finally, after the weekend we will be dropping another little treat into the Plus section. On Monday Plus members will have exclusive early access to buy the PS One cult classic Tomb Raider; two weeks before it goes live to the rest of PlayStation Store. Enjoy exploring, fighting and puzzle solving with the original Lara Croft.


Wherever we can, we are trying to get early demos and exclusive content for Plus members and this is by no means the end of these little mid month treats that you have requested, so keep an eye out for more.

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12 Author Replies

  • How much will it be?

    • Hi, I just checked and Tomb Raider will be £7.99 and €9.99, and exclusively available to Plus members from Monday

  • Wow, Tomb Raider? Well played James, Well played :D

  • Great news :D
    The team are listening!

  • Thanks James and SCEE, I’m sure I’m not alone when i say that i really appreciate all the hard work you guys put into bringing us the best possible PS3 experiences :)

  • BUZZING i love this game :) Oh Roxas598 PS1 games are free :)

    • Hi, sorry if it wasn’t clear in the post but the exclusive element for Plus members is the game is available to buy 2 weeks before anyone else. We weren’t able to offer this free with Plus I’m afraid but are working on getting you more exclusives and day one discounts wherever we can

  • If it was free I would certainly subscribe PS Plus. But early access to BUY this game??? Yeeeah, that is “really cool” feature.

  • We finally get Tomb Raider! I hope the rest will join it on the store shortly :P
    2 weeks early, well done!


  • My heart just exploded.

  • Not bad, not bad. Getting better. But the US are still getting more free content than us. Are we at least getting a discount on this?
    Thanks James.

    • Hi, glad you like this exclusive and we are working hard to get you more great exclusives and day one discounts. Unfortunately there is no discount on TR for Plus members this time

  • If you can actually beat the first level without dying and destroying your controller with frustration you get your money back :D

  • Very bad graphics but the game I used to love lol Might get it though been playing Medieval and its addicting.

  • £8!little steep, oh well!

  • Only need 1 thing to get me to buy PSN+ and that’s a KZ3 beta.

  • tomb raider – finally :)
    even i wouldnt buy ps-plus because of that…

  • i hop it will get better controls for psp than oddworld *cry

  • This is getting silly now
    early access to buy one of the few ps1 games I still own =[
    Also, I have a couple of suggestions for ps1 games
    A brilliant game overlooked by a lot of people.
    it’s rarity means it goes for £30+ on ebay, and I foolishly sold my copy years and years ago :(
    I’d love to see it on the PS store, and I’m sure a lot more would too.

    • Sorry this isn’t ideal for you, hopefully some of the next exclusives and the normal monthly content are good for you. Thanks for the suggestion, will def add this to my community requests, thanks

  • Yes, Tombi! Please James, see if you can wrangle Tombi! (and its under-appreciated sequel) Those were some of the best PS1 games ever!
    Pretty please? :)

  • Wow talk about weak offers lol. Basically offering people chance to pay 8 quid 1st for a ps1 game . This is why I won’t be buying plus anytime in the near future as in Europe it is terrible

  • Seems to me that you are gimping the non-plussed PSN service to make your plus service appear more attractive.
    PSX games should be in the normal PSN update.
    Not happy.

    • Hi, not at all. We aren’t changing the normal PSN service at all, just trying, wherever we can, to get certain things slightly earlier for the Plus members who are paying for the premium part of PSN. The early exclusives for Plus are just that, earlier than the actual release date, not delayed for non Plus members

  • ooooh nice – from Eidos/Square Enix too!
    Might be picking it up – any luck on getting the Legacy of Kain games yet (Blood Omen and Soul Reaver)?

  • i know this prob isn’t the best place to ask james
    but can we get burnout paradise as the next free PSN game xD
    just think tho selling that as the free PSN game and people then buying the DLC you could make a mint
    *hint hint* xD
    also not gonna buy that then, sorry

  • £7.99? Thats too much I`m afraid. As much as I`d love to play it again on my PSPGo I can`t justify spending as much as a PSP Essential game on a game nearly 15 years old. All PSOne games should stick to the £3.99 mark unless, like FF 7 & 8, its a multiple disc title where higher price can be better justified. Any chance of GT 1 & 2 going on store before GT5 arrives?

    • I have to agree with you but unfortunately we didn’t have any say on the price of this one, sorry. Not sure about the GT’s, sounds like it isn’t currently planned but have asked them to check it out.

  • Yeah hopeing we hear something about betas after gamecom…
    Killzone 3 mutiplayer beta- I’m gaging
    littlebigplanet 2 beta- also very hyped
    Gran Turismo 5 E3 demo surely this should be avilable like two weeks before the non plus members- any chance of this happening?

  • It’s a great classic, true. But the price is pushing it away. It probably won’t sell as much and then they will see no reason why to publish anymore, and that’s sad.
    In my opinion a PS1 classic should go to the max of 5£/6€.
    @17 You’re right. Tombi was an awesome game.

  • Would love to see Tombi, but its probably a licensingng nightmare as the studio who made it went bust a few years after making tombi 2.
    Saying that still play the demo of it on my ps3 :D

  • really a PS1 game just look at the picture it says a thousand words. am
    so fuming i can’t even put it in words on this blog. £40 down the drain

    • This is just a bonus extra, additional to the normal content for Plus each month and there is some great content this month and next. Hopefully some of the great content coming up will more than make up for this one for you

  • whoa….
    this goes for US$5.99 on their PSN store.
    your completely overcharging for both the PS plus and the regular PSN users.
    Also where is my Heavy Rain Dynamic theme. If you give the reason of producing exclusive products. Then the same should go for the games, a la give us new games that we have not purchased.

  • Uhm, lets see. We get an exclusive early access to buy a title from 1996. Whow! Ain’t that your dreams coming true?
    Mafia 2 was pushed in my HD on Thursday, so that was also a remarkable service.
    So Pixel Junk Racers remains to save the day, a title which I never heared about. A quick search later I’m wiser, IGN gave a 5,2 for the first title. Part 2 is an absolute must have I guess?
    Marketing seems really difficult. All that was mentioned here is more or less crap. So either someone thinks that we are plain stupid or that the european customers simply deserve nothing better than this?

  • James you guys from plus team really need to start focusing on adding features to plus to get people to sign
    Up to it as you have totally alienated the hardcore spenders from plus and that’s the very people
    You need to attract

  • If you want Tomb Raider you can get the original PS1 disc on eBay for about £3 now anyway!

  • Already posted this on the forums, but this seems a good place for it too:
    I hope this is not a sign of things to come – all the PS1 classics that are already on the US store will now be drip-fed first to plus subscribers to placate them regarding their complaints regarding ps+ content disparity between the different regions?
    It makes you wonder how long these PS1 classics have really been available for SCEE to provide…..

  • @31 very true . I bought FIFA 99 , dino crisis , silent hill and smackdown 2 off eBay and all 4 put together were less than this tomb raider digital copy

  • The US service seems to provide more for less, with EU we get less earlier lolololololololol
    PAL Plus is a negative.

  • I’m sure for the old school Tomb Raider fans its great but I could pick up a modern version ie Uncharted for that price and in my humble opinion would be a much better purchase if I didn’t already own it.
    I personally don’t want ‘old’ content from my Plus subscription and the content we in the EU have had so far is a little disappointing. I do regret purchasing the service so early or maybe I regret living in the EU and purchasing so early.
    Anyway some new content and maybe some ‘equal’ content would be great or just a refund at this point.

  • Will there be any announcements about plus at gamescom james

  • Kinda disappointed that an extra exclusive for paying customers is yet another thing to pay for. Oh well, maybe next time.

  • I’m regretting subscribing more and more. Early access to an overpriced ps1 game?? Poor, very poor :-(

  • im not a plus member but i would like to say havin own tomb raider 1, 2, 3, last revealtion on ps1 already this is fantastic back in the day lara croft was awesome for whatever reason the games are not as good today , but plus owners should be happy with this great game :D

  • £8 pounds is a little steep…
    A couple of suggestions:
    Wild ARMs 1 + 2 (would gladly pay more for these as they’re rare to find)

  • It comes across as punitive to say that I have to pay a £40 Tax in order that I should have the glorious right to not have to be punished by a 2 weeks delay to pay £8 for a PSX game that I already own on disc to be able to play it on my PSP.
    Is my £8.00 not as good as anyone elses £8.00?
    Add genuine features to PSN+ to make it desirable rather than make people who dont want Plus or who just cant afford it into second class citizens who have to be punished and made to WAIT to PAY YOU MONEY!!!
    I knew this would happen with Plus.

    • Hi, no-one is being punished and non Plus members are def not 2nd class citizens. The early access for plus member is just than, earlier than the original launch date. We are working hard with the developers to get these things early for Plus but not at the expense of other PSN users. This wasn’t delayed for PSN users, just 2 weeks before the actual launch date for Plus members

  • Thanks James. I`d love the PSOne GT`s to play on the move as the new PSP version lacked the career and tuning modes that made them so much fun :)

  • Thanks James, a website said it’s been ‘revamped’. How revamped is it?

  • TBH the price thing, all the “bigger” PS1 games are priced at £7.99, so someone at SCEE must have set that.
    BTW i wonder if you could get the Dragon Age Origins: Awakening expansion free or discounted in one of the PS+ updates? It is amazingly overpriced since BioWare know they can charge us a lot with it since we can only get it from the store, so if it was free or discounted i would get it right away!

  • ridiculous price. And not even a discount for PSN+ users. Very poor.

  • Honestly, I just hope that they release some themes related to games and not to Sony products. In that case I’d get at least something where I could get a minimum of satisfaction instead of feeling robbed, before my subscribtion runs out in 2 months.
    If Sony didn’t want to offer an equally good service worldwide, they should have made PSN Plus an USA exclusive service right away from the beginning.

  • I can get this game in the store used for £3, not worth the price, don’t why SE would put the price that high, good thing i have Uncharted.

  • The price is a bit steep as people have said. Think I’ll hang back
    on purchasing this just now.
    James, is there any chance we’ll ever see The Legend of Dragoon on ps store?, that was one of my all time favourites on ps one and would love to have a digital copy to play. Getting a psp go next mth so its all good. :D

  • tomb raider u.s $ 5.99 and e.u £ 7.99 how does anyone think this is a good deal . i will now buy tomb raider off ebay for 2 quid so you just lost a sale with me with this treatment

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