The People Vs. Square Enix

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The People vs. is where we hand our proverbial megaphone over to you and put questions from the PlayStation community to the minds behind the most anticipated upcoming games.
At gamescom we have a meeting with Square Enix where we’ll be chatting to the developers behind Final Fantasy XIV, the highly anticipated MMO on PlayStation 3, and The 3rd Birthday, a spin-off of the Parasite Eve series coming to PSP.



Post your questions in the comments below or at the official PlayStation forums in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Scandi.
The final interview will be published at and here on the Playstation Blog.

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  • Please tell us the Tactics Ogre release date!

  • ffv13 release date!!!!!!

  • Could you explain what relation Final Fantasy XIII and Versus will cross over and will we see any characters pop up and if any of the worlds will be brought into Versus?

  • A more development related question. Instead of re-creating FINAL FANTASY to suit the western RPG likes, why not just release a whole new title that is along the same designs as FALLOUT or THE ELDER SCROLLS to suit western gamers? FINAL FANTASY should remain a good old Japanese legend, not change to suit western needs.

  • Hi! I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask.
    1: It has been over 10 years since the last Parasite Eve game was released. What made you decide to revisit the franchise now?
    2: Given that Parasite Eve 1 was never released in the EU and not many gamers will remember the series, would you consider a remake or a re-release of these games in all regions?

  • I have Two Questions:
    1) When Can we expect a Release Date for The 3rd Birthday in NA/EU?
    2) When can we learn more about Final Fantasy Versus XIII? TGS 2010 Confirmed?

  • Hello Square Enix
    Do we see the2 ps1 version of Parasite Eve on eu psn, rember very rare
    in Denmark and maby it disappeared under the shadow of the next
    ps system
    Oh by the, why dont you pick up the Freedom Fighter licens
    it cud be cool and then let you know who do the job :)

  • What are the chances of rare and import PSOne titles like Final Fantasy Origins, Final Fantasy Tactics and Chocobo’s Dungeon appearing on PSN in the EU?

  • Final Fantasy VII remake, PS3 or PS4?

  • I have a question for them “Square Enix, will there ever be a final fantasy and if so will you be following in the footsteps of New Line Cinema and call it The Final Fantasy”
    Also “Are you games suppose to be porn for gamers?” and finally “Will the super-smart japanese toliet appear in the parasite eve spin off” Nah I’m gonna take this seriously,
    “Is Square Enix going to eventually step out of the RPG genre and if so what kind of game would you like to develop next”

  • Will Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep come out for PSP Go?

  • Another question form me :P Seeing as you’ve reached FINAL FANTASY IX on PSN Store, could this mean that you will bring FINAL FANTASY X to the PSN store? Seeing as the newer PS3’s aren’t backwards compatible that would be pretty cool.

  • Will Parasite Eve 1 & 2 ever be released on the PSN?
    For whatever reason I remember it being difficult to find a copy of either back on the PSOne and, as a survival horror fan, I’d love to play them. Maybe as PS3 or PSP remakes/updates?

  • We already have 3 titles in handheld consoles from Kingdom hearts, and another one announced at E3 for 3DS. Is there something else for Sony consoles? I hope Kingdom Hearts 3 is a PS3 exclusive.

  • Is there a chance to make FF13 international version with japanese voices, original japanese music and english subtitles?

  • Xenogears, Einhander, Brave fencer musashi PS1 games on PSN store. That’s all I care about from Square unless they feel like doing a port/remake of Secret of Mana from the SNES to the PSN store.

  • How far are they in the PS3 development of FFXIV?
    When does the PS3 FFXIV beta start?
    MMO games that have been announced for consoles have often been cancelled, is there any chance this might happen to FFXIV?
    That’s what I would like to know.

  • Will Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep be released on PSN for us poor neglected PSP Go owners and will we ever see Crisis Core on PSN too as you would shift it by the bucketload!

  • Hello!
    Will there be multiplayer mode in the 3rd Birthday?
    What is the release date for the 3rd Birthday, FF XIII Agito and Versus?

  • The J-RPG market is shrinking. Final Fantasy XIII tried to compensate for western gamers by streamlining the gameplay experience.
    Are you going to keep the original J-RPG elements in your future Final Fantasy games or are you going to westernise the franchise?

  • I have a few questions
    1. When is FF Verus 13 actually coming out
    2. Are you planning on remaking Final Fantasy VII, if so, don’t!
    3. Are you truely happy with Final Fantasy XIII, What I mean is, why was it so linear, what happened to the passion?
    4. Any information on Hitman 5?

  • Is Tetsuya Nomura proud of Compilation of Final Fantasy VII even though it features extremely inconsistent plot?

  • hi, having never played an MMORPG before, but also owning all copies of FF’s what will make this game “special” for gamers like myself?
    Will we have to pay to play, like a monthly fee?
    I’ve always heard whispers of a FFVII remake … is this a project you might take up in the future ( Post Advent Children )
    Finally, as asked above now that you’ve hit FFIX on the PSN, could be be seeing a release of FFX also? First to break the mould maybe?
    Thanks, John

  • Thanks for all of your questions; I can’t really respond to them now, of course, but I’ll return from gamescom armed with plenty of answers. I can’t ask the off-topic ones though – the people working on FF and 3rd B’day will be a bit baffled if I start quizzing them about Kingdom Hearts and Hitman.
    Good work!

  • Any chance of an ActRaiser sequel or remake for the PS3 or PSP? Because that’s all that really matters.

  • @22
    Yes there is a monthly fee for the Final Fantasy MMO games.

  • hey James, Man of the People, friend of the Dragons, Son of the PS3…
    What’s YOUR fav FF, or RPG? or if not a fan *smacks face in disbelief* of them, whats your fav game?
    Also, in addition to Dragon_Hearts questions (my other account lol) what was the inspiration BEHIND final fantasy ?? I know it was SquareSoft FINAL game before going bankrupt and it saved the company and spawned a new breed of game and gamers , but why an RPG, why the style it wa?

    • Probably Persona 4 – it’s also the only game for which I own the soundtrack too! Having said that, the one I poured the most time into is Final Fantasy X, but I was a student then…

  • Hey Square,
    With Matsuno and Sakamoto both working on Tactics Ogre, how about getting them to remake Vagrant Story for PS3? License the canvas engine from SEGA and bring that game back.
    Love, hugs and kisses

  • FFVII remake, where and when

  • Oops I forgot to ask : FFX, X-2, XII on 1 BluRay with HD support?

  • We will ever see a greatest hits collection of Kingdom Hearts released for the PS3 or the titles made available for download on the PSN store?

  • Will there be a Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XIV for the PS3 much like the PC version has?

  • Hi
    Here is my question for them and you, you may know the ansawer.
    Will FFXIV[ps3] have a monthly/yearly subscription fee? If so how much would that be?

  • Hello,
    Will Chrono Trigger be released on PSN as a PSOne Classic?

  • i have a couple of questions.
    will the ps1 parasite eve get a release on the store, and will you, please, release it in europe this time.
    and how does the gameplay compare to previous games in the series where the combat was more menu driven?
    lastly, why choose the psp for the new parasite eve?

  • my questions are, will we get parasite eve 1 and 2 on the playstation store, we never got the first over here in europe, so its pretty odd were getting a sequel game when we havent been able to play from the begining, also FF14 comes out on PC soon, but PS3 gamers are going to have to wait for months to see it, why is this?

  • Actually James, could you ask Square if we could have Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana and Einhander on PSN in Europe please?

  • Now that Eidos has been bought and comes under the title of Square Enix Europe, are there any plans to release the back-catalogue of PS1 games onto the PSN Store, more specifically games from the Legacy of Kain Series such as Blood Omen and Soul Reaver?

  • Release Saga Frontier 1 and 2, Star Ocean,FInal Fantasy Origins,4/ChronoCross,5,6,Tactics and the rest of your back catalogue and use the money to remake Final Fantasy VII in HD.Also no more Tomb Raider, it sucks.

  • why don’t they release all their ps1 and psp games in europe digitally

  • -for the release of the 3rd birthday will they release the first 2 parasite eve on the ps store?
    -will they release xenogears,chrono cross and the legend of the dragoon on the ps store?

  • I have a few questions I wouldn’t mind getting some answers for:
    1. Any news on a Final Fantasy Versus XIII release date? (Or even a window – some indication at all would be nice)
    2. Why has the development of Versus XIII taken as long as it has with so little about it divulged in this period? (Was annoucned at E3 2006 and since then very little has been released about it…)
    3. Final Fantasy XIV – will there be subscription fees on the PS3 version? (I know its almost certain there will be but a firm confirmation for the PS3 version would be appreciated ;) )
    4. What plans are there for the the series after Versus XIII, XIV and The Four Heroes of Light?
    5. At E3 there was a mention of a Final Fantasy game being made for the Nintendo 3DS, any detials about this game? (Okay, I know this isn’t a Sony game but it’s still relevent as this is ‘The People Vs. Square-Enix)

  • Only have 1 question but it’s the one that will make me buy the game or not:
    Is it a paid subscription MMO?

  • Remember to research your questions first ;) Some questions here have been answered before (including if XIV gets a subscription fee).

  • my questions are
    1. what is the release date?
    2. will it be pay to play?
    3. if it is pay to play will it be free for plus users?
    4. i know you said you can’t go off-topic, but maybe if you can just bring up kingdom hearts like “any plans for kingdom hearts 3?” or something like that. you could just ask one question about it if you can.

  • Yes, indeed it was. Noticed it now, sorry about that.

  • Ask them:
    How the hell did you manage to mess up the FF12 battle system so badly

  • To people asking about subscription fee for FFXIV on PS3, yes there will be one just like there is one for FFXI on PS2. It will probably be 14.99 like all the other MMO games.

  • The release of Final Fantasy XIV being pushed back from September ’10 to March ’11 has been a big disappointment to a lot of MMORPG fans.
    Being the nature of an MMORPG and speculation that the servers will be the same between the PC and PS3 versions, what is Square Enix going to do to compensate the loss of 6 months live gametime for the PS3 players?
    PS. Still waiting for my PS3 beta application to be approved. I’m a test analyst IRL and would love to help out with the game’s testing and development :)

  • One thing I would really like to know about FF14 is whether there will be some way of trying the game before buying it? I’ve only ever played one MMO, about half a decade ago and I didn’t like it, so if there was no way of trying the game it will most definitely get a pass from me even though I’m an FF fan.
    Also, ask them if they would considering just cancelling FF14 and start focusing on FF versus 13 and KH3 because those are the games people really want to hear about.
    OK I wasn’t serious about that last one…
    … or was I?

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