This Week On The SingStore (11 August 2010)

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Hello all!
It’s SingStore update time again. Yay! You excited?
First of all I would like you to put your hands together for a very special arrival on the SingStore. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the first ever Polish language song: Stachursky ‘Z każdym twym oddechem’. I hope it brings you a lot of joy .

Stachursky_Z Kazdym Twym Oddechem

Also celebrating their SingStar debut this week are tracks by Alphabeat, Placebo, Jodeci and Chipmunk amongst others.

Placebo_Bright Lights

Now, there has been a bit of speculation about this one and I am pleased to finally be able to reveal the fantastic Clubland song pack featuring dancefloor fillers from Cascada, N-Trance and Ultrabeat. What are you wating for? Get on that dancefloor NOW. Don’t forget your mics, mind!
Enjoy! See you in two weeks’ time.
Nina xx

The Saturday_Up

Black_Wonderful Life

Orson_No Tommorow

In English

Alphabeat Boyfriend worldwide
Aqua Back to the 80’s
Black Wonderful Life worldwide
Chipmunk Look For Me worldwide
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Home worldwide
Jodeci Freak N You
Maxïmo Park Questing, Not Coasting worldwide
New Found Glory Hit Or Miss
Orson No Tomorrow
Placebo Bright Lights worldwide
Razorlight Golden Touch
The Saturdays Chasing Lights
The Saturdays Up
The Saturdays Set Me Off
The Saturdays Fall
The Saturdays Issues
The Temper Trap Sweet Disposition worldwide
In Polish
Stachursky Z każdym twym oddechem
In Spanish
Ketama Tú Volverás
Los Delinqüentes Somos worldwide
Massiel La, La, La worldwide
Miguel Ríos Bienvenidos
David Civera Bye Bye
Song pack
Cascada Everytime We Touch
N-Trance Set You Free
T2 Feat Jodie Sysha Heartbroken
Ultrabeat Pretty Green Eyes
Kelly Llorenna Heart Of Gold

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  • only The Temper Trap for me this week. it’s actually good because there’s a lot of songs that i need to buy from the singstore so i can keep within budget!!!
    i know i’ve asked for this before, but can mariah carey plz be added to the wishlist!
    thanks nina!

  • Hey Nina,
    Can we get these songs or at least one of them ?
    Lady Gaga – Paparazzi
    Lady GaGa – Alejandro
    Lady Gaga – Telephone
    Cheryl Cole ft. Will.I.Am – 3 words

  • Hi Nina,
    Good list :)
    Some surprises like Alphabeat and some more Placebo.
    But it’s not Alphabeat’s store debut you know. There is Fascination and Fantastic 6 on the ‘other’ store. When will we get them? :P
    As for suggestions:
    Danko Jones
    Green Day
    Van Velzen
    I would pay 1,49 for those so make it happen! I’m sure others would too :)

  • Hi Nina! Is the clubland songpack available in the U.S.? Also, how about Only happy when it rains by Garbage and Stupid Girl by Garbage

  • Nina
    Will Cascada ever be available as a stand alone track?
    Also.. are there any new regular Singstar discs being released this year (not counting guitar or dance)

    • Hey,
      Yes, it will in about two months time.
      Well, these discs are actually ‘standalone’ SingStar discs and you can play them the same as any other disc just using your mics and not a guitar controller or PlayStation Move if you don’t want to. Hope this helps.

  • Oooh I’m defo picking up the Clubland pack :D
    As for Singles, Can’t say I’ve actually heard more than half of them this time lol Hmm… :/
    But will be picking up: Aqua, Orson, and a Couple of The Saturdays tracks (Up and Issues)

  • omg nina i think i love you lol, thanx for the clubland pack its amazing and dare i request more of this in the near future plz
    thanx :D

  • Wow very inpressed this week looks i’ll have no money left defo be buying the clubland songpack

  • hi nina,… did u get my endless buffy-message and email?! :)

  • This Clubland Songpack is awesome… You read my mind cause I was really looking forward to sing some dance songs… Good job ;)
    Could you release more dance songs in the future please? I will post some songs below:
    We No Speak Americano – Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
    Dancing On My Own – Robyn
    Sexy Lady – Javi Mula ft DJ Disciplin
    Alors On Danse – Stromae
    Edward Maya feat Alicia – Stereo love
    Won’t Go Quitely – Example
    All The Lovers – Kylie Minogue (more Kylie please :))
    Dirty Picture – Taio Cruz ft Ke$ha
    Love is My Drug – Ke$ha
    Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg – California Gurls (more Katy Perry too :))

  • my wishlist:
    Vanessa Carlton – 1000 Miles
    U2 – One
    Lena – Satellite
    Ronan Keating – When You Say Nothing At All
    Go Go Dolls – Iris
    Robbie Williams – She’s the One

  • Ooh, quite a few this week I think. Definitely picking up Temper Trap and Edward Sharpe, maybe also Alphabeat, Aqua and Placebo.
    As for the song pack… I don’t know 4/5 of the songs, but recently I’ve found myself buying the dance singles that have come out each week that I haven’t heard before. So maybe I’ll get the song pack too. :D
    My super-awesome Aussie recommendation this week is for the band Powderfinger. They’ve been on some PS2 releases, but not on PS3/SingStore yet. Some great songs would be “My Happiness”, “Love Your Way”, “(Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind”, “Lost and Running” and their current radio single “Burn Your Name”. :)

  • Wow first Polish song on SingStore EVER? :D CUTE :)

  • Thank you for your answer. :)

  • Nina, Is there a possibility to see any of the songs I mentioned above? I hope you answer me asap. Thanks ;)

  • Sweet, another Placebo track for me to sing when I’m at the in-laws. ^^

  • So at Gamescom we are going to be inundated with great songs right?
    Also you really need to release stuff like Paparazzi and Telephone, just edit out the non-singing bits or give people the option of downloading an edited version or the original.
    Singstar should be a celebration of music, like Gran Turismo is for Cars. Keep it simple for casual folks, but do not fear to add extra depth for music afficionados.

  • Another reason why I no longer play Singstar, hardly anyone gets the songs they want. Seriously I know it’s for everyone so you can’t as well please everyone but sometimes it seems like every song you put up I’ve either never heard or hate.

    • I’m sorry you can’t find anytying you like/know. We try and cater for everyone here, so hope you will be able to find something again soon.

  • I just got Singstar and am loving it. I was pleasantly surprised to find Phoenix on the store and snapped up both songs right away :) Is there any chance of getting some of their newer songs on the store such as Litzomania and 1901? That would make my Singstar experience complete :) Also, I second Tntnnbltn’s Powderfinger suggestion

  • Hi Nina
    I can understand that some of Lady Gagas songs are hard to put on because of either lengthy pauses in the video or the content ofthe video, but Microsoft managed to put Paparazzi into Lips. Could you not do the same using a specially edited video?
    Also any chance of more Beverley Knight, Steps and some S Club?

  • Hi Nina,
    Could we see that ever-growing “list” of requested songs if not the complete list then the top 25. Thanks.
    P.S Yay Placebo
    XTC – Dear God [Want this more than anything]
    Missing Persons – ‘Walking In LA’
    The Black Lips – ‘Bad Kids’
    Motion City Soundtrack – ‘Pulp Fiction’
    The Clash – ‘Janie Jones’
    Black Kids – ‘Partie Traumatic’
    The Sounds – ‘Underground’ or anything from The Sounds)
    Placebo – ‘Julien’ or ‘Post Blue’ [More Placebo Please]
    The Bravery – ‘Above And Below’
    Damien Rice – ‘9 Crimes’ or if possibly ‘Rootless Tree’… debut it :)

    • Hi,
      I’m afraid I can’t really give you a list like this as there are in fact many lists we work from (nope, there isn’t just ONE list).
      Hey – it’s nice to be surprised by the update once in a while, right? :)

  • Well
    Nina, could you try to look for “‘t hof van commerce”
    Belgian group

  • Yay, first polish song :D
    Now we’re waiting for Vidzone :D

  • Dear SCEE
    First Polish song on SingStar Store, hmm, tasty…
    May someone special from SCEE :) …tell us Polish people, will there be more Polish songs or it’s for a special occasion only? :)
    Best regards.

  • Hi Nina,
    That’s quite a good update to save money, that’s for sure. For me, only Placebo & The Temper Trap. How about these songs ?
    Keane : Bedshaped
    Benjamin Diamond : 18 and over
    Maxim feat. Skin : Carmen queasy
    Skunk Anansie : Secretly + Brazen (weep)
    Sugababes : Freak like you
    Urge Overkill : Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
    Bat for Lashes : Daniel
    The Pipettes : We are the Pipettes + Your kisses are wasted on me
    Skin : Trashed
    Morcheeba : Wonders never cease
    Vanessa Carlton : White houses
    And what about a STARSAILOR songpack including : “Alcoholic” + “Poor misguided fool” + “In the crossfire” + “Four to the floor” + “Silence is easy” ??? That would be awesome !!
    See you. ;-)

  • CASCADA whooooo great update Thankz!!!

  • Nina nice start in Polish songs last post was helped ;)

  • Nina how about getting this song on the sing store
    Kelly Llorenna – Tell It To My Heart

  • Hi Nina,
    Thank you, polish songs at last in singstore !!! I hope to see them more soon.
    I will repeat my last question:
    Is there any chance to see some of ROD STEWART’s songs in singstore?
    That’s weird, that he hasn’t his songs in store, he has contract with Sony BMG, and Stewart’s songs are popular all around the world.
    Maybe Baby Jane ?, but every his song in signstore would be a great news.

    • Unfortunatel,y it doesn’t make any difference whether an artist is with Sony or a different label. There are many more things that determine whether we can release something on the store. Would be great to have his songs though, I agree!

  • Nina,
    when you stated CLUBLAND,
    i was actually hoping for CLUBLAND -lets gets busy.
    another 90’s Dance Classic.
    a week without SCOOOTAAAAA,is a week without knowing “how much is the fish”

  • Hey Nina,
    Foo Fighters
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Add these and I will be happy :)

  • in the US store, please:
    Julieta Venegas – Me Voy
    Shakira – Suerte
    Selena – Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
    Uffie feat. Pharell – A.D.D. S.U.V.

  • Mhh, the videos might be a little difficult for some of these, I’m afraid but we’ll see.
    I think you have one of my biggest problems regarding Singstar. Often we get edited songs and/or video´s. Take te videoclip op “If I could turn back time” or some explicit words in “The Fear”. I think I at least should be able to be given a chouse between the “how the artist intended it” and the “butchered” version.
    Oh and I would like to have U2 Magnificent and the best songs of Garbage on the store.

    • As we are a 12+ rated game in the UK we have to make sure the content is suitable for that age group. There might be a way we can do this in future though.

  • Hi Nina, any word on when we’ll get to see the fabled [HD] videos? They’re always shown in the promotional videos, but I’m yet to see a single on in the SingStore :(
    Also more LA ROUX would be nice, 3 more and you’d have yourselves a song pack! Tigerlilly, Im Not Your Toy and Quicksand with the already available Bulletproof and In For The Kill would make an epic debut album La Roux pack ;)

  • Hi Nina
    Just chipmunk, black and jodexi for me this time!
    Any chance of more Good Charlotte or some Oasis please?

  • Hey Nina,
    (I posted this on your last post, but it was well after you stopped responding to people, so I thought I’d give it another go)
    Great to see you provide so much feedback to the Euro Singstar community. I wish we had so much support over here in the states. I could make request after request, including begging for more Kylie Minogue, but I sort of have what I thought was a reasonable request.
    Can we have more George Michael?
    There’s none on the Singstore in any territory, from what I can tell. I’ve got WHAM! on my 80′s disk, and it would seem every other GM song is only in Euro versions or the new Singstar Chart Hits. Any reason these are kept out of the US, and the Singstore?
    George Michael- Outside
    George Michael- Faith
    George Michael- Freedom ’90
    George Michael- Careless Whisper
    They’re all on disks in other territories. I think I even saw Club Tropicana by WHAM! on one of the disks. What are the odds of me seeing these anytime soon?

    • Hey,
      Sorry I missed your last one.
      Discs are a very different thing to songs on the store. It would be great to get everything from a disc onto the store but we have to treat them as totally seperate things. And it’s not that we don’t try.
      Hope this makes sense?

  • Could we please get some more Robbie Williams, Nik Kershaw, and Gin Blossoms as well as some James Blunt and Katy Perry? More rock is also always welcome.

  • Sorry forgot to add in my post above I agree we need more Phoenix also please!

  • Yay cool, Alphabeat’s Boyfriend is my daughter’s favourite, hopefully that’s the first of many of their songs, I’ve got 10,000 nights on the Pop disc and the two from the USA store, but would happily buy them again from the UK store, especially if for 10,000 nights the more recent video was used..
    Anyway – nice one Nina..!
    Also Placebo for the wife, and some of the Saturday’s.
    Cheers – more Singstar fun this Saturday!!

  • Glad to see Cascada for once. Even though I don’t like any of the other songs in the song pack. Will wait for this one to be alone, or even better, a Cascada Song Pack!!!
    Still waiting for Black Eyed Peas!
    Don’t understand why there’s not a more than Shut Up on Singstore at the moment, when you guys had more songs on PS2 discs… What’s the difference for you to use it on a disc and on Singstore?

  • Hi Nina,
    Any chance we’ll see songs from Inna on the SingStore?
    (Ah heck even DJ Layla – Single Lady would be a hoot :D )
    Some Scooter wouldn’t hurt as well ;)
    Thanks for all the hard work all the time.

  • Hi again,
    Here’s a new list of songs for my wishlist.
    Pink : Funhouse
    Kate Nash : Foundations + Mouthwash
    The Killers : Don’t shoot me Santa
    Sharleen Spiteri : All the times I cried
    Avril Lavigne : Alice
    Peter Cincotti : Goodbye Philadelphia
    Robin Thicke : Magic
    Oceana : Cry, cry
    Junior Caldera feat. Sophie Ellis Bextor : Can’t fight this feeling
    (to complete a possible “Clubland” pack #2…)
    Amy McDonald : Don’t tell me that it’s over
    Jason Mraz : Make it mine
    Asa : Fire on the mountain
    Franz Ferdinand : Can’t stop feeling
    Nelly Furtado : Maneater
    Weezer : Island in the sun
    The Do : On my shoulders
    Des’ree : Life
    Cocoon : Chupee
    And of course a GARBAGE songpack !!! With all the hit singles they’ve had, you could make at least 3 songpacks !!, for example with :
    1. I think I’m paranoid + When I grow up + Push it + Milk + #1 Crush
    2. Only happy when it rains + Cherry lips + Androgyny + You look so fine + Special
    3. Breaking up the girl + The world is not enough + Vow + Tell me where it hurts + Queer
    No mentioning “Stupid girl, Why do you love me…”

  • Hi Nina,
    There is a very BIG issue with the Singstar updates and you exactly know where I’m going… . NOT A SINGLE FRENCH SONG WITHIN THREE MONTHS !!!So, is there a chance that you’re planning a new disc for France before the end of the year ? And even if that would be so, there are more than 30 songs on the French territory !! How come French music rights are SUPPOSED to be so difficult to get ? I just can’t explain this situation ! All I know is that French Singstar singers are angrier and angrier and more and more frustrated. France is also a big market for Singstar, that’s my (certainly biased ;-) ) point of view
    Have a nice day, though :-)

    • Hi,
      I really cannot say any more on this that what I have been saying all along as I have no new information.
      Maybe tell your local artists how much you would love to see them on the SingStore? :)

  • Nina, can i say big big Kudos to you and the team for Jodeci Freak N You !!!
    Really impressed and should give us some class renditions

  • Nina,
    To refresh your memory that, yes, France does exist, here is another list of French artists WE would certainly be ready to buy for future updates :
    Pauline :Tous les jours
    Charlotte Marin : Boire ou bien se conduire
    Bénabar : L’effet papillon
    Christophe Willem : Entre nous et le sol
    Téri Moïse : Les poèmes de Michelle + Je serai là + Fais semblant
    David Hallyday & Laura Smet : On se fait peur
    Emilie Simon : Désert + Fleur de saison + Dame de lotus
    Calogero & Passi : Face à la mer
    Alain Chamfort : Les beaux yeux de Laure
    Nadiya : Parle-moi
    Pascal Obispo & Natasha St Pier : Mourir demain
    Axelle Red : Ma prière
    Sinsémilia : Tous le bonheur du monde
    Pascal Obispo : Fan + Lucie
    Blankass : A la croisée des chemins
    Olivia Ruiz : Belle à en crever + Elle panique + Les crêpes aux champignons
    Les Vedettes : Joeystarr
    BB Brunes : Dis-moi
    Julien Clerc : Double enfance + Si j’étais elle
    See you later…

  • Please, please, please can we have Florence And The Machine – You Got The Love. My 5-yr old daughter is crazing me cos she wants to sing along to it on Singstar

  • Personally I will be getting the Clubland songpack. My biggest question is however – will these DANCE-songs work with SingStar DANCE once that is released? :)

  • Hi Nina, why italian music don’t appear in singstore? what’s the problem? royalty?
    I’d like to find in the SingStore the song of Alphaville Forever Young
    Please Reply
    Thanks a lot
    See you later…

  • Any chance we’ll see Muse in the Singstore soon?

  • Hi Nina,
    I’m waiting for two songs from the Depeche Mode Pack 1 to be released separately. “Strangelove” and “Master and Servant”. Not going to buy an entire songpack that includes songs that I’ve already bought.
    Any chance?
    Cheers and happy singing!

    • Hiya,
      The first Depeche Mode song pack was made up of new and exclusive tracks so they are only available in this pack for now. All five will be released in one of the next updates as singles though.

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