PlayStation Plus Mafia II Demo – 24 Hour Exclusive

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Okays, listen up ya clowns, we gotta talk a little business over here.
We got an offer all yous wiseguys with your fancy PlayStation Plus subscriptions can’t refuse. See, from tomorrow mornin’ we’ll be pushin’ you the brand new demo for 2K GamesMafia II through Automatic Downloads – and because we’re reasonable guys over here, we’re gonna make it available to download right from the PlayStation Store too – just go find it in the PlayStation Plus section, download it, ba da bing, ba da boom, you got yourself a good way to spend some time, ah?
Me and the Capo, Big Mikey, paid those 2K Games guys a visit last week for a little ‘hands-on’ time with the demo and we think you guys are gonna have yourselves a good time.
There’s a little chit-chat, a little shootin’… ah, we don’t need to go into all that, you go see for your own self, capische?
Ain’t got no Plus subscription? Well why tha heck not? Jamooks! Well, as a personal favour from us to you, we’ll be puttin’ the demo on the Store for all the rest of ya when we publish on Wednesday – Family gotta look out for each other, am I right?
Now you go have some fun. But remember… Big Mikey’s always watchin’.
(By the way, if you don’t speak ‘Mobster’ – just a quick note to say that as of tomorrow morning, the Mafia II demo will be available for Plus subscribers via Automatic Download and in the PlayStation Plus section on the store, and then for everyone else as part of Wednesday’s publish. Oh.. and Mike is always watching you). ;)

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