PlayStation Plus Mafia II Demo – 24 Hour Exclusive

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Okays, listen up ya clowns, we gotta talk a little business over here.
We got an offer all yous wiseguys with your fancy PlayStation Plus subscriptions can’t refuse. See, from tomorrow mornin’ we’ll be pushin’ you the brand new demo for 2K GamesMafia II through Automatic Downloads – and because we’re reasonable guys over here, we’re gonna make it available to download right from the PlayStation Store too – just go find it in the PlayStation Plus section, download it, ba da bing, ba da boom, you got yourself a good way to spend some time, ah?
Me and the Capo, Big Mikey, paid those 2K Games guys a visit last week for a little ‘hands-on’ time with the demo and we think you guys are gonna have yourselves a good time.
There’s a little chit-chat, a little shootin’… ah, we don’t need to go into all that, you go see for your own self, capische?
Ain’t got no Plus subscription? Well why tha heck not? Jamooks! Well, as a personal favour from us to you, we’ll be puttin’ the demo on the Store for all the rest of ya when we publish on Wednesday – Family gotta look out for each other, am I right?
Now you go have some fun. But remember… Big Mikey’s always watchin’.
(By the way, if you don’t speak ‘Mobster’ – just a quick note to say that as of tomorrow morning, the Mafia II demo will be available for Plus subscribers via Automatic Download and in the PlayStation Plus section on the store, and then for everyone else as part of Wednesday’s publish. Oh.. and Mike is always watching you). ;)

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  • Can’t wait ;-) This will be one of the longest day/night on PSN all summer.. I got Auto download set on 8-10am will i get it then or is it later?

  • Will the demo be available in the german PlayStation store?

    • Good question – as you know already we’re not able to place anything that’s over PEGI 16 on the Store if it’s free and playable.
      However, we are allowed to PUSH these demos to Plus subscribers (as you have to be over 18 to purchase Plus). Therefore, if you’re in Germany, you can receive the Mafia 2 demo as a Plus subscriber, but only via Automatic Downloads.

  • finally i’ve been frefreshing the ps blog like a mad man waiting for this when will it be on the store?

  • Well that explains the horse head in my bed this morning. Looking forward to it though. The demo, that is, not discovering the rest of the horse.

  • It will be great wakening up too that demo.

  • That’s a good reason to spend £40!

  • Brilliant post and even more brilliant news :)
    It’s my birthday on Wednesday so the Mafia 2 demo and Scott Pilgrim vs The World are looking to be nice birthday treats :)

  • Will all future demo’s be a choice of being ‘pushed’ or going to the store? Dont like demo’s of games I already own/have had being ‘pushed’ to my PS3, prefer finding them on the store to download to be honest

  • Dude this is awesome, a quick question for the Don, wills my automatic downloads which is set for 4-6 am be able to downloads it this early? Grazi!

    why can’t you put it on today?
    and anyway the demo is out for all systems tommorow anyway so its a pretty lousy time to put it on and i have playstation plus!

  • like i posted before something isnt right, on official site stands that the demo will be available on august 10, on pc, ps3, and xbox360,
    and playstation store gonna give it free on august 11 for a reason
    and plus get it ok august 10 (date it will be released on every other console)
    only reason i can think of that 2k delayed the official release date till august 11 but no info anywhere about that smells fishy..

  • “When I introduce you, I’m gonna say, ‘This is a friend of mine.’ That means you’re a connected guy. Now if I said instead, ‘This is a friend of ours’, that would mean you a made guy. A Capiche?” (Lefty – Donnie Brasco)

  • Hi what time correctly is “morning” ? my auto-download is for 6-8am. i hope this is good :D

  • Try get demos a week before regular users and hopefully live too as they get demo tomorrow aswell .

  • Good PS Plus should be getting more demos early.
    I hope we do get betas like they said at E3.

  • can you please confirm or deny that all future first party multiplayer betas will be on ps plus?
    such as : killzone 3
    socom 4
    lbp2 etc
    if you confirm this it will surely increase plus subscriptions ten fold and its the perfect marketing for it.

  • @ Braccalone the time this so called ”exclusive” demo will be ready when xbox360 and pc also getting this nothing exlusive demo
    go check official mafia site and check whats at the demo section
    august 10 so where you pay that 50euro for, xbox360 gets it for free,
    i really hope a official source can tell me whats the deal here, august 10, isnt august 11, and thats also not a 24hour exclusive.

  • ‘august 10 so where you pay that 50euro for, xbox360 gets it for free’
    Not really. Non-paying Xbox Live Silver members have to wait a full week before they can play the demo of EVERY game.

  • This is the best Blog post I think I’ve ever read, and it’s taught me a new word to use at work tomorrow – Jamooks

  • @ Ge0force2008 got a link for that?
    10 august is 10 august i not see a text line on mafia website that the release is only for xbox360 gold members our plus members i can be wrong…
    im my time zone is, 24 hours exclusive, that it will be august 9, count down from official demo release AKA august 10 agree?
    if you check the mafia website you also see nowhere that it says official release august 11 double agree?

    • Our publishes are always Wednesday, only very occasionally do we agree to push a piece of content to the Store on a different day. This little Plus bonus just lets the EU Plus members have the demo a day earlier than they would have. The dates on the 2K site probably refers to the US PSN release date.

  • Well this is great news, Sony seem to have made it so that the non-subscribers aren’t left out. Store updates are on Wednesdays, so that’s when it would normally be released, but PS+ subscribers get it a day early, and best of all, all I have to do is turn on my PS3 in the morning and the demo will be there. :D
    Oh and BTW, don’t complain at Sony when Microsoft are the ones that make non-subscribers wait an extra week for their demos. That’s something Microsoft chose to hide from the public, at least Sony let everyone know the truth about what is really happening. :)

  • wouldnt pay £40 a year just to get a demo 24hrs early tbh , needs to be at least 1 week before non paying users and then i would think about plonking cash down for plus as i need more things to get me wanting to buy it as ive bought way too many games to get plus just for that purpose .

  • @ BAZ1307 thats why my xbox360 is putted in a box far away in a closet
    but still i dont understand why for months website’s announce that the demo will be released for everyone on august 10 but when itcomes close
    suddenly things are not as clear as it supposed to be
    oww well will see tommorow how exclusive it really is
    really hope i dont see it on steam tommorow for free!
    then [DELETED] hits the fan

  • @ Posted on 9 August, 2010 at 2:36 pm by Ross McGrath
    There would need to be a game in Beta before we can give Plus users access to it.
    medal of honor was in beta where was it for us then??
    need for speed hot pursuit had a beta where was it?:P
    BUT i have a 80% feeling we get the NFS hot pursuit exclusive

  • @ Ross McGrath thanks for this heads up but then i think those kinda info must be corrected, this will cause alot of negative posts here, and possible also at 2k.
    will see tommorow thx for reply!

  • Hai Ross you should tell the Playstation Plus Team to get the Call Of Duty: Black Ops beta for us PS Plus.
    P.S Kevin Butler should to an audio voice over for Plastation Blog ;), Reading that post made me think of him for some reason :P

  • can’t you pass my question along to the plus team?
    or do they have a email i can contact them with?
    i don’t want to wait another month to ask my question for it to be likely buried under comments.

  • cant wait to try this been waiting ages thank you.

  • Thank you, Don McGrath.

  • Will have ago at the demo

  • Woop dee doo so we payed 40quid a year to get demo’s 24hrs earlier then normal?

  • Thanks Ross :)
    24 hours is fine by me, as it lets us Plus users get it first without making the non Plus users wait for ages :)
    More of this please, instead of delaying it by a week for everyone else :)

  • @ danielmccue think most of us can give you an answer
    if the developers think they will release a beta then plus will get them if they dont release a playable beta for public you only can wait for a demo
    you can try contact plus, but i bet they cant give a answer to this, you have to contact any of the developers of the games ( mostly no answer tho)

  • @Green_Shorts
    No you paid £40 a year for all that free and discounted content you get, as well as 24 hour exclusive demos, priority access to beta trials, and auto downloading.

  • why portugal has only one mini this month on ps+ update????the other mini its not on the store and never was…and i notice that in the us blog no one replys and when they do its only one or two so thanks to you guys.keep the good work and the replys because its great for us to see that we are not talking to the wall…

  • Well, you got me there. As soon as I saw this, I got PSN+.

  • Time to teach the boys a lesson, this is my turf

  • Hello.
    Where is my Heavy Rain Crimescene Dynamic Theme that I was promised as a PlaystationPlus-subscriber this month? I was really looking forward to that one.

    • You were provided with exclusive dynamic themes you can’t purhase through the Store instead, as the Plus team believe this provides you with better value. You can always just purchase the Crime Scene theme from the Store if you’re really keen on it.

  • u know this plus thing just seems like an awfull strategy. wouldnt it be better to have a premium service for cloud saves, voice chat, faster downloading and so on. rather than making actual CONTENT exclusive.. i fully understand u wanna make money, but many ppl(like me) bought PS3 over xbox because it was free. taking content away from ppl who dont subscribe would kinda destroy the whole point. why would you get a PS3 then, when xbox has better online service and better graphics on most multiplatform games.
    i mean this demo thing is kinda ridiculess,. the only thing plus is doing here, is delaying content for others, since its ready when u publish it for plus users.

  • Mister Ross,
    the MW2 demo doesn’t work on the belgian store

    • Thanks for pointing that out – it seems that the demo may not have published correctly on the Dutch speaking Belgian Store. This is being investigated by the content delivery team right now.

  • Just set Automatic download for 6-8, a test of the feature if you will. Wouldn’t mind specifying only new demos, any future betas and system updates to download.

  • @mew_frenger: You can’t wait 24 hours for the normal update?

  • Thanks for the answer Ross. I agree that exclusives are better bang for your buck. Can’t wait for the fishtank one.
    Nice going on the Mafia 2 demo as well although I’d rather be downloading it right now. Do you have an estimated time as when it will be up? I don’t have automatic downloads turned on.

    • The Plus team is telling me 9am BST tomorrow morning. I’d set your autodownload for 10am-12pm BST to be safe. If for any reason it doesn’t pick it up, you can always grab it straight from the Store’s Plus section.

  • @GhostViper leste du d jeg skreiv eller?

  • Any info on the Killzone 3 beta ? :)

  • I set my automatic download for 10-12 since 9 BST is 10 my time…
    But i’ll probably be up constantly refreshing the store for it ;-)

  • @40 PS Plus is optional and you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to, nothing is delayed, PSN updates every wednesday it’s just Plus subscribers get it early.
    If you prefer Xbox 360 then go and buy one.

  • Well pointed out there Ross, i had indeed forgotten about those surprises

  • I hope first surprise will be Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 20+% off on release :)

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