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From our relatively quiet last week to a super-busy this week, we’re wondering where all the time went. The community team has also made itself rather skint this week, a situation which we believe is the direct consequence of Ben’s Cookie Shop; which is just around the corner of our office. Damn you Ben!
Enough about how fat our bellies are becoming – onto the sexy community stuff!


Remember that LittleBigPlanet 2 ‘Adventure’ trailer posted earlier this week? We freakin’ loved it. Our community pick it apart and talk about the shiny new reveals.
We’ve been having great fun with our new best friend, Jabberwacky in General Discussion this week. “Jabber” as he is affectionately known, is an AI who has been learning how to converse with humans. Check out some of the stupendous conversations we’ve been having with him, and then post your own!
Our gamescom 2010 forum is now live at the Official PlayStation Community! Find the details of the Sony press conference, learn all about the host city; Cologne and even tell us which announcements we’re least likely to hear at GC2010.


The PlayStation Beta Rooms
It’s all over, you missed out! Fear not – you can catch up with the pictures and reviews from our attendees in the links below. Stay tuned for a write up from me next week.
PlayStation Beta Rooms General Discussion here.
PlayStation Beta Rooms Picture Feed here.
Everybody’s Golf: Sunday Premiere League!
Join us tonight from 8PM in one of our community’s age old favourite events; the Everybody’s Golf Sunday Premiere League! All the details are in the event thread, which you can get to by clicking the link above. Just be prepared for regular screams of ‘FORE!’
Modern Warfare Monthly Special
Our next Modern Warfare 2 Monthly Special takes place on 20th August. Bring a riot shield; you’re going to need it. Sign up using the link above!

Other Sweet Stuff:

PlayStation Move Forum
Despite the fact that I can’t help but think of this whenever I think of PlayStation Move, we’ve set up a discussion forum especially for our upcoming hardware. Here, you can banter about the upcoming games, talk about whether or not the ball on top of the Move controller is squidgy and even banter about how stupid you’re all going to look playing Kung Fu Rider. Enjoy!
New to Home!
We love newbies. This guy wonders what you can do in PlayStation Home and our community tell him. Information sharing FTW.
As always, you can keep up with the EN Community Team over on Twitter (@MusterBuster), on Facebook and even on YouTube. Drop in and say ‘Oh hai!’.
Until next week –

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