Heavy Rain Move Edition First Screenshots

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Hi everyone, I’m Ross, Product Manager on Heavy Rain Move Edition. Today we have a world exclusive for you – the very first screenshots for the game which showcase the new PlayStation Move control system.

Heavy Rain Move Screen 3

Heavy Rain has been given a PlayStation Move makeover with a brand new control scheme that gives players the ultimate freedom of control. With PlayStation Move you can really put yourself at the heart of the story more than ever before, and your every decision and every move will make a difference.
Heavy Rain Move Edition will be available to buy pre-Xmas. If you already have a copy of Heavy Rain you’ll be able to download a free update from PSN that’ll let you play the game with the new PlayStation Move controls.

Heavy Rain Move Screen 2

Heavy Rain Move Edition is played using a PlayStation Move motion controller to complete actions and a PlayStation Move navigation controller or DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller to move your character. But if you want the full experience we’d strongly recommend you play with a PlayStation Move motion controller and a navigation controller.

Heavy Rain Move Screen 1

You’ll also be able to play the game with the standard DUALSHOCK 3 controls if you don’t have PlayStation Move.
Stay tuned to the blog as we’ll have a couple of trailers for the game in the coming weeks featuring interviews with Heavy Rain writer/director David Cage and producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere.
That’s all for now, but please feel free to post some questions and I’ll get back to you asap.

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  • Nice, but we would rather see new Heavy Rain Chronicles :/

    • Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t have any news for you on the Chronicles.
      Currently these are on hold and we’re focusing on Heavy Rain Move Edition.

  • Seconded. It’s frustrating that Sony asked (made?) Quantic Dream do this instead of working on extra chapters. The game worked perfectly fine with the DS3; the Move functionality seems gimmicky and unnecessary for this particular game.

  • #1, I think ‘Heavy Rain Chronicles’ is canceled :(

  • Great, will add more interactiveness to an already interactive game :) Cant wait to try it with Move.

  • Will the DLC episode that we got with the LE or from the PlayStation Store also work with Move?

  • Boo. We want dlc more than some gimmick

  • I agree with Ti_dus.
    A big shame no more Heavy Rain DLC was released due to the time taken to convert this to Move.

  • Yawn. Played it now and i’ve 100% it. No point me playing it again now is there

  • Because of this patch will never see the new DLC?
    What a shame…

  • Why not? Oh wait, are you one of those ppl that thinks platinum means the end of the game?
    Thank goodness some of us appreciate the game rather than some tacked on award system. And to the ‘gimmick’ comment I have one word. Wiimote. Worked for the wii and with Z axis 1:1, Move is anything but a gimmick. The DLC is dead. It’s good that QD opted to ‘Move’ forward rather than waste resources on 15 min chapters. We get a whole new experience for free.
    Can’t wait.

  • Tried the new controls at the Beta Rooms and have to say i was very impressed :) The fight scene at the beginning was actually really awesome, and it’s very telling that i did the whole sequence without missing a single prompt – something i have never managed with the DS3 controller!

  • Nice but it’s the exact same game end of the day… I go from sitting on my a** playing, to waving my arms round like a fool while I play. either way, I’m spending money on something that has a lifespan of about 6 hours.

  • Also: i agree that i would rather have the DLC than new controls, no matter how awesome the controls are

  • Disagree Spidey. I’m not anti Move, mine’s on pre-order, but I would prefer new content to a new control scheme.
    If we’re lucky the Move edition will move enough copies to persuade QD to make the rest of the chronicles.
    That said, I do agree that Platinum =/= the end, or at least it doesn’t have to. I got platinum on BFBC2 ages ago, still play it all the time.

  • good thing that current owners can download an update, i was starting to think id have to get the game again just to play it with move..
    how about the old resident evil 5? does that get a move update too, or do you have to get the gold version for move support? hopefully an update, nobody’s going to buy the game again just for move support if they already got it, obviously.. but thats pretty much the reason ill get the move, so i can play old games in a new way, not really into the move games at this point, looks too casual..

  • Hmm, would have preferred more Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC. I’ll give the new controls a try though, since I’ll be getting PlayStation Move.

  • Heavy Rain DLC!

  • I’m all for including Move support in Heavy Rain. I love the fact that I already own a few games that will work with Move without any additional investment, except for the controller of course.

  • Capcom should learn from this.
    Great job with letting existing owners also enjoy the Move edition.

  • I’m fine with my current version of Heavy Rain thanks (as lots of people will be too). Where is the promised Heavy Rain DLC? It’s a real shame that SONY insisted Quantic Dream divert their energies to “Move” implementation rather than keep to the plan of Heavy Rain DLC…
    A perfect case of servant & master I fear…

  • I don’t blame them [Quantic Dream] for the DLC. The Heavy Rain’s story is ended with the full retail version (and its a good thing nowadays).
    I hope the team will be more focused on their next project when this patch will be released.
    Good work Quantic Dream. ;)

  • Having played heavy rain at beta day, using move does provide a more ‘hands-on’ and involved experience, my veiw anyway;

  • Having played the game with Move I can safely say that I prefer them to having additional content. Sure, the chronicles would have been nice, adding maybe 20% to the game in total, but when you have something that improves a 9 hour experience by this much, you’ll see how this was the better of the two.

  • game ruined by a wonderful little support from Sony: the failure of the DLC promised (Chronicles) is a true of little real attention to the community of gamers.
    I’m disappointed.

  • Looks like the graphics have been improved a bit, but it’s a real shame the DLC has to be cancelled just so Sony could have one more game to promote the Move

  • I think I would have preferred the DLC chronicles.

  • Can you describe the motions made with the new Move controls, how they match to the in-game action and how they compare to the SIXAXIS/button equivalent.
    Take laying the plates at the start of the game, or rocking the baby later on as an example. These actions had you making quite abstract, but gentle analog stick motions. Are there more realistic Move motions for these actions now or are you limited by keeping the variety of actions down so the controls are always clear?
    I think people underestimate the positive difference separating the player’s hands makes.

    • The team at Quantic have completely redesigned the control system for PlayStation Move so it’s almost like playing through a new game. Using Move they’ve been able to more accurately mimic the movements you need to perform with the Motion controller to your character’s movements in the game. We’ll have more details on this in the coming trailers for the game.

  • Heavy Rain Chronicles is waht we want.

  • hey hey
    in my experience there is more than one team of developers working on delivering content. im pretty sure that there would have been one team working on move and a different team working on the dlc.
    sony et al. have stated that the intergration of move into existing title and new titles is so damn easy its untrue its just a controller.
    well done to heavy rain dude for intergrating move and for patching for FREE for existing owners. this is great for potential buyers, move owners trying for hardcore and existing owners wanting a different experience.
    hope that heavy rain DLC and any sequels are also successfull and remember that new DLC WILL be move compatible so doube bubble bouns.

  • If you’re going to do a picture-in-picture trailer, I think it’s better if you show an over-the-shoulder view of the player, so the actions aren’t reversed compared to the game and it feels more immersive. I’m not sure how important the enthusiastic face shots are to selling most people on the experience but it doesn’t work for me.

    • Over the shoulder wouldn’t work I’m afraid. Some of the actions you perform in the game will need you to make wide sweeping motions with you arms and this wouldn’t be possible to film from over the shoulder. You’ll have to reverse the actions in your head, sorry.

  • Is the old version going to be patched? Or do I need to pre order the game all over again for another £40?

    • The original version of Heavy Rain will be patched so you don’t need to buy the game again if you already have it. You will however need to buy a Move motion controller!

  • what is the scene where norman jayden plays basketball??

  • MegaBonez, your question was already answered in the blog post.

  • It says a lot about Sony’s terrible UK marketing that I’ve not even heard of ‘Move’. I assume it’s a wiimote kinda thing, in which case, I won’t bother getting excited. Wii was fun for all of 2 minutes.

  • @ 32
    That is not norman jayden playing basketball it is Ethan Mars.
    And can it be the scene where he lost his Son?

    • It’s the scene where you have to give him his dinner and he got stroppy when I turned off his cartoons. Rather than help with homework or give him a snack, you can go outside and shoot some hoops!

  • Maybe it doesn’t work like this anymore, but how do you choose conversation options when there’s only one button (Move button) displayed like this:
    I thought maybe you point the controller in the direction of the option you want and then press the Move button but it might be fiddly at the parts when the player is *having trouble* and the options shake around their head.

    • You’ll have to wait and see how this mechanic works, but I can assure you that it’s very intuitive and you won’t have any problems choosing your dialogue option.

  • @ Bovrillor, in the UK its advertised in all the Game shops Ive been to and heavily promoted on all websites where I buy games from. Even the BBC had an article about it on there website.

  • Hey, am really interested in this, but have already completed Heavy Rain (absolutely fantastic game btw). Hopefully when you’ve finished with this update it’s back to some more chronicles? Would love to play some new Heavy Rain stories with Move controls. Also please include some trophies in the next chronicles, I guarentee it will increase sales.

  • Ross alexander…
    Could you walk over the corridor to Ross, the ps store guy to tell him the demo of cod doesn’t work on the belgian store…
    You can see it on the highlights..but it leads to an empty space

    • I checked with Ross (McGrath) and he said this is sorted now. Let me know if you’re still having problems.

  • @Shin – Correct, you point the controller at the option you want and hit the move button.
    @Mikal – Incorrect, David Cage has said before that the DLC was put on indefinite hold because Sony wanted Move controls to be implemented.

  • @bovrillor you been living under a rock lately? I’ve seen loads about the Move on all the gaming sites and every gaming store in town here has it advertised in their windows as a pre-order and has done for several months so far.
    I’m still yet to be totally convinced by the Move as the Wii was the biggest piece of crud I’ve ever ‘played’ but that could just be more to do with the games themselves and the vulgar off-putting cuteness of Nintendo’s first party games (Eyepet and LittleBigPlanet are the type of cuteness I don’t mind, japanesey stuff like Super Mario just makes me vomit). Some of the Move games look pretty appealing to me and it’s good to have mature stuff like Heavy Rain using it. I will definitely be purchasing one Move controller to begin with. If I don’t like it then I’ll sell it, if I do like it I’ll get some more. At least we get good graphics on PS3.

  • I also wish they’d done more downloadable levels like the taxidermist one, instead of this wii thing.
    Any chance of them making more DLC levels now this update is finished?

  • CSPR11 – I think last i heard, David Cage was saying they wanted to move on with their next project.
    So i’d say that was a no

  • supposed to be 5 chronicles coming to Heavy Rain. Read it somewhere with de L.E. announcement. Now we’ve got 1. Give us the others!

  • Hmm play the same game with new control scheme or New DLC. Wow sony makes all the right Moves ha ha get it moves/move… never mind.

  • Yeah, this is the most stupid move of Sony. I mean wtf… Those 2 games you’re gonna sell more by implementing move vs, DLC for what, €5,- a piece for all people that already own HR? I’m no mathematic genius, but I think (considering there is already an engine and all textures needed for making the DLC’s)DLC’s would be the most profitable way to go with this kind of niche game.

  • i want more chronicles… even I’m really happy about the move-support… but hey: i need more of that brillant game. please continue the work on the actually planned dlc

  • It was noted in an earlier post about the Move edition that it would contain extra content than from the original release. Is this still true and does this mean the first Chronicles episode is included, or is it other content?

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