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Good evening to you all. We are all horrendously busy trying to get ready for some things that I’m not allowed to tell you anything about right now. Wish I could but I can’t, but just tense yourself up and get into that special position that you get into when you know something exciting is going to happen and wait for more info. In the mean time I have got enough exciting things to be telling you about, but probably no tensing will be required.


TV Channels just got better! We have added a load more and also refreshed all other ones with loads more videos. We couldn’t put all the videos live we wanted to before due to a reason too long and boring to explain, but now we can! So if there was anything you had missing before then go have a look and see if it’s there now. Check out new channels from & Friends, Eminem & Friends, Lady Gaga & Friends and Take that & Friends plus more to come over the coming weeks!
Hot New Videos
They aren’t Cold Old Audios…that would be both rubbish and unpleasant. Instead they are… HOT… NEW… VIDEOS! Featuring the brand new video from Christina Aguilera ‘You Lost Me’, Chris Brown ‘Deuces’ and Hurts ‘Wonderful Life’ Next week… Quite hot, fairly old… animations?


Festival Anthems – Soundtrack For A Funeral Stage
Not as morbid as it sounds… No funeral dirges or death chants, instead, songs that evoke emotion, videos that remind you that make you want to cry… just a little bit. Hard to explain… but you know what I mean right? Including Bob Dylan ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’, Metallica ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and Johnny Cash ‘Hurt’.


One To Watch – Jack McManus (UK, Ireland)
Those who are thinking this guy is any relation to Michelle are wrong and should be reprimanded for being so quick to make assumptions and warned not to start rumours based on such falsities. What is true is that he is very good and we have his brand new video ‘Heart Attack’.


Exclusive Interview with Kate Nash (all)
The red haired (what… she hasn’t got red hair any more… shocker!) fox wanted to talk to us about herself. So we let her in and had a chat. That’s not exactly how it happened… We might have asked her first… Either way we have an exclusive interview with her so go and check it out.


Artist Of The Week – Tinchy Stryder (UK Ireland)
Small man… long legs… Well that’s what his name would suggest; apparently this isn’t true at all though. I can confirm that his new video ‘In My System’ will do exactly that, but don’t worry, you won’t want it to leave once it is in there.


Artist Of The Week – Justin Bieber (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal)
Justin (if I was in a car I would use my horn to) Beiber’s new video ‘Somebody To Love – Remix’ includes dancing, strip lighting, fire and… Usher. All things that should really be in all music videos ever made, I think.


Artist Of The Week – Ben L’Oncle Soul (France)
His real name is Benjamin Duterde, he was born in 1984, he is trained in fine art and he began his singing career in 2004. One last fact… He is artist of the week on VidZone in France and it includes his new video for Soulman. What more do you need to know?


Artist Of The Week – Tone Damli (Norway)
We have another “Idol” participant, as well as being just pipped at the post to representing Norway at Eurovision AND coming third in Norway’s “Dancing with the Stars” all that and still time to release her new video ‘Butterflies’ to the world.


Artist Of The Week – Pignoise (Spain)
Named after the noise a pig makes… That might be a lie. Ex footballer Álvaro Benito founded this band after suffering serious injury, and it seemed that everything happens for a reason as his band is now going from strength to strength. Including new video ‘Cama Vacia’.


Artist Of The Week – Daughtry (Finland)
After being a finalist in season 5 of American Idol, Chris Daughtry went on to form a band called…. well… Daughtry, and the rest as they say, is history. Featuring new and very fine single ‘September’.


Interview with Sean Kingston
Everyone’s favourite person with the surname Kingston (seriously… try and find someone else more famous, you won’t be able to) talks to VidZone about all the things that make Sean tick.
VidZone Festival – The Morning After Stage
Some slow soothing melodies to entwine your body and mind, put you back together and stitch you up after the night to end all nights.
Artist Of The Week – Four Year Strong
Power pop, melodic hardcore and post punk are three genres to describe this band, I’m sure they are all accurate but I am not really sure what they mean so I will leave it to you to decide… Personally, i would describe them as “good”.
NME Recommends
NME have come up with another perfect list of videos for your viewing pleasure. Some of the finest video selections I have ever seen.
Remember to check out our ever changing Video Of The Day which you will see as soon as you open VidZone and as ever, if you want to contact us about anything then use the following channels below:
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I’m off to watch TV… VidZone TV of course!

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