James Bond: Blood Stone

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Activision and Bizarre Creations unveiled their latest Bond opus at a glittering event in London recently, so I thought I’d pop along for a peek at the latest – and very promising – 007outing. Dig in!
While we may have to wait a little longer for the next instalment in the James Bond series, gamers and Bond fans can take a quantity of solace in the fact that the suave super agent is getting the videogame treatment from blur developer, Bizarre Creations with James Bond: Blood Stone, a wholly original 007 epic pencilled in for release later in 2010.

While much of the plot – from a script by Bruce Feirstein, the writer behind GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough – is being kept under wraps for now, we do know that Blood Stone’s globe trotting thrills and spills are set against a backdrop that involves the diamond trade, a missing scientist and a new Bond Girl: Joss Stone. Yes, Joss Stone. The lovely Miss Stone, who was in attendance at the announcement, has also co-written and performed the games’ theme song ‘I’ll Take It All’ with former Eurythmics man, Dave Stewart; it’s a catchy one!


At the swanky event, Activision and developer Bizarre Creations showcased the game’s opening mission, a self-contained pre-credit sequence that owes much to the way the movies are structured. Consider it a whopping great teaser for the level of wanton destruction that’s about to ensue as you hunt the bad guys across a slew of gorgeously designed locations in true Bond style.
Set in Athens, this sequence sees the fledgling agent with a license to kill hot on the heels of a bad guy holed up on a yacht. Parachuting from the back of passing plane, Bond quickly descends to the yacht taking out a few henchmen in quick succession with a combination of hand-to-hand combat and pistol action. As the action ramps up the pursuit turns into a speedboat duel as Bond guns it towards his goal, shooting bad guys in slo-mo and dodging collapsing buildings, before switching once again into a high speed car chase through the streets of Athens.
Then BAM! It ends as Bond rams his target off the road and the theme song kicks in. Although it was only a ten minute demo, the intent of which was to highlight the varying gameplay elements, I was hugely impressed – it’s just a shame that I didn’t get to play it; strictly hands-off at the moment.


What I did glean from the event was this: it’s a 70/30 split between on-foot and driving missions (there are six according to the developer). By performing melee attacks through a simple button tap you can earn up to three Focus Kills, which allow you to mark and execute villains in quick succession – ideal for sticky situations, then!
There was no mention of multiplayer, but being that this is a Bond game, and Bizarre Creations are known for weaving superb multiplayer components (check out blur and The Club and you’ll see what I mean) into their titles, I’m assuming it’s a given. I’m definitely excited to see where this one goes, and what kind of missions Bizarre and Activision will reveal before the game arrives later in the year.

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  • That trailer is awesome, too bad the graphics aren’t great.

  • I’ve heard that Naomi Campbell heartily recommends this game!
    (come on someone had to do the joke!)

  • Keeping this one on the radar for sure.. If the game play is anything like seen in the trailer its just like you are playing Daniel Craig in a movie.. And that’s just freaking awesome.
    Really got high hopes for this one quick passed game play by vehicle or land.. awesome fighting take downs. It seems all the publishers got something for slow mo shooting now a days but it works for this title if you ask me. If more people are interested there is a you tube movie with game play from a demo enjoy.. Just search for bloodstone demo on you tube.

  • It all looks a lot like the not so good Quantum of Solace. The graphics look even more outdated now then they did when Quantum of Solace came out. I hope the team will fix it and make this the 007 fix I need.

  • where are the textures? did they accidentally release a previz version of the trailer?

  • @ 4
    Did you check out the demo i don’t think it looks that bad. It definitely looks more brushed up then Quantum of Solace. :D

  • Cant wait :) Don’t know about the game until I know more about it, but it is looking good, however the film I WILL be seeing.

    • Hey TallPaul, got some bad news for you, I’m afraid – it’s not based on a movie. It’s an entirely original story, but the producer of the movies, Michael Wilson, was at the announcement and did say he believed a new Bond film would be with us soon.
      So I suppose it’s not just ALL bad news from me!

  • No thanks, wasn’t to keen on QOS.

  • as im a huge bond fan, im really looking forward to this :D

  • @phantomfish Ha! :-P

  • I really like QOS.
    So this is undeniably on my radar. :)

  • I was really looking forward to this, giving that I am a huge Bond fan (I saw Quantum of Solace at the cinema 5 whole times!) and the game of that was utterly terrible. Poor graphics, basic gameplay, my first call of duty-esque multiplayer and a terrible retelling of the two films.
    When I heard Bloodstone was being created by Bizzare Creations I thought the franchise was in good hands, as they are a good developer. But after having seen the trailer I’m not that Impressed. The gameplay looks seriously easy and a poor imitation of Splinter Cell Conviction and the graphics look incredibly simplistic and more like an upresed PS2 game.
    But my main problem. James Bond is a SPY. So why is he shooting his way through boats and huge boat chases. Making a bond game is easy. Splinter Cell Conviction + Bond skin = WIN.
    Come on. You can do better.

  • “So why is he shooting his way through boats and huge boat chases.”
    The World is Not Enough…
    Live and Let Die…
    are just 2 of the films that involve high octane boat chases. Clearly not a Bond fan if you think all Bond does is Solid Snake-style sneaking.
    I think Bloodstone looks a worthy addition. Everything or Nothing was the last decent ‘original’ Bond game I enjoyed after the abysmal Rogue Agent and I’m really looking forward to this!
    Bring it on.

  • @Spider_Mike
    Well, Live and Let Die and The World is Not Enough aren’t particularly good Bond films.
    And From Russia with Love, Thunderball, Moonraker and For Your Eyes only (kinda) feature boat chases, as well as Quantum of Solace.
    My point is Bond is a spy and should act as such. Certainly Casino Royale and QoS have been more geared towards this, as well as cleverly integrating action sequences, and I had hoped the game game will as well.
    We shall see…

    Im on the top 700 high scores for EVERY stat on quantum of solace except for accuracy, and now im merkin UC2, once i get dat platinum trophy (for UC2, like i did with QoS), im onto bloodstone next =P

  • @14 – Good film or not is irrelevant. I’m just stating facts. Bond is action and adventure. Only a minor amount of his activities are geared towards stealth and espionage.

  • So Naomi Campbell will be doing a voice-over for this game?

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