PlayStation Home: The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary!

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This year marks the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and LucasArts are marking the occasion with their latest range of content for PlayStation Home. There’s so much cool stuff in this list I’m not quite sure where to start. How about the Mos Eisley Cantina public space? I suspect the floor space in front of the band is going to be filled, as they pump out their unique sounds.



Before you immerse yourself in Star Wars nostalgia in the Cantina, head for the stores to get yourself dressed to impress. Side with the Imperial forces by choosing either the Imperial Snowtrooper Suit or the AT-AT Pilot Suit. Join the Rebellion as a Rebel Snowspeeder Pilot, or become a key member of the Rebellion in the Han Solo Hoth Outfit, Leia Organa Hoth Outfit, Chewbacca Wookiee Costume or C-3PO Protocol Droid Costume.



That’s not all, as LucasArts have also provided us with some giveaways! Keep your eyes open in Home in the coming weeks to collect pieces of a special voucher code to receive a special item of furniture, and check the official forums over the coming weeks for details of other giveaways. Make sure to let us know of any Star Wars activities you may plan so we can drop by!
Say goodbye to the Robo-Goalie tonight, as he’ll be leaving us to be replaced by an all new, free mini-game: The Eliminator! Test your survival skills against an invisible hunter tracking you down on a series of platforms. Can you elude the Eliminator and outlast the competition to claim the top score? The Wise Man will also be heading back to his homeland following his brief visit.
Visit the Mui Mui Ship this week, where you’ll find the latest in the LocoRoco range of unusual head wear. They certainly know how to stand out from the crowd! Finally, drop by the Shopping Centre to view a replica model of the 125i BMW Performance car that can be won just by playing the blur demo available from PSN. For details, see this blog post.


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