Digital Comics Store Update (4th August 2010)

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I hope you guys enjoyed last week’s huge update, particularly the new bundles – if you like them, we’ll try to get more your way! But here is what we have for you this week.


Let’s start with a great free comic from DC, Superman: War of the Supermen. A world-shattering war is coming thanks to General Zod, and only Superman can save the day… This comic is set to change the whole DC universe, no less! This is the start of a great series – you can’t miss out.
This week also sees no less than four new issues of Vampire Hunter D Volume 2! Good news for the manga and horror fans out there. For those who haven’t caught-up, the mysterious D is back to investigate a chilling murder mystery. A new breed of vampires appears, a beautiful villager with a shady past offers her help, and the plot thickens… We now have all six issues of Volume 2 there for you to read!
Back in this world (probably), Captain America returns this week with six more issues – and it’s not just any issues we’re bringing you there… This here is the full second arc of a very traumatic storyline for our hero… I won’t spoil it for those who don’t know, but you should be worried!
Someone else gets in trouble this week: the gifted street thief Aladdin! Take a trip down memory lane and read all about Aladdin’s adventures alongside Jasmine the runaway princess, evil Jafar, genies and flying carpets. And Abu the monkey. Great little story.
Finally, I thought I’d highlight our weekly, long-running series of 2000AD Progs. These weekly comics are packed with stories involving the famous Judge Dredd, Nikolai Dante, Sinister Dexter, and many more. If you’re looking for a weekly fix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, this is it. Prog 1691 is out today!
Here is the full list of releases:

  • 2000AD Prog #1691 2000AD
  • Aladdin Disney Digicomics
  • The Authority #4 DC Comics
  • Bayou #4, #5 & #6 DC Comics
  • Bottle of Awesome #2 DC Comics
  • Captain America (2004) #31-#36 Marvel
  • Deadly #1 (FREE!) DC Comics
  • DMZ #16 DC Comics
  • Donald-Ali and Mustafa’s Jug Disney Digicomics
  • Donald Duck and the Backyard Beaches Disney Digicomics
  • Ex Machina #3 DC Comics
  • Fables #18 DC Comics
  • Gen13 #24 DC Comics
  • Green Lantern: Secret Origin #7 DC Comics
  • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War – Epilogue DC Comics
  • High Moon #6 DC Comics
  • Jonah Hex #16 DC Comics
  • Kingdom Come #4 DC Comics
  • The Lexian Chronicles #10 Markosia
  • Marvel Zombies 2 (2007) #5 Marvel
  • Mickey Mouse and the Jolly Camper Brigade Disney Digicomics
  • Peg Leg Pete’s Memorable Night Disney Digicomics
  • Powers (2000) #17 & #18 Icon
  • Project Eon #4 Markosia
  • Stormwatch PHD #15 & #17 DC Comics
  • Superman: War of the Supermen #0 (FREE!) DC Comics
  • True Blood: Preview (FREE!) DC Comics
  • Ultraheroes #7 Disney Digicomics
  • The Unwritten #5 DC Comics
  • Vampire Hunter D Volume 2 #3-#6 IDW
  • Wildcats #4 DC Comics

As always check for all your comic needs.
Enjoy, and see ya next week!

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18 Author Replies

  • WAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaAAAAAaaaaant!
    Stupid PSN sweden and their “not available”

  • You are not alone wanting this

  • nice update, chance of a patch so that vampire hunter d vol2 comes under manga and NOT comics? can we have more ghostbusters comics? maybe some horror movie comics?

    • Hm that was meant to be in manga – I’ll investigate this!
      No news on Ghostbusters yet (sadly!), as for horror movie comics I’m sure we’ll see a few soon.

  • Ahh. Beutifull summer..
    What I would pay to relax outside, whit a PSP filled whit comics.. ;)
    well, not much chance for that, this summer right? do you think it would be possible for Scandinavia/rest of EU to do this next summer?
    Or, that there migth be a crossregion gifting option that could help whit it?
    of for the rainfilled days, a comic reader for the PS3?
    (So, was it a nice summer theme for the questions this time?)
    So nice to take a long walk, and a part of it next to a flowing river..

  • Ups, didnt get the whole ting in copy paste. here is the rest. and since it turned twoparter, ill keep the shortened URL for us scandinavians to post to show Nordisk Film we want the comics.
    As for comics wanted on store, do you still take wishes? my is Mandrake the magician.
    How is summer treating you?
    Note for Scandinavians, still good idea to post at Yes, you too Swedish people.

    • Allo! Yes we take wishes – very nice comic, I like the old style! Thanks. :-)
      Summer is treating us well here, and I hope it’s the same for you – although I must tell you again that we have no news on Scandinavian stores, so there’s nothing we can add to the topic.

  • love the green lantern stuff, but is there any chance we could get some scott pilgrim books up? i dont think many people would mind the 5 or 6 quid for a book.

    • Ah yes, we’d love to have this one but unfortunately we don’t have the publisher on board at the minute… We will at some point hopefully!

  • Any news yet for a PS3 launch? I badly want this. :)

  • I checked out Breathe and issue 1 of Harker last week, they seem pretty good. I also enjoyed issue 2 of Dragon Age.
    I’ll be picking up my usual 2000AD, some more Batman: Hush, Civil War and probably the remaining issues of Harker this week.

  • Hello Pauline, have a question, is it possible to get a ,,Stargate” comic in the future?
    I think there are already some comics of it?!Would be nice to get as fan :)

  • Slightly smaller shopping list for me this week, but its still well into double figures!
    Good to see you highlighting 2000AD Pauline, it has really been fantastic lately :) It’s been the first thing added to my basket each week since the store launched.
    Other highlights for me? DMZ which I’ve really gotten into now. Fables, which is one of the best things since sliced bread. Kingdom Come with its beautiful Alex Ross artwork. The Lexian Chronicles, which might even blow Alex Ross artwork out of the water. Final highlight? Wildcat’s, The Authority and Stormwatch from Wildstorm, just something about the Wildstorm Universe that I really like.
    By the way, any word of Locke & Key, Pauline? Oh and any Flash, Green Arrow, JSA or Shazam! heading our way any time soon?
    Great update as always :)

    • Thanks for you support sir! :-)
      I really like 2000AD too, their graphic novels are good as well (personal favourite: Leviathan).
      I haven’t heard anything about Locke & Key (or the others), although now ComicCon is out of the way we may well hear more soon…
      Stay tuned. :-)

  • Any chance we will ever get anymore “Warriors” or “cages”, I have loads of series I have got episodes of that you have never followed up on.

    • Warriors was still being made when I last asked – I’ll ask again!
      I know what you mean, sometimes it’s a little difficult to get all the issues we want in the store… But we’re on it. :-)

  • when italian? news at gamescom?

  • @10 djdustb
    With both the Warriors and Cages I think the publishers having financial problems might be an issue. I know the Dabel Brothers have had a lot of money issues, and I think recently Dynamite Entertainment bought them out? Though it was iVerse that was publishing the Dabel Brothers content so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.
    As for Cages? Insomnia Publications went under about a month ago, which is really sad as they had a lot of very cool books in the works, though it sounds like things had got very messy with them recently. But with Insomnia not around anymore I don’t see us getting the final chapter of Cages any time soon :(

  • So, so-called SCEE (we all know it is just a cover for SCEUK to be more political correct), when are you gonna give the same service to ALL your customers? Give us the same as UK/US (and whoever else got these stuff) or give us a refund on our psp, since you are not given us the same offers as the UK. I would like it if SCEE would no longer be stationed in England, rather: make the London HQ the HQ for SCEUK only and make a REAL SCEE with HQ in France or Germany, since the London-stationed SCEE have proven unworthy of serving us outside the Queens lands.
    Andrew House, I did have high hopes for you, but alas, you have proven not worthy to server the whole of the PAL region =/

    • I know this will disappoint you, but we (the comics team) do not actually own Sony/SCE. So – you are in completely the wrong forum!

  • One opinion doesn’t equal facts. SCEE serve the whole of Europe, and why should you be awarded the option of a refund simply because comics aren’t localised for your region? Is the PSP faulty? No.
    Trolling at it’s finest.

  • It is not a mater of localization. How many games on PSN are in Norwegian? Can’t think of any atm, even tho there are probably some that are. We are content if we get them in english, as we have stated time after time. After all, we in Scandinavia are no strangers to the English language. We learn it from the age of 6, and it is our second language. Did you know we have two official language in Norway? well, we learn English before the second official language.
    Localization is therefor no problem. We have stores that sells comics and mangas, 95% in English.
    We all know Britons care little for the well being of their fellow Europeans, and have a history of not seeing themselves as Europeans. Your policy the last 60 years have in fact been to localize yourself somewhere in between Europe and USA (and the commonwealth until the 70s). You may claim Nordic Film is the reason for the delay, but we must also blaim SCEE for using that company as the middle man. Nordic Film have proven a bad partner for Sony all the way since PS1, but SCEE doesn’t care enough to release us from their terror.

  • so nice :) ,thx for the answer!

  • I just read Superman: War of the supermen and i have to say that was a epic prolouge! I usually dont read superman (more of a batman guy) but ill definitly be following this series.
    Also is there any chance you guys could get the Silent Hill comics from IDW? Theres also a new Silent Hill comic coming out in october itd be great to get that on the store too.
    and i have a question, in reguards to publication dates of comics do you guys plan to be able to get comics that are recently new or is there something blocking you from getting recent comics to appear on the PSN store as they do in the shops?

    • I know, it was! You may (already) like Superman/Batman too, and if you want to try more Superman, Superman #700 is available for free at the moment.
      Silent Hill comics? Well…. keep your eyes peeled. ;-)
      Regarding publication dates… We do have day & date comics (mostly DC, and some IDW), but it’s not always possible: sometimes they just have to be out in retail stores before, or more practically it takes a little longer to digitalise the comic.
      As digital comics gain momentum we’re hoping the trend will increase though – it’s always nice!

  • Summer is going well here too. Thanks.
    Bit confused why I see so many scandinavians post here about the comics not avavible, and only 8 others have post in the thread where the Scandinavian mod IzzyJ Have stated that if enough write about it, he will let the higerups know about it. And it could help get it to us.
    (Sorry, not posting the shortened URL in this post, as then I will have to wait for a Moderator to OK post before it gets shown)

  • any plans to bring in the Deadpool comics?

  • Any more Spider-man coming to the EU comic store, Pauline?

  • Forget it, non-comic-store-country-people.
    They (digital comics) just don´t care so go to a real store in your local city and buy those paper collectable comics for your enjoyment.

    • We care, and we’re working hard to bring a lot of stores to everyone. We have to humbly ask for everyone’s patience.
      In the meantime, thanks for taking time out from visiting your local comic store to check our blog!

  • hi, how was comicon? Any exciting news?
    Caught me out by posting early today but can i ask if you have an update on Angel:after the fall and Transformers:nefarious?

    • Hi Mulukh – ComicCon was great! We met a lot of great people, checked out a lot of cool comics and even snapped a few cosplayers. We’re hoping to have a lot of exciting news for you in the next few months.
      I have a few answers for you: Angel will not be for the near future I’m afraid, but for Nefarious they should be out on PSP soon after print release – won’t be too long. Ironhide will also continue on PSP shortly.

  • Quick question. you sure:
    True Blood: Preview (FREE!) DC Comics
    Is this week? as I did not spot it among the free ones.. ;)

  • spotted the deadpool comment above, look forward to that!
    Would love to see deadpool vs DMCs dante as a comic. That was a highlight of E3 for me!

  • Just so you know, Its now avavible. ;)
    Its hard enough for me to get to the free ones, so, If you say one is free, Ill be looking for it. So I got something to read on (the psp) until I am able to buy them (on my Norwegian) account. ;)
    What is it whit this regionalisation in this day and age. its a ancient conecpt, and whit the world being a click away, splitting whats avavible by country instead of continet, (actually by planet) is not a good idea, it can be a huge PR backlash.

  • thanks for the response Pauline. Did you go to comicon on behalf of psblog?
    Is the problem with angel something to do with Fox? Would like to see serenity/firefly too but think i’ll have to put the effort in to get paper copies.
    Thanks again.

    • I went on behalf of the comics team with Adriana, our producer – who gave a lot of cool interviews there!
      I don’t think it’s Fox, more a question of digital distribution… But IDW always work hard to bring new IPs in so hopefully we’ll see it in the store eventually.
      And no worries!

  • Posted on 4 August, 2010 at 3:26 pm by OttoT
    Forget it, non-comic-store-country-people.
    They (digital comics) just don´t care so go to a real store in your local city and buy those paper collectable comics for your enjoyment.
    Thats just it. We dont have comicbook stores
    there are barely any comics at all
    so yeah, we friggin want this

  • @renegadeofdoom,
    i had to try forbidden planet or their website. If that doesnt work try amazon.
    It would be great for every country to get every comic on ps3 but there are other options. I wound if theres a comic reader for custom firmware that uses pdfs or something.

  • Is more than half a year not enough patience?
    You still don’t have any estimates on when and where the comic store gets expanded.
    Put some pressure on SCEE.

  • Thanks Ravenblade86 for the information on Insomnia, have been looking forward to issue 4 of Cages, sad to see that it might never come out.

  • I’ll add my name to the list of those who want the comic store on PS3.
    Also, on a completely unrelated note, a PS3 guitar tab/pro app would be cool.

  • Also waiting for this addition to the store.. I think we have shown a lot of patience so i agree with post 31.. I think the thing that drives people nuts on here are the answers.. Basically you are telling us to be more patient without something to look forward to.
    If you imagine it like that its kind of difficult ain’t it..?? We have no idea whats going on and why it’s taking this long. And all we feel is that we are bothering you to tell us when we can use this great service.
    The reason we come here week in week out is the commercials like it only does everything.. maybe we should change the slogan in.
    It only does everything in some territories.. (the others just have to wait).
    Sorry for yet again venting my frustrations but hey got to say it somewhere. And taking complaints should not be new to you guys if you work in the service delivery business you get these all the time.

  • when arrive the digital comics store in italy?

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