System Software 3.41 (Update)

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For those users who are replacing the PS3 hard disk drive: we are aware of the symptoms with the system software update 3.41, released on July 27, and that it will cause the update to stop in some occasions while replacing the PlayStation 3 (PS3) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) if the PS3 system is installed with version 3.41.
To resolve these symptoms, we have released a new version of system software update 3.41 with a very minor change (the version number does not change) on August 2. If you are experiencing such symptoms when replacing the HDD of your PS3 system, we kindly ask you to use the latest data and try again. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, and appreciate your understanding and continued support.
For any other questions, please contact your local customer service.

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  • Thanks for letting us know

  • Thanks James, alot of people was having troubles and customer services was saying it is there fought not the FW.
    Anyways why didn’t the EU blog do a post when it was first released?

    • Two main reasons – time difference and the little extra time required to translate for the FIGS blogs. Hopefully this will clear things up for those experiencing issues.

  • Please, please, please, put back video streaming from non-http protocols. I now can not watch my favourite Internet TV streams like TWiT. Please sort this out soon. Back how it used to be. Is that too much to ask?
    Why did you do this? Why do you keep removing features?
    Yours, fed up with Sony,

  • so there was nothing wrong with original update then lmao .

  • What I’d really, really, REALLY love to see is the ability to rescue my old saved games from my dead PS3’s hard drive. I’ve got ALL my PS3 game saves since PS1 locked on my dead PS3’s 320GB HDD and I can’t get them back! That includes 40 hours of Final Fantasy XIII that I am unwilling to endure again! It’s ridiculous that there is, at the moment, no way of getting them back. This is a step-back for this generation as previously you could just use memory cards from one PS1/PS2 in another if your console died. I’ve also got 60 SingStar videos on there from parties that I don’t want to lose.
    Also the “Backup” option should really have options to backup only the items you want, e.g. skip the videos, skip the music, just back up my saved games and thus save LOADS of hard-drive space and time.
    PLEASE come up with some way to fix this as I am not the only one who lost data when my launch PS3 died!
    I love my PS3 but my lost data annoys me.

  • I second Bumblebees post. I also lost all my save data when my first PS3 died. Now I always periodically backup to an external HDD just in case. The thing I really miss is my Demon’s Souls NG++ and Fallout 3 saves – no way I’ve got time to play all the way through them again.

  • so why did you guys deny something was up then james then rush out a fix lol ? please tell

  • Hi,
    i just wanted to write a suggestion for an update many people would surely love.
    Please give people the ability to backup their save data without having to go through every single one of them.. Last night i tried to backup the save data from more than 30 games and it was a nightmare having to go through every single save file – push triangle – and then backup.
    you guys need to have an option like “Backup All Savegames” so users can just get all at once.
    It’s a big hassle to backup every single one because in games like FF13 and Yakuza i have a savegame for every single chapter and it easy multiples the number of savegames i need to backup.
    I hope you are able to give this suggestion to whoever is able to decide on it.
    (Having a Cloud to backup save data would be even better but that’s probably pretty costly)

  • When will we be hearing about the EU/UK LBP2 release date and collectors edition details and goodies??
    The US got theirs already and the developer studio is in the UK where i live…

  • CROSS GAME CHA…oh wait lol

  • I second requests by Kuntay, Turnip666, Bumblebee.

  • Adding to all those people above who have lost save games… I lost my save games when my first PS3 died :-(
    What’s needed is either:
    A PSN based save game back-up so we can back-up “in the cloud”
    A simple extension to the XMB that allows you to back up all your save games with one press. I don’t want to back-up the whole disc and I don’t want to go through every save game backing-up individually. I’m only interested in securing the hours that I’ve put into games like FF XIII.

  • OTHEROS… oh, wait.

  • So, what happens if you already have 3.41 installed and have had no side effects up to now?

  • I’m trying to download the update on my PS3 james, and it’s saying that I already have the latest version of the update. Is the update live yet? :)

  • @James Gallagher aint it about time to leave the firmware alone !! and do some thoroughly test on every single SKU out there. I lost my 60Gb do to Firmware 2.80 optional optionen / my trust in the firmware ppl. and now my new ps3slim froze 5-6times with the new firmware sofar.

  • Oh, apparently it’s already live. It won’t download by system update though. how strange.

  • Kind of unrelated… but videos exported from EyeCreate are said to be incompatible with the PS3s video uploading feature because the video was not on the system before an old update.
    Please fix this.

  • The fixes will be part of the next firmware as well as this revision right?

  • Due to my old PS3 failing and having to buy a new one, along with getting my old one repaired to rescure save data, this problem caused me a lot of chaos.
    However I appreciate that you are now making some announcement on the matter.

  • Hi, James
    I wouldn’t normally ask a question on a post that is totally irrelevant to my question but I am indeed desperate =)
    So my question is, when are we likely to hear some info regarding GT5 getting an exact release date for Europe/UK? I believe you were going to push for a post to be published within a few days of the US getting their release date confirmed, I believe this is your reply =)
    Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

  • Well, I’ve downloaded the new firmware from the official playstation site, And am going to see if i can now upgrade my hard drive. Wish me luck :D

  • “Kind of unrelated… but videos exported from EyeCreate are said to be incompatible with the PS3s video uploading feature because the video was not on the system before an old update.”
    Copy your videos to a USB device, delete them from the PS3 and copy them back. Sorted.

  • Ok here is the problem… I own 2 playstations, and I have been using Trophy “Sync with Server” command each time to upload/download trophies. Since 3.40, I am unable to update full trophy list on both PS3, same game trophy has different % on both PS3 regardless how many times I try “Sync with Server”. There has been other post on forum (ignored), few people email Sony (ignored), and nothing is happening. I even try ask friends to try on their PS3s, same results. Anyone can help me with this please?

  • @Duckbill
    I guess you have a Slim and Fat PS3’s, there is a problem and that I have experience the same one too, the only fix I know is to start the game on the PS3 having the problems and sync during game.

  • @SuperBrad
    Thanks for the suggestion, and I think I have heard of this fix… but I would like to hear from Sony staff. It is quite annoying when I have to back up my children’s account trophy and have to run each games they play. I hope you know what I mean.

  • I have still a problem with the “new” update.
    It still give´s me a useless addition in the store that I don´t care for and nothing else…

  • btw didnt we suppose to have a playstation plus update today august 3?? our will that be tommorow?

  • ok i’ve tried to get my PS3 to download the new firmware update but as you’ve not changed the version number i’m being told the latest firmware is currently installed… i want to upgrade my HDD this week as i’ve completely filled my 120GB slim and i wanna throw in the 500GB drive from my dead launch console…

  • i would like to congratulate sony for actually admitting that the fault was their problem and not our fault, well done!
    unfortunately Bumblebee there is no way to get that data back, once your ps3 dies your data goes with it, lesson learned, backup your data often! turnip666, demon souls is copy protected so even if you had acess to your ps3, you wouldn’t be able to back it up anyway, i do know what you mean when it comes to good old memory cards, at least you could take them anywhere with you no matter how many ps2s broke down, i think that is one good feature microsft have over the ps3, a removable hard drive.

  • @23
    I do that but it’s a hassle and I think the internal problem needs to be fixed.

  • Hey
    I updated my Ps3 to 3.41 and my Ps3 died….so i phoned up and they said i needed a replacement that would cost £131….So should I call them up and ask for a refund?
    They said the fact I updated and my Ps3 died was just a coincidence

  • i have a diffrent problem since i updated it…. it doesn’t play any blu ray disc(games and movies) just downloaded content and cd’s and dvd’s, i have the 40gb version with a 160gb hdd in it.

  • for all the people with problems of the 3.41 here is a tip how you can get your ps3 back to normal and fix the errors :D after my PS3 died with updating the firmware i was looking the internet for a solution.
    if your ps3 won’t start (black screen) enter the safe mode. here you can choose for option 6 system update. You need to download the update from the sony playstation site. most people see this error (with the original hdd or a new hdd): no aplicable update data was found. so the previous update went wrong.
    Now comes the big trick ;)
    download the UPDATE from the playstation site with INTERNET EXPLORER and not with firefox etc. the IE update works. i have a working PS3 again. works with the original HDD and with a new HDD :) don’t ask me why there is a difference between a IE download and a FF download. but you can update your ps3 and play games etc :)

  • Finally got this update working on my PS3!
    I have an original Japanese PS3 with 60 GB HD (original – not replaced). The update over internet failed at 29% every time for me but putting the update on a compact flash fixed it for me.
    Frustrating but at least it works now.

  • yes i also lost all my saved data on my 320gb harddrive i was at the end of gow3 over 100hrs of fallout3 over 120hrs in dragon age origins i was at the end of uncharted 2 and on the last level of bioshock..about 40 themes over 40 movies,600 songs all gone i was heartbroken when i that format bar started initiating..i really wish there was a backup servive to sync to a server to keep all your savestates kinda like how trophies sync with a sever

  • I don’t know if this really has something to do with the update but I think it was around then that DLC packs and other downloadable stuff, taking the Resurgence pack for Mw2 as an example, that you’ve downloaded “for free” using someone elses account stopped working on your own account. Anyone else noticed this?

  • Just wanted to echo what a few others have been saying, as there doesn’t seem to be a response yet. If you were a good (read: dumb) citizen like myself and already installed the old 3.41, you STILL cannot upgrade your HDD, because you won’t be able to install this fix because the firmware number hasn’t changed! 3.410000001 FTW!

  • what was the update 3.41 good for any way? something on the store. could have skipt that update.

  • i hade no problems on the new update and i have the 60gb

  • it should’ve been called FW 3.415 =1

  • Update or replace the draconion web browser. Using it is now like wading through porridge! Surely the “super computer” cell processor hiding inside our black boxes can do better. If your programmers don’t have the time get Mozilla or Google in. They’d bite your arm off to be the PS3 excusive browser and give us users something we could use again.

  • To those commenting on save games.
    Put it like this if the Playstation Plus service offered a cloud for save games I’d become a subscriber if only to mitigate the annoyance of those games that ‘protect’ themselves by preventing me from backing up the saves individually.
    Do these developers have any idea how much longer it takes to do a full backup compared to just copying a meg over to a thumb drive?

  • I have another problem sice I installed this update – I cannot find or connect to the media server running on my NAS. It just won’t find it.
    Other devices around the house (internet radio, iMac, and Win7 netbook) can all find and connect no problem so the issue has to be with the PS3.
    What have you done guys??

  • I have a question. I did not replace my hard drive on any of my PS3 but they are both having the same issue of freezing in the middle of a game that is in process and the only way to get back in the game is completely shutting off the system, also if I try to play COD4 I will not connect online and sometimes the PS3 crashes. When I go to my PS3 to search for updates it says that the latest update has been installed. What do I do? Do I actually have to download the update in a flash drive and install it to each playstations?
    P.S. it’s happening to my 80Gig and 120Gig Slim

  • How about CROSS GAME CHAT…..

  • I too would like to see a better way of backing up saves. I have a 500gb drive in my PS3 and I don’t really fancy buying ANOTHER one just to back up less than 50mb of saves… grr.

  • I downloaded the fix but I can’t install it, it says I have the system up to date. How can I install this update if I have 3.41 already?!

  • Worked fine for me thank god. But why can’t Sony just release a firmware update to play ps2 games? and if that’s not possible a hardware add-on made to buy in small numbers for people that do if Sony are so sure people don’t care anymore?

  • @ Bovrillor how about buying a external harddrive formatted as fat 32 and you can backup as much as you want problem solved!

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