PlayStation Plus Content For August And September

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Hi Guys, just a quick note to let you know what Plus members can expect to see this month and also what’s coming up next month.

PlayStation Plus

Here’s what will be available to Plus members from Aug 4th – Aug 31st

PSN: Zen Pinball
minis: Blast-Off
Alien Zombie Death
PSOne Classic: Medievil
Full Game Trial: Infamous
Mushroom Wars
Exclusive Discounts: Zen Pinball Earth Defense Table – 20%
Warhawk Triple Combo Pack – 50%
GT Club PS3/PSN – 50%
WipeOut HD Fury – 20%
DLC: MotorStorm Pacific Rift: Adrenaline Pack
Automatic download demo: Pixel Junk Shooter
Mafia 2
Dynamic themes: Exclusive PlayStation Plus Theme
Exclusive ‘Clock’ Theme
Premium avatars: Heavy Rain characters x 2

And here is what you can expect to see from the 1st Sept – 30th Sept

PSN: Sam and Max: Devil’s Playground (entire season)
minis: Vector Tower Defense
PSOne Classic: Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Full Game Trial: Warhawk (with exclusive 50% discount for Plus members on purchase)
Inferno Pool
Exclusive Discounts: LBP: Ico and Shadow of Colossus costume pack – 50%
Metal Gear Solid (PSOne) – 50%
Warhawk – 20%
Pixel Junk Shooter – 20%
DLC: Exclusive UFC Undisputed 2010 DLC
Dynamic themes: Exclusive PlayStation Move theme
Exclusive ‘Fish Tank’ theme
Premium avatars: Eye Pet Blue Goalie Avatar
Eye Pet DJ Avatar

We’ve listened to your feedback on here so, rest assured, this is not all that will be available each month; look out for some more exclusive, surprise treats coming to Plus in August and September.
Hopefully there is plenty there to entertain you!
In this content list and the months to come, we will be using the suggestions of game content you gave use recently on here, and trying to include the most requested games wherever we can. We’ve already acted on some of your suggestions and have put fan favourites Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee and Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playground (the entire season) into the games you get.
As always, please feel free to tell me if there is anything in particular you would like to see in the Plus content list.
Enjoy all this and keep an eye out for some extra exclusive treats during the month!

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35 Author Replies

  • Great work on Abe’s Odyssey for September. Any chances there will be Abe’s Exoddus for Plus Subscribers soon?
    Also looking forward to Sam & Max and MGS for half price.

  • I still hope the PS+ team are going to be posting tomorrow? I want to vent my anger at their pathetic offering compared to the US. “Not all we can look forward to” better bloody not be!

    • Easy tiger, Promise there is more great content on its way and although there are some differences between the US and Europe, we are doing everything we can to make sure we get the best content that you guys want to see, Hopefully this and the extra are a very good start ;-)

  • Tin helmet and body armour on James? ;-)

  • i cant wait to see what the surprise treats will be. looks like PS+ is gonna get better and better as the months go on

  • Full Game Trial:Warhawk (with exclusive 50% discount for Plus members on purchase)
    Exclusive Discounts: Warhawk – 20%
    Which one is correct?
    Also, Why have 50% off the Combo pack this month and offer the base game the following month? Isn’t that the wrong way around?

    • Ah, you spotted my deliberate mistake, well done ;-) waiting for final confirmation from people above, fingers crossed for 50!!

  • I don´t see anything that I not already own and want to play.

  • ‘We’ve listened to your feedback on here so, rest assured, this is not all that will be available each month’
    does this mean we will be given the same treatment as US Plus owners?
    since it’s quite disturbing/frustrating to us EU Plus owners to see the content grow each week for them and nothing extra is added over here :(

  • Holy Crap! I didn’t expect to the entire season of Sam & Max, that’s worth £15-20 on it’s own.

  • Cheers for the PlayStation Plus update. Looking forward to seeing the “more exclusive, surprise treats coming to Plus in August and September”
    For the August Exclusive Discounts, do you mean “GTI Club+” rather than “GT Club”?

  • Really good to see the Sam & Max games available next month (shame I already have all of them for my PC though), complete session as well, but which session, 1, 2 or 3?

  • Interesting choices, Sam & Max wouldn’t of been one of my first choices but I guess it’ll be interesting to give it a go since its free.
    The discounts don’t really seem much again so doubt I’ll worry there
    I like the look of the exclusive themes the most though, I’m curious to see the clock and fish tank ones

  • wow. The full season of sam and max for plus subscribers? Thats pretty damn good James. I already own it, but still. Amazing deal :D

  • Awesome content and what a great Warhawk discount, I will be buying it.
    And more treats during August and September :)

  • Sam and Max: Devils Playground entire season.
    That’s great news :)

  • Amazing September content James!
    Loving the PSone classics (both for free and discounted) and holy crap whole Sam and Max pack!
    For future months suggestions, i’d love to see some of the following titles:
    ~ Socom: Confrontation
    ~ Section 8
    ~ Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus?? (I think that would most likely fit the tradition now heh :)
    ~ Pixeljunk Eden or Shooter, maybe both.. you can go figure.
    ~ Burnout DLC packs? Or the Complete game + DLC box :)
    ~ Resident Evil PSone titles (If released by then)
    ~ Monkey Island: Special Edition. (1, 2, both, either XD)
    Ofcourse these are just suggestions, please take my recommendations into consideration and mix them with other’s :)
    Thanks for the update, looking forward to the surprises O.o

  • how about exclusives beta’s/ early demo’s.
    and then not a early demo for one day like the “kane and lynch 2 demo”
    for the rest good job

    • Just to clarify, the Mafia 2 demo will be limited exclusive to Plus members for over 24 hours before Store release. live on Tuesday 10th August via Push Demo and via store download just to give you a choice. Not the only exclusive so keep an eye on the blog

  • Would also like to see weekly updates like the US get, they’ve had stuff last month that we still haven’t had yet, and it’s been 5 weeks for the UK update!!

    • Hi From now on in we’ll be refreshing content within the month as much as we can. This will all be in addition to the regular monthly schedule.

  • My major beef is about the Background Download system taking over and installing software and making animated icons for my video files.
    We were lead to believe that we were getting a download service, instead its a download service that also tinkers about with stuff on my console that I don’t want it to touch.
    Please add an option to disable the installs and animated icon creation.

  • It’s neither as good as I had hoped nor as bad as I feared, thus pretty much exactly what I expected.
    At least I’ll get some more “free stuff”, and there’s still 12 more months to go.
    *kicks self in the jewels for actually buying some of this stuff for full price* *a significant amount, even*

  • @9
    Yes, well chuffed with that. Had been planning to buy it, and now I don’t have to! ^_^

  • Automatic download demo: Pixel Junk Shooter
    Mafia 2 <<<<<< starts at 4 august i hope?? instead of 10 like everyone else!
    almost same as american plus but then a month later
    only like the mafia demo rest not great
    infamous trial ( May 29, 2009 released) so why a trial of a older game nothing new to share atm??
    ow well hope the surprise you announced will bring something awesome will wait ……..
    thanks tho ..

    • Hi, just to confirm, we have managed to get the Mafia 2 Demo 24 hours(on the 10th) before the regular Store publish on the 11th. Keep an eye out for more exclusives to Plus coming soon

  • Run for your life James!! There is going to be a massive amount of flaming on this post before long. Nice to hear that we’ll be getting more content apart from the monthly update. The announcement of Sam and Max and Oddworld for next month is great news while I’m sure Medievil and Alien Zombie Death will keep me busy on my flight to London next week.

  • @pnrutto
    Yeah, getting sam and max for free is kinda annoying to me, as I already own it on PS3. But hopefully the next month’s game will suit me better. At least I got the pre order price for sam and max though, so it was an amazing deal :D

  • Aside from the downloadable version of LBP I am somewhat regretting PlayStation Plus, I think it’s a great idea but that’s just not enough of a choice, you could at least add more options and restrict how many can be downloaded but offering that limited an amount of downloads isn’t worth it when I have or don’t want most of them.

  • I predict a lot of hate to come in the responses here, but actually this looks pretty good to me. For just over £3 a month (and less if you buy below cost-price PSN cards like most people do) there’s a decent variety of content. OK, the Warhawk stuff looks a bit the wrong way round but otherwise something for most people there.
    It’s unfair to compare with US+ owners. The EU+ team have delivered what they promised up-front and everyone who signed up got what they asked for. The fact the US+ team have delivered more than they’ve promised is great for US people but doesn’t make the EU+ team a bad lot. It’s an inequality, but it’s not unfair and nobody’s being robbed. So, stop moaning! PS+ is very much a fledgling service, and I’ve faith there’s lots of really good stuff to come – James has promised us “more exclusive, surprise treats”, so let’s hold him to that – and nothing more. Just remember how little you’ve actually paid!

  • i dont use Automatic download :P will i be able to get the Mafia 2 demo anyway?

  • I now regret supporting PSPlus now. In America its great. Here…its below worthless and that’s low.

  • I already own PJ Shooter. Please don’t push the demo to me. :(
    Also, I really think that the “Free” PS One, PSN & Mini titles should be new releases. I know you can’t please everyone, but I already own Sam & Max and Abe so September is a bit of a dry month for me.
    Final thought, isn’t it a bit backward to do a 50% discount of the Expansion pack the month before you do a 50% discount on the game?
    I mean, if I got the game half price, then I’d be tempted to get the DLC. But as I’ve not got the game, and I’m not about to buy something I can’t use for a month, there’s no incentive to buy the expansion. Even if I did buy the game in September, I’d not buy the expansion later because it would no longer be at a discount.
    In short. Sony just lost two sales because they put the cart before the horse.

  • Zen Pinball sounds fun.

  • Although I have to admit I don’t understand how this thing works at all.
    The developers are getting their share, right? Oh wait, these days only publishers get moolah. Never mind, then.

  • No Betas / @Home content ??? :(

  • Ah i already have Sam & Max! Mafia beeing Push demo!! Do + get it earlier? if so ;-)

    • We managed to get Mafia 2 for Plus members at least 24hrs before the Store publish on the 11th and will also be on the Plus section of the store if you don’t have AD turned on ;-)

  • I wonder if I should call this Plus or Surplus: at least half of it is old stuff that I already have…

  • I agree here. Switch the warhawk discounts round, and it’s much more logical.

  • Still no free digital magazin in the deal?
    Can´t wait to find Sam and Max discounted after a few months. Then it will be mine FOREVER.

  • What I would like to see though is some free LBP content, we can’t get enough of that :D

  • Well, September definitely pays my initial investment into PS+ off.
    I was there to a degree anyway with Wipeout HD, but Sam and Max just about covers it. I’m very happy with the base content so far. Some hits, some misses, but overall excellent stuff.
    For those interested, I’ve done a summary of the two regions (US and EU). It’s not perfect, but there’s really not THAT much of a difference when you look at a bigger picture:

  • And i have to say! This is not good enough!

  • I think you need to make it a lot clearer which PSN+ content you keep and which you lose unless you subscribe indefinitely.
    This is far too vague/misleading “Access to some content, excluding discounted content, terminates at the end of the subscription period.”

  • jesus i have all of that :(
    you guys need to get a reality check and offer more than 1 PSN game
    obviously limit the user to downloading 1 of them but still give us some options :|
    also there’s the mega unfair treatment we are getting compared to the US
    seriously make the service have more options or just give up now :|

  • Awesome stuff, much better than last month.
    I still have all the content listed, as i buy way too much, but yeah more of this please :D

  • @vicheous why is it not good enough? If you read you will see there will be more content other than what’s listed, that seems good to me.
    Can you elaborate?

  • Very good games :D But… SCEA will still offer much more avatars, themes and discounts, what about that? ;/

  • This looks better guys,,,keep it up

  • wooow…the whole sam and max season for psn plus that just awesome, if i didn´t own it already. God i don´t know if I should buy scott pilgrim vs the world when it comes in about couple of weeks. Because i´m sure that it will someday come free for psn plus. what a choice…

  • COME ON!!!
    Bring SCEE and SCEA together. It could be a graet, if we got the same service as the American PS Plus users.

  • So people really care about PSOne games? Seriously?
    And I agree with others I would rather have a choice. I think PS2 graphics is the minimum I can live with nowadays and PS Upscaling on PS3 does sod all when you got a 40″ screen (even a sony one).

  • No complaints from me, but what should the discount be on Warhawk for September? It’s listed as both 20% and 50%.

  • Sam and Max, nice move.
    It’s not that old and I got it already at the pre-order price.
    PSPlus (all be it a 3 month test) is proving to be utterly pointless.
    I think you should make a new tier, like PSPlusPlus, you know for people who buy lots of content when it comes out, etc… and so we get offered the latest stuff as free content maybe?
    It’s either that or I just stop buying content (giving you money) in the hope that stuff eventually turns up in Plus!

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