Introducing Premier Manager – Exclusive PSN Football Management Game

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The 2010/11 season in only a few weeks away now and if you love your football as much as we do here at Urbanscan, the home of Premier Manager, then you’ll have spent most of the summer so far desperately waiting to hear about the great new signing who is going to transform your favourite Club’s fortunes.
The build up to the new season can be as frustrating as it is exciting, everyone else seems to be spending millions on brilliant new players whilst your club has sold its best player, probably to Manchester City, and replaced him with a player you’ve never heard of for a fraction of the cost!


Well, here at Premier Manager, the brand new PSN exclusive football management game for the PlayStation 3 launching on 28th July, we understand your frustration. Indeed the atmosphere in our office as the new season approaches changes on an hourly basis as rumours filter in about who is moving where. We understand so much that we have a suggestion that might help….
Forget about the real manager of your club, what does he know? Take matters into your own hands and build the team you want to succeed this season. If you want to try and sign Spanish goal machine Fernando Torres, or feel you’ve got what it takes to persuade Dutch superstar Wesley Sneijder that his future lies with you and not Inter Milan, then Premier Manager is the perfect solution!
We’ll allow you to manage any team you like from the up to date 2010/11 English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Scottish Leagues. We’ll even allow you to sell and most importantly try and buy anyone you like, provided you can convince the Chairman to put his hand in his pocket! Once you’ve assembled your dream team you can attempt to get the best out of them by coming up with the perfect formation and balance for your team (take note Fabio Capello) to take them to the top of your league.

So what’s it going to be? Look from the outside with envy and frustration, or download Premier Manager for just £13.99, fill your team with your own favourite players and have much more fun? It’s no contest really is it? The only question is; who will you buy?

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  • was gonna buy this bit 13 .99 is a bit much if it was 9.99 then i would have no hesitation

  • you gotta love the XMB :)

  • Who needs realism when you can buy Lionel Messi for £19 Million!

  • Really thinking of getting this because since the disappearance of Codies LMA Manager the PS3 has been needing a good management game, would be awesome if you could release a patch to enable on-line leagues where your friends can join with their team etc., that would be the icing on the cake.

    • Online play is high up on the Premier Manager agenda and will be part of future patches and DLC. We have ideas of how we want this to work but we’ll also be talking to people who play the game to find out what they want to get from online play too, as there are many ways we could do it.

  • will the game be getting dlc

  • Good Luck with Premier Manager, the PS3 really needs a solid up-to-date football management game and I hope this is it.
    I’m sure with good communication between gamers & Urbanscan Premier Manager will be massive.

    • Thanks, that is our plan, it’s the first football management game on the ps3 so the more constructive feedback we have from gamers the better. We’ll be launching our own website very soon ( which will have blogs, tips and most importantly a forum for people to suggest changes and ideas for future content. We are on facebook and twitter too and we are already getting some good feedback through those channels.

  • Not available in France ?
    And are you able to play online with friends in a private league ?

  • £14 is a little expensive for an impulse buy. A demo would be a good idea.

  • Will this be updated at the beginning of the season with regards to the latest transfers?

    • We’ve not totally firmed up timings (dates) for the release of updates yet but a data update will be available after the end of the transfer window

  • is it available in german?

  • mite take a punt now your saying it getting online , a few more trophies would be good too theres not many for a game priced that high

  • last comment promise lol , you guys should add the trailer from here onto store as when i watched it its made me now buy it

  • Another thing, can you manage international teams?

    • Not at the moment no, but it’s been mentioned a few times in the office for future DLC, either incorporated in the game or as standalone tournament challenges. Alot of the feedback we have is that international management is a bit dull becuase it’s only 5-10 games a season, so a bit of thought and planning is needed to make it work really well.

  • It looks good in the video but I won’t be taking the plunge at £14 when there are no reviews or no demo to try out for myself. Its too expensive for an impulse buy I’m afraid. I hope it does well.

  • looks good, unfortunately i’m not really interested in football and don’t have enough time to try it out. would be cool if we got this through PS+ though :)

  • @10
    Look at the heads up 28 july post.
    Downloadable Games (PS3)
    Earthworm Jim HD (Trial and Unlock) (£7.99/€9.99)
    Rating: PEGI 12
    Availability: All locales
    Premier Manager (£13.99/€17.99)
    Rating: PEGI 3
    Availability: All locales except Australia, New Zealand and Russia
    So it’s only available in football minded europe :-D Nice :-)

  • When abouts can we expect the first squad update?

  • @Jon
    That’s a good point regarding the lack of games at international level. However, you could make it so you can manage a club and country at the same time, like you can on that big PC football management sim.

  • The game is great and i’m addicted BUT why is there no option to search for players by name? That and international management and more leagues would be fantastic…

  • game is fantastic do not think 13.99 is too much like i 1st thought coz its well worth the money. excellent

  • Really enjoying it so far. Does anyone know how many years the game goes on?

  • Not my sorta thing as I don’t like football or management games but I do like the fact you got an XMB-like menu system for easy navigation cos every ps3/psp owner’s gonna find using that is like second nature. Smart.

  • After reading these comments I think I’m going to pick this up tonight too (after my weekly five-a-side). Nice one Jon, and thanks for responding so well to comments.

  • I’m a football manager player so I doubt i’ll buy it,but is this related to the Prem manager of old?Also the UI looks lovely,good job on that Jon.

  • Sorry for the double post,are there any plans to allow image importing in future versions.i’m sure getting a little community of modders would help spread the word if there was a future realise.

    • We are willing to look into anything editor wise, be it image related or a data editor. Both have been mentioned in our planning so I wouldn’t rule something like that out at this stage for future versions and DLC. There is a some Premier Manager history in the office, i’ve not been here for too long but I did work on Premier Manager in the late 90’s and early 2000’s

  • Just wanted to chime in and say that launching the game like you did yesterday with no video and no screenshots, coupled with Urbanscan’s lack of a web presence with no info on the game available whatsoever, is a really good way of making sure you sell very few copies. This is even more true when it’s more expensive than the average game.
    That said, I see you know have a video, so at least you’re doing something about it. I like this type of game, but unfortunately I’ve heard nothing but bad things from the other people I know who have tried it, so I think I shall give it a miss for now.

  • For the trophy whores out there. You would expect a full set for a game this price? Just look at trine…

  • i’ve been playing this now for about 10hrs and while is good i only have 3 things that needs to be addressed
    A: make the price £9.99 to compete with pc counterparts
    B: allow playing personal music via XMB (customer soundtracks)
    C: put in a tutorial video about 5 mins long to show people how to do things like searching for specific player which i have no idea how to do etc.

  • Yes a demo would be excellent . Maybe a few matches to give us a taste.

  • Nice I loved Prem manager 2,Prem Manager 64 was alright If memory serves me correct it used actua socer as the match engin.
    “but I did work on Premier Manager in the late 90’s and early 2000’s”
    Awesome,so were you around in the last gremlin then,did they get bought out or merge with DMA into rockstar?it’s a shame they vanished because they were a solid publisher.

  • was gonna buy then i looked at the price game makers are getting greedy on psn a year ago this would have been a tenner 13.99 is a joke sorry and no doubt you’ll try and fleece users with extra dlc.

  • I’m loving atm, very addicted and I’m about 5th on the Global Leaderboards :)
    For people wondering you can’t search for a certain player, however if you know the player your getting (e.g Messi) do the following….
    1. Go to ‘Manager’ – ‘Transfers’
    2. Then go to Team spending..
    3.Filter and type the team the player plays for..
    4.Press X and Press R2 until you get to the player list
    5. Then click on the player press ‘Actions’ and Buy!
    Hope this helped!

  • No Move support? Odd.

  • Jon there seems to be a glitch, I can never win at Home :(
    Everytime I play a Premier League team at Home I always seem to lose but when I play them Away I win, Very weird

  • Looks good. A demo would probably make the pennies come out.

  • Smoutefretter_BE

    Looking good, a bit like Hattrick no?
    I have doubts buying this because there is no Belgian league in it. But maybe I will buy it later on.

    • Hi,
      This is definitely part of out plans for future updates along with other countries i.e. Holland, Portugal etc

  • Not to bad a game but it freezes XMB . hope patch incoming ?

    • Hi,
      Can you please give me a bit more info when you say “the XMB freezes”, how many times has this happened and what were you doing in game before it froze.

  • I was excited when I saw there was a Management Sim out.
    Im a big management fan, In fact Premier Manager 98 was the 1st management game I played.I have a petition running to bring back lma manager atm (search “bring back lma manager”)
    This game is very good I think anyone interested in this type of game should give it a whirl because its by far the best option around at the minute. It also has prem to div 2 leagues which is good… this article doesn’t really state that anywhere
    Its still quite hard to navigate and for a game that boasts a pick up and play ability.It took me a good hour to figure out how to navigate and use the search functions,even simple things like swapping players around took a while
    New ideas would be to show the number of stars on the team line-up page rather than the aggression stat. (This would save you from having to click each player individually before swapping them around)
    The game also desperately needs a much better search function to find players. i.e by skill, name,age etc.The game is hard to find suitable players and can take hours just to sign one person.
    These are simple ideas that could be fixed easily
    Anyways away from the negatives because I love this game

    • We are currently working on improving the search function in the next update, thanks for your feedback, it’s all noted

  • Just bought the game and you really need to get player positions sorted, there’s barely a position in the Celtic team you guys have got right, not to mention the amount of players there that no longer play for us (John Kennedy retired from football months ago) but it’s the player positions that are most annoying (Glenn Loovens and Jos Hooiveld LB’s? Wrong) if this is the same for most teams it WILL ruin the game, it is supposed to be a management sim after all.

  • Can you atleast read the previous blog posts ie: Heads up on the Playstation Store you will see that this game is not available in Aus or NZ but this blog post has been labeled AU NZ..

  • @32. thanks mate was wondering how id did that gonna fire it up now and try it out. been playing as bolton wanderers and wanted to see it luis suarez would join our team but i didnt know how to search for him. lol

  • Liking the game it is very good, but pretty sure i sold Torres but he is still in my team :O

  • I take it the Player transfer update will be free? what about the january transfers?
    I notice that you don’t have a year in the title (Premier Manager 2011, so does that mean you’ll be updating the game over the years rather than releasing new games?

    • That is correct the start of 2010/2011 transfer update will be free. Its our intention to evolve the product with data updates and new content, so watch this space :-)

  • I’ve heard that there are a few bugs in this game?
    Apparently if you play as Liverpool or Arsenal then trophies are disabled.

  • Might be tempted to buy this but does it include the lower leagues as well? (specifically for england and scotland)and also does it include promotion and relegation or is it only for a single season?

    • yes, all major english and Scottish Leagues are supported and you can relegated and promoted season on season….on season

  • @44 I am Liverpool and I got some trophies.

  • @46 – It was a joke.

  • @47 Yes I failed. :(

  • lol don’t worry about it ;)

  • @46 that sounds like a major bug there.
    ..I’ll get my coat.

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