PlayStation Home: Wise Man Update And New Wings!

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It’s that time of week again, where we let you know about the new content due to be released during Thursday’s maintenance.
Flying into PlayStation Home this week you’ll find a range of wings available from Lockwood. Fairy wings, dragon wings and butterfly wings in a range of variants – each able to be worn with your choice of clothing item.

The Wise Man in Home Square has proven popular over the last week. We’ve seen a lot of discussion on the forums, and a few have come close to figuring him out. If you’ve shared philosophical discussions with him, check back this week for a couple of surprises and keep your eyes open for some competitive events we’ll be running in the Wise Man’s circle. Make sure to ‘Like’ our official SCEE PlayStation fan page on Facebook and keep your eyes open for a Wise Man giveaway commencing soon.



Finally, the Street Fighter IV section of the store will be updated this week with the addition of Seth’s costume.

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5 Author Replies

  • Thanks for the update.

  • Wow!
    Best update ever!

    • It’s not possible to release a big update every single week. The occasion quiet period through the year is inevitable for a variety of reasons.

  • another poor update , wise man is advertisement for karate kid lol . home is getting worse

  • The wings are a nice update. Ps you will find them under hand items in your wardrobe.

  • Oh and when wil I get my refund for the Seth costume?
    I bought the Chris Redfield costume because Seth costume saw included.
    You never said it was a bug, so I expect a refund.

  • Updates like the last two would’ve been ideal time for a Sale to create some interest.

  • theres lots too catch up on for eu home stuff so why is it quiet ?

    • Because that’s the way schedules work out sometimes. We had quite a large amount of content planned for this update, however most of it has been postponed a week as it wsan’t quite ready in time.

  • I will be sure to check out the wise man tomorrow.
    Gonna spend tomorrow visiting some old spaces

  • Fight, i think thats unlikey to happen because they also never said that you get it with that outfit.

  • Hi,quick question will we ever get the The Tropical Apartment?

  • ahh good its only a week then , any public spaces due soon as thats what it needs more stuff to keep u logging in and virtual items dont do that

  • How soon is ‘commencing soon’ Thy?

  • i like the sound of those wings, are they going to be a permanent item in the store or are they time limited because i’d really like to get a pair when i get another ps3, hopefully that will be in the next month or two, and i’d hate to miss out.

  • How many other games (I know Home’s not a game)need a (good) weekly update to keep people interested, there’s something fundamentally wrong with Home…

  • what home really needs to get people going back is trophies implemented into bowling ,pool ,poker and the midway carnival then people will use home all the time .

  • Love the advert its like home a waste of space. another pathetic update.

  • I expected Playstation Plus users would recieve premium content for home, but instead, now we have to pay per play in minigames?

  • Yo alex
    is there any infomation at all on the trophy space. i would absolutly love that to come out… heck i would settle for just being able to highlight my favorite trophies on my profile… it seems so simply

  • I’m still waiting for the frames, you know the ones US have had for how long? Been so long I forgot.

  • Just to let you Home people know. There is a glitch that is preventing people from updating to the latest version. To solve this you need to ignore the update and then you’ll be signed out of PSN, but still sign into Home. After Home has loaded you will be notified again that you need to upgrade to the latest version. It is only then that the patch can be applied, otherwise the PS3 will keep reseting.

  • And I thought it was only Red Bull that gives you wings, lol.

  • Are there any plans to give PlayStation Home content away in Playstation+ or FirstPlay?

    • There’s currently a free t-shirt for Plus subscribers. I can’t comment any further than that, however we are keeping an eye on community feedback so if you have any opinions or suggestions please share them on the official forum.

  • Is this really this weeks Home update? Naaaaaah i dont believe you Alex, you pulling our leg right?

  • why dont you guys add leaderboards too pool and bowling then sell fancy bowling balls and pool cues or bowling team shirts , just a thought?

  • I’m sure the ungratefuls on here realise that Home is a blessing on us all and we are lucky to have a free evolving space to do all that amazing stuff most;y free! Who cares if some or all of it is sponsored. Use it to share and hook up with people from all over the world and start a game that you really want to play or maybe you need to lobby for a single player version of Home as you don’t need the rest of us in there having a good time in your face.

  • @ 28 hook up with people all over the world ? sounds great but i dont speak french , italian , german , etc so can only chat to english speakers which there are few of in home most of the time

  • I think it’s a good update but I got playstation plus last week and I’m disappointed bout no playstation + update in the store this week. Would be more stuff next week?

  • @29, I have French, Italian and German friends in Home that speak (well, write) in English.
    I really find it hard to believe that you can’t find English speaking people in home.
    and don’t you think you’ve posted enough comments here, shoosh already.

  • Bah, that video is wrong. You can’t rest against objects and the avatars are far more stiff than that!

  • @DsupremeR: like here -_- ps3 won’t start again. it freezes when the XMB loads. i hate the 3.41 firmware update :@ the second PS3 fat 60gb that died because of a psn update -_- now i want a ps3 slim if i send it “again” back to sony. no more fat ps3 for me. :@

  • hi alex, thanks for the news
    The playstation home US have the MAG personal space, when will it be available for europe?

  • People still use Home? FAIL..

  • *High Five Lockwood* Lockwood Publishing really seem dedicated to keeping things fresh in home, I look forward to seeing what other little tricks they have in their magic bag of goodies and in fact I’ll also be looking forward to finding out what got pushed back and is still to come from the rest of the developers!
    Home is becoming so full of new things to see and do! It’s hard to believe what it was like back in the beginning when there was only a few areas to visit and clothing was very limited and most people looked like the same avatar! Thanks EU Home team! Let’s make the EU Home the best!

  • @wilman07
    I so agree with you…. Home has no meaning…. I have always asked myself “why home?”

  • when will the update finish for EU?

  • we need a rock music club club..insted of pop music :D

  • you should put that video on tv as an advert.

  • @Ivan_Krazy: I agree, Home is pretty useless. Even if they added in trophies theres nothing really to do and it’s too slow, stiff and restricting!
    In my opinion they should’ve just made The Sims 3 into Home and basically let you do the same stuff if you choose to go online. Now that would be better than randomly buying crap that you wish you didnt :P I would’ve even liked a LBP version of Home, or just buy LBP avatars and have all the controls to jump and whatever.
    I think Home would be good if it was a huge freeroam sandbox city that made it seem like a game like GTA or Assassins Creed, and then all your avatars like Cole and Altair could’ve actually been worth buying.

  • Thanks for update, but home is back to being sexist again!! insane that free gift is male only, and if guys think we got lots of clothes just look in mall on female items, and see men have 70% more items. I’m boycotting home for a while to depressing to be oppressed.

  • Guys stop moaning, if you don’t like Home don’t go commenting on a blog post about Home :I
    As for the update: Poor, however we got these times last year when it suddenly went quiet ; hopefully the updates might perch up abit

  • even the reset and update function in save mode doesn’t work. when i update with an usb stick (update download from site) i goes to 80% and then: no aplicable update data was found.

  • i lik da ad =P

  • Whatever the wiseman has in store for us, I’m sure us girls will be left out again, like with the kungfu outfit. And don’t give us that poor excuse about budget and time constraints and how the sponsor is responsible for this blatant sexism. Sony accepted the deal and they shouldn’t have. Do it right or don’t do it at all. Our money is just as good as that of male gamers and us female gamers ar sick and tired of being treated like second class citizens! Get with the times, sony, the fifties are long gone.

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