FirstPlay Episode 17

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FirstPlay Episode 17

Episode 17 of FirstPlay will be going live on the Store from Wednesday, and this week we lead off with a fantastically sharp HD preview of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Alongside that we’ve also got a feature on 3D on PS3, including an interview with Sony UK boss Ray Maguire, a reviews round-up including Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and Toy Story 3, and a review of claustrophobic thriller Exam on Blu-ray. Because we’re nice like that.

FirstPlay Episode 17 FirstPlay Episode 17

In this week’s PlayStation Network Highlights we take a look at downloadable games Hamsterball and Fret Nice in our Best Of PSN video, and we preview the multiplayer modes of some upcoming triple-A titles, including Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Medal Of Honor and Gran Turismo 5. We’ve also got a round-up of the best minis, and a new section called Personal in which members of the FirstPlay team and occasional guests will be talking us through some of their most memorable gaming experiences. This week it’s some handsome scoundrel called Nathan, talking about playing Heavy Rain as a (permanently frantic) father. Be nice.
Lastly we’ve got our screenshot galleries, which this week include new Konami actioner NeverDead, American invasion shooter HomeFront and blockbusting sequel inFAMOUS 2. Oh, and Middle Earth RPG Lord Of The Rings: War In The North, which we like because it’s the only one that’s spelt properly.

FirstPlay Episode 17

All of this comes at our regular price of 99p per episode, which falls to less than 75p if you take out a 90-day subscription for £8.99.
We’d love to hear all your feedback, suggestions for content, and makeup tips for looking great on camera, and you can get in touch with us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk,, or the official EU forums.
See the Future of PS3. First.

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  • sory but not interested in 3d at all as ive just picked up a new 50 inch samsung hdtv lol .not much has changed with firstplay it needs to be part of psn plus or offer a small goodie for ost people to even consider buying it . sorry

  • Now this is an impressive issue, and a must have for a lot of people due to it’s variety, if you can keep this level of awsomness then FirstPlay will really take off big time and attract less negativity :) see when the content is good the bundeled DLC is not required to distract users ;) good job, cant wait to get my hands on this issue!

  • one suggestion though, you should add IE to the countries list here on the blog when posting as it’s available in both GB and IE regions ;) and your posts dont show up on the IE feed, and they should :)

  • Great content as always guys :)

  • my truthful views must have hit a nerve with blog mods ,

  • I still can’t get hold of last weeks episode, doesn’t appear on my store. When I search it the icon appears but when I click it it just says “no content found” Anyone else had this problem before?

  • Would love to read that awesome issue, if I only could.

  • Nevermind sorted now ;)

  • Hmm… Medal of Honor and GT5… might pick this one up. Or rather, pull it down.

  • Thanks for listening from last week guys, this is more like it, interviews and something a bit different, this is what you need to mix things up a little.
    We can read reviews and previews everywhere, so these new features will really help to add value..
    Now all we need is a reader letters section :D

  • I still wonder why they cant just release it in other countries in english.
    Not everyone wants it subbed or dubbed .. and people who want it english spoken can at least buy it then.
    Which gives them more money so they can sub it faster too :)

  • I’m really looking forward to the 3D feature, I’m buying a 3D Panasonic soon so it’ll be nice to see :-)
    Sounds like a great issue, I hope the AC preview shows game footage and not just trailer footage!

  • That only GB and IR can get this is just ridicules. SCEE take ACTION!

  • First signs of improvement

  • You’re not missing anything, LarZen. Trust me. Just log in to any reputable gaming blog, fanzine or website to receive most of Farceplay’s aged news before it even airs on the PSN.

  • Is there a reason we can’t get this with psn+ and the Americans can get the equivalent in their country.

  • Yes, because Sony don’t make FirstPlay and it isn’t up to them.

  • Sony don’t make Qore either.
    Both Qore and Firstplay are by the same company – Future Publishing. So if one is allowed to be part of PS+ then so should the other? I’m assuming it’s either a content issue or a monetary issue. Or it could be in the pipeline but it’ll develop at a snail’s-pace, much like the rest of the European content.

  • Firstplay needs to be part of psn plus if it’s going to stick around :)

  • Making different content available in different countries is just retarded and ridiculus, this is 2010, Europe is one. Everyone knows english and there is no need to adjust content to each country. Country specific content can be released later anyway.

  • Hello all. Thanks as ever for the feedback. Qore is created by the same company that makes FirstPlay, but it’s created as a contract publishing deal with SCEA – which means essentially it’s made under license from Sony. FirstPlay is an independent product.
    Do people prefer seeing interview content over pure gameplay footage then?

  • We prefer you work with Sony to secure some kind of incentive for those that have adopted PS+.
    Remember not to gloss over THOSE requests, Tim.

    • I’m not glossing anything. Your request is received and understood, and will be passed on to the people who are involved in those kind of discussions. But mine and Nathan’s job is to deliver the best editorial we can, which is why I was asking about the content people prefer.

  • I’d personally prefer a “hosted” type of show that runs from the start to the finish, without me having to click around menus to find out where I’ve got content I haven’t viewed yet. But maybe the aim was to create something different with FirstPlay.
    I promise to buy this episode if you fix “Countries: GB”. :)

  • Having a hosted show is an interesting shout, but it obviously introduces quite a lot of complications in terms of how it’s created.

  • Hey Tim, great your on here getting some feedback, i feel you need more.. alot more then what your giving us.
    More interviews more videos in general really plus more community features like video casts from other PSN gamers with likes and dislikes from games to movies and news.
    The more the community are involved in firstplay the more greater it’ll be.

  • Making different content available in different countries is just retarded and ridiculus, this is 2010, Europe is one. Everyone knows english and there is no need to adjust content to each country. Country specific content can be released later anyway.

  • I bought Ep16 (my first since Ep1) and even for 99p it felt a bit underwhelming. I understand it’s a weekly show but preview/ reviews of GAMES didn’t even add up to 30mins (or at least didn’t feel like that).
    It must have taken me under an hour to watch EVERYTHING on there and after downloading the Feature Downloads, of which, there was only one (a theme), I never opened it again.
    Thanks though, the theme is nice (it’s my current theme), and the Dead Rising 2 had some nice footage along with some LoLs on the Wolfman Blu-Ray review.
    So I think the content is fine and only thing I can suggest is: MORE OF EVERYTHING is needed.

  • i feel why content is good some weeks not others relays on if there somethink your intersted in i some hu purchased all you issues witj free minis im cheap i now ive only purchased 1 no free mini up now this wikk be my secound looks good i feel you shot self in foot leading with free minis 3 in 3 weeks was crazy 1 make ppl earn there dlc with a item every 4 eps brought or atleast 1 month . if continue down this urrent theme not 3in 3 weeks nothink moon s.

  • also wen reviewing games like fifa etc 2 player games show us you vs nathan playing little cam window in each corner so we can buzz off you reactions to winning lossing with weekly score counter diff game each week keep ppl interested.

  • ill actually buy firstplay this week i think .great work guys im starting to come around and appreciate how hard your team is trying

  • So do you or do you not have MP info on black ops ! I heard you don’t.

  • Funny you guys say you preview the Multiplayer of Black Ops… from everything I hear there is no multiplayer footage that you make it look like in your blog.

  • nice to see FP posts on the IE side of things here on the blog… now i have you on the dark side, wanna go the whole hog and add the € prices to the posts too? never happy us gamers are we? :P

  • Still not a lot on the DLC front though and with PSN+ hogging everything now, even the FirstPlay exclusive minis, I doubt we will ever see much ever again.

  • I prefer interviews that are interspersed with gameplay footage. It makes the footage more interesting and it makes the interview more interesting. I’d say a few more interviews and a bit less gameplay footage. (Unless the footage is new and/or exclusive.) Good job overall though.
    This episode looks interesting. I’ll buy it tomorrow. I like the sound of the memorable gaming experiences thing as well. Also, having Lucy Porter on-screen as well as a voiceover would be so much better.
    Thanks for reading all the feedback, even if a lot people are rude, impatient and impractical.

  • :o Black ops online gameplay hmm? Nice one cant wait to see it :)

  • on the preview on ps store it says nothing about black ops

  • Why is it called SCEE? Should it not be SCEUK? sounds more right to me, since SCEE only cares about the UK. It [DELETED] me off, since the UK marked cares more for xbox than PS, AND it is the only european country to do so. Thanks again for caring about those who really cares about your company….

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