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Brutal urban racing while the world ends around you. MotorStorm Apocolypse is the upcoming PS3 exclusive from Evolution Studios and we’re lucky to have a gang of its developers popping onto the PlayStation Blog for a live chat with yours truly.
From 3pm, UK time, we’ll have:
Matt Southern: Game Director
Paul Rustchynsky: Lead Designer
Phenom_Evolution: Community Manager
Get your questions in early and put the best ones to the guys. You can also submit questions via the live chat window and, again, I’ll pick out the best. Enjoy!

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  • What improvements other than the locations does the game feature over Pacific Rift?
    Does the game support Custom Soundtracks?
    Does the game support video recording and YouTube uploading?
    Does the game support Screenshots?
    Any surprises in store?
    Thanks :D

    • The setting offers us so much variety, we take the racing to the streets, to the tops of the sky scrapers, into the sewers, onto the train lines, etc. Every track really does play differently to each other.
      Yes we’ll be supporting custom soundtracks, both offline and online. And yes we’ll have an all new photo mode to take some really impresive screenshots.

  • will there be Playstation Home game launcing and content?

    • We haven’t yet defined how we’re going to support PlayStation.Home, but we are keen to provide the Home community with relevant content. Feel free to put forward your ideas and let us know what you’d like to see!
      [From Phenom]

  • I’d like to know
    At what point did you decide to implement the 3D tech into the game? Did you want it in there from the very start during concepting? What lead the decision to add 3D?
    And linked to that, has it been challenging to implement this into the game?
    Motorstorm has traditionally been held in rural areas – why did you decide to move it into the city?
    Sure i will come up with something else before 3:00. Will try to resist the urge to ask them about cheese

  • What separates Motorstorm from other games which have released recently, which also have environments breaking apart and blowing up?

    • That’s a very good question, there have been some excellent games released lately along those lines and there are bound to be more.
      The first thing I’d say is that people who like racing games like to race. I’ve played racing games for over two decades and the top titles *always* offer best-in-class track design, robust handling and a really deep tactical layer for those who want to learn the intricacies of the track, even when they’re action-focused. Our destruction is designed to contribute to this.
      More simply we also want to try to offer more jaw-dropping surprises and variety than anyone else.

  • Will there be any Playstation Move support for the next Motorstorm?
    Any chance to add a possibility to customize your bike, car, truck by uploading pictures?
    With all those buildings falling apart and destructive environment, won’t it be too crowded or chaotic at some point? How did you work on this to keep it in balance?

  • In 4 player split-screen off-line mode can player 2 + 3 + 4 keep their Stats?(+ their names won’t just be Player 2, Player 3 & Player 4 + you can keep their settings to etc etc)
    The LBP(2,3,4 player)way seems to be ok. Maybe something like that;)
    + I am not sure why this ‘Gen’ it seems to be all messed up split-screen modes? i.e they lack the basic things(like i said above) In the PS1 & PS2 days you could save each players Stats? Strange.
    Anyway ‘DAY 1’ buy for me for ‘MotorStorm:Apocolypse’ :P

    • Thanks for the kind words! With 4 player split-screen this time around you can play both offline and online. Importantly players (providing they have a user account or PSN ID) will also be able to save their progress, track statistics and unlock rewards as they play.
      [From Rushy] :)

  • Any chance of a motorstorm bundel?
    Also I love games in which I can quickly meet friends and jump into a game and have fun.
    Could motorstorm aplocalpse support this?

  • Any chance of you guys making another WRC game in the future? :P

  • For Paul Rustchynsky: I an really tempted in buying a Sony Bravia 3D TV as I love MotorStorm – what impact does 3D have on the actual gameplay and experience and does it give you a competitive edge?

    • What I would say about 3D is that it generally makes thing a
      little easier for the player, rather than necessarily giving a
      competitive edge. Both sets of players I think will be on an even
      footing, but I reckon it’ll be easier to master playing in 3D. Plus
      obviously playing in 3D just looks awesome!
      [From Rushy]

  • What kind of community features will Motorstorm have? Clans, Facebook, twitter etc.?

  • Did watching disaster movies such as 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow help to brainstorm and develop some ideas for Motorstorm Apocalypse?

    • We’d already decided on the concept before looking at those movies but they did play a part. I took the whole team to see 2012 at the local cinema when it came out, which was a real blast.
      When it comes to inspiration and influences I try to make sure that movies, books, documentaries, sports etc play a big part rather than just other video games. It’s vital in terms of trying to do things differently and with originality.

  • Ah, you kept your word James. It’s nice to see another one of these so soon after the last one.
    Keep up the good work :)

    • Yes, this opportunity came up so I decided to run another after last week’s went so well. I won’t be able to do them every week, I don’t think… how often would you like to see them?

  • Which new feature to the franchise are you most proud of/excited about?
    After the great off-road environments of the previous games, were you worried about approaching a more urban/concrete environment? Does this game retain the ‘feel’ of the earlier games?
    How varied is the environment, after the very varied Earth/Water/Fire theme of Pacific Rift how are you approaching the design of urban environments to stop them being too similar to each other (a criticism of the first game)?
    Some people may on the surface compare the new game to Split/Second, what makes Motorstorm 3 different?
    Does the game contain any new game modes, either offline or online?

    • It’s understandable when existing fans of the MotorStorm series
      get a little worried about taking the series to an urban environment,
      but I’d like to reassure you the city will retain the feel of previous
      MotorStorm titles. We’re always concious when building new tracks
      about what we’ve done in the past, ensuring that they still feel like
      a traditional MotorStorm tracks with multiple routes, surfaces and of
      course some crazy jumps. But obviously better than ever before ;)
      [From Rushy]

  • I already asked the split/second one, without mentioning split/second :P

  • How do you choose/come up with what should feature in a track?
    What’s your inspiration for the main themes of the games, how did you come to choose those themes (wasteland, tropical, apocalyptic)?

  • Hi! Unfortunately I won’t be around to ask any questions live, so I’ll just leave one here. :)
    PlayStation are holding a BETA event in Birmingham soon and as you already know, Motorstorm will be making an appearance! (Can’t wait.) Any chance we’ll get to meet the minds behind one of the most beloved PlayStation franchises there too? :)

  • Thanks for all of your questions and keep them coming. We’re going to start at 3 on the dot.

  • Oh! One other question. What’s their favourite ‘crunch’ snack? :D

  • Smoutefretter_BE

    will there be a time-gate mode like in Pacific Rift?
    will you be able to make custom online rooms to race just with your friends?
    From what I’ve read you can customise your vehicles, will there be an option to upload your own pictures?
    can you give any details about Avatars, dynamic themes and a release day (month)?

    • You’ll be able to play online privately in custom rooms just
      with your friends as well as being able to play with everyone else
      from around the world in matchmaking. And sure, you’ll be able to
      customise your vehicles, take a picture and then upload them online
      for all to see.
      [From Rushy]

  • Smoutefretter_BE

    ow and will there be a special/limited edition?

  • James, once a month or once every 6 weeks or so would be a pretty good rate i think :-)

    • I’m thinking about once a month, roughly. Might throw a few sudden surprise ones in if the opportunity arises.

  • [quote]Posted on 22 July, 2010 at 1:44 pm by James Gallagher
    Yes, this opportunity came up so I decided to run another after last week’s went so well. I won’t be able to do them every week, I don’t think… how often would you like to see them?[/quote]
    Once a week would be great. Realistically though, once a fortnight?

  • Actually, once a fortnight might be a bit too much. Once every three weeks. ;)

  • Any chance of the BETA games room coming to Oxfordshire? With Motorstorm Apocolypse will we be apple to put our own stickers on our cars? For example win stickers in races or spend in game cash on livalry if thats whats its called sorry if im not making sense. cheers

  • Should we expect a slight performance boost for those with no 3DTV’s, since it’s hardware rendered twice in 3D mode?

  • I can’t think of a question but I’ve enjoyed all the Motorstorm games so far a great deal and the new one is easily my most anticipated racing game. Can’t wait.

  • I guess we post questions? Never done this before… xD Supposedly this starts in half an hour… cool. :)
    1. Will you be incorperating the “rolling respawns” (respawning with speed) into the game, or was it just for show at E3?
    2. Is there any new information on the mode editor?
    3. Gambling with “chips”, do you earn “chips”/XP after a race, that you can bet on?
    4. Any news on a chance of a BETA?
    5. Is there car customization? For example, putting letters on a license plate that’s colored black… etc.
    That’s all for now. :)

  • Few things i would like to know:
    *will there be a spectator mode for online play?
    *how will the lag be in this game? it was pretty bad in pacific rift
    *will you be getting rid of the rubber band AI?

    • We’re working on including a spectator mode for online play but I can’t make any guarantees just yet. We’ll keep you posted on this. The network code within the game is also being improved dramatically, but to be honest it’s pretty solid in MSPR if you’re in a race with people who have strong connections! In the single-player events we’re looking to make the AI opponents as realistic and competitive as possible.
      [From Phenom]

  • Hi I loved all your previous games and apocalypse is set to be the best yet.
    I think I remember reading form your e3 coverage that there are over 40 variations in the tracks, where when a building drops it stays, will all of these changes to the race corse be available as separate tracks in multiplayer?
    To what extent has the damage model been ramped up from Pacific rift?

  • hi i got 2 questions
    1. will there be a beta if so when can we expect to play it?
    2. when will the games realease

  • Glitching (e.g. exploding to gain and advantage, unintended shortcuts, etc.) always seems to end up being a major problem in online play. What are you doing in apocalypse to help keep this to a minimum?

    • There should never be an advantage gained by resetting to the track. This is something that the MotorStorm community have highlighted as something for us to be vigilant about for Apocalypse, and so we’re taking keeping a close eye on this and testing it extensively.
      [From Phenom]

    • We’ve spent a lot of time observing player behaviour, coming up
      with ways to ensure that the online experience for everyone is as
      smooth as possible. So that if others do try and spoil your fun, we’ll
      be able to minimise to what extent they’ll be able to do so.
      Additionally we’ll be able to control a lot more things server-side
      this time around, which allows us to react quicker than ever before.
      [from Rushy]

  • As much as I enjoyed both MotorStorm and Pacific rift, the one big criticism I have (which many people agreed with) was the ridiculous rubber band a.i. It was far too strong especially later on in the game. Are the team reviewing this?
    Will the trophies be more forgiving this time around? Most people didn’t even bother trying to platinum Pacific Rift as the trophy requirements were way too difficult.

    • The difficulty curve of the Apocalypse single player campaign is something we’re dedicating a huge amount time and resource to, and it is based on reviews criticism of of our previous games. We want to make sure the game is always fun and importantly fair, whilst also being accessible to those new to the series and MotorStorm veterans.
      We’ve already got a final list of trophies together and we’re sure that you’ll be pleased with them.
      [from Rushy]

  • Superb James !!!! well i wanted to ask EVO , i have played the 3D E3 DEMO and i loved it , its spectacular , intense , chaotic , continuing the Motorstorm tradition but theres 1 thing i didnt like and it was the controls , they felt way too loose , i felt like i wasnt in total control of the car , are they thinking about making them more tight ? , another question are we gonna be able to play at least 1 Motorstorm Monument Valley and 1 Motorstorm Pacific Rift collapsing maps ? thanks guys , i love Motorstorm , LUNATICS UNITE !!!

  • BTW you guys should talk to Big Big about bringing a party system to Motorstorm Arctic Edge , we cant play online with our friends !!!

  • i am not going to buy a 3d tv in the next 5 years so it is irrelevant to me in games, is there some way that buy using polarised glasses on a standard hdtv we could get the 3d effect?

  • Will this new Motorstorm title work with playstation move?

    • We decided we’d either focus on Move or 3D, and in the end decided that 3D would be a bigger win for us. We’ll still support Sixaxis controls for more ‘haptic’ interaction.
      We’ve had Move controllers in the studio for a while though and they’re fantastic. I’m excited about the idea of family games with decent production values and a bit of depth.
      I’m really looking forward to playing TV Superstars with my kids, and The Fight…without them ;)

  • Hello fellow Lunatics. I just wanted to ask you (Evolution Studios) a few questions. 1) Didn’t you and Sony Liverpool join teams? If so it makes my heart warm. 2) Are you gonna get a in dash cam like you can in Midnight Club LA, and GT5p? 3) Will I beable to use the DLC I purchased last year for Pacific Rift? And 4) Is there a chance we will beable to one day have all the previous maps from MS 1 and Pacific Rift in the new iteration? So many gorgeous stages, I hope I dont have to say good bye to them any time soon. Thank you so much for making what is my favorite racer series of all time. God bless you guys. Lunatics unite!!!

  • Hi Evo,
    MS so far has had more than it’s fair share of lag and associated problems in the online races. What steps have been taken to address these issues this time around?

  • Just a quick question, will you be adding some kind of reward system so you can unlock trophies or stuff for home?
    thanks Ash.

  • 1) Do you have any work experience for A-level students?
    2) Will MS:A support Logitech driving wheel controlers?
    3) Why did you feel the need to add perks, is the game moving away from the core racing aspect?

  • Hi guys
    After doing a desert setting, Hawaii setting and Arctic setting did you look for another natural setting or was it clear that a change was required and therefore you brought in natural harzards?
    Also do you know yet where the series will go in the future? Do you see MotorStorm games being made in years to come?

    • We did consider other locations but a city was something we all really wanted to try, especially as we still wanted it to feel like an off-road racer.
      I’d love it if MotorStorm was around for a very long time. Maybe we should do an MMO :)

  • hi all,
    Myself, Rushy and Phenom are going to stick around for another hour to answer some questions, but they’ll all be via my account.

  • Will there be a reward for people who still have the 1st and 2nd MotorStorm games on disk ( like some type of car Skin that only the people who got the one of the old game can unlock? )
    or some other type of unlock for us who sill have the old games?

  • I guess you won’t be able to answer my questions, but I’ll try it anyway ;)
    – Have you thought about doing a WaterStorm or WaveStorm with Jet Skis, Powerboats and such? There’s no competition in that genre out there this gen…

  • – Will you give us a discount on the old Motorstorm DLC stuff?

  • Hello Evolution Studios,
    I have a few questions regarding the single player component of Apocalypse. In Pacific Rift, you guys added on a multitude of new games modes that weren’t seen in the original MotorStorm. What new modes can we expect from Apocalypse this time around? And will leveling up be a factor this time?
    Also, in Pacific Rift, there was a lot more unlockable content like videos and art galleries. The extra content pushed me to play more of the game and spend a lot more time on it. Will there be content like this in Apocalypse?

    • In terms of game modes, we’ll include some favourites and some new surprises, but we’re really hoping that you will design some! Our custom mode creator will allow for hundreds, maybe thousands of new modes.
      ‘Levelling up’ is present in a sense. Our perks systems mean you can progress in a similar way.
      We will have ‘extras’ in MSA, but more broadly we’ve taken a close look at trying to make sure the entire game encourages you to stick around and see what comes next.

  • Motorstorm PR had a photo mode is there any chance of getting full replays in apocalypse?

  • will you support move?

  • Thanks for the reply Matt…
    Will we see an epic tidal wave sequence on one track? o.0

  • motorstorm pacific rift had one big online flaw it’s recovery system made sure you always stay in 1st place so ppl just spammed the rocovery system 2 become first and as far as i know it never got patched

    • OK, so I lied, Rushy had one more reply and it was for dgnfly:
      “We’ve been listening to the community and with you’re feedback
      we’re looking at ways to balance the game as much as possible.
      Additionally with the new custom mode editor you’ll be able to set-up
      your own reset to tracks rules to suit your needs”
      Cheers :)

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