minis Pass 1 Million Downloads

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Hi everyone
Today we would like to announce that we have hit a minis milestone, one million downloads from the PlayStation Store across the PAL and US territories! Thank you to all of you who helped us reach one million minis downloaded and here’s to the next million downloads!

minis hits 1 million downloads

Playable on both PlayStation Portable (PSP), and PlayStation 3 (PS3), minis offers a huge selection of bite-size games; all at tiny prices and all quick and easy to download from PlayStation Store. There is now a great range of minis available with something for everyone.
Since minis launched in October 2009 the category has continued to grow and now contains more than 85 minis, from over 50 developers including favourites like Monopoly from Electronic Arts and new classics like Monster (Probably) Stole My Princess from the independent games developer Mediatonic.
Check out some of the favourites and best selling minis titles on PlayStation Store today and take a look at the top ten most popular downloads which range from Spot the Differences! to chart topper Zombie Tycoon!
minis top ten by downloads (excluding single format minis):

  1. Age of Zombies
  2. Monopoly
  3. Fieldrunners
  4. Zombie Tycoon
  5. Bloons
  6. Spot The Differences!
  7. Pinball Fantasies
  8. Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2
  9. Yetisports Pengu Throw
  10. Breakquest

With more coming on board every day, including Pacman CE from Namco Bandi Networks, we are set to have more choice than ever in the coming months.
We know there are minis and PlayStation fans that want to know more about minis and who better to get the information from than some of our favourite developers. So we will be hosting a live web chat on the blog tomorrow with:

  • Antonio José, CTO & Chairman at StormBASIC Games, publisher of the minis Tehra Dark Warrior and Dynogems
  • Paul Croft, Cofounder & Director of Games at Mediatonic, publisher of the minis Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess and the upcoming Who’s That Flying?!
  • Joe Dixon, Lead Coder at Tag Games, publisher of the minis title Car Jack Streets.

So please let us know what you want to know. Send in your questions and get the answers you want!
See you tomorrow!

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5 Author Replies

  • 1. What is your break even point in number of sales
    2. Do you get sales when there given away with first play and PSN+
    3. Whats the average dev time on a mini
    4. Are minis more popular in Europe or America
    Also i think it would be nice if we had weekly charts for all the content on PSN ( mins, PSP Games, PS3 Games, PS1 Classics etc. )

  • Also is the top 10 on there wrong or the top 10 on Media GO wrong cos Vector TD has been in the top 10 PSP chart every week since it launched, so how can it not be in the all time top 10?

    • Hi Xenostar – the list above relates to a global figure whereas the list on Media Go only takes into account a SCEE total.

  • Also I really like the minis great job, i will definatley be buying a few of todays selection – Pallurikio, Archibald’s Adventures and maybe car jack when ive seen a trailer, i would of got Piyotama but i have it on PS3 already.

  • 1: could a mini work on a phone with remoteplay (like sonys anio?) or even any other smartphone from sony (ekspanding you range, and making more people buy them )
    2: are there any info on trophys for minis? 1 or 2 bronze? it will make me buy even more minis (only have 7)
    3: whats your personal favrit mini (ekskluding your own)
    sorry for bad grammer (I’m dyslexic, but its importent to try to get you opinion out there )

  • I’m wondering if there’s any way to have minis contain larger assets and a multi-resolution engine so that when played on the PS3 they look worthier of the HD screens they’ll often be played on. Or if this is a limitation of the minis’ system.
    Also, when selling in the minis scheme, how does it compete with, say, the iTunes app store? Do you get to set your own prices, do the differences in sales figures and the price and market dilution of competition on those stores dictate those prices?
    Finally, how did you decide to go with minis as opposed to a non-minis PSN title for PSP and/or PS3?

  • congrats :)
    now add trophies ^^

  • why does pacman c.e have to come as a mini xbox got it as a normal game why do we have to suffer graphics loss and have it as a mini or is there a full psn title of it coming also thanks if you reply if not tongues out lol

    • tongue in dean1076
      Pac-Man is looking great as a minis title and loads of great modes included. And one of the great benefits of it being a minis game is that you can pay once but then play on your PSP and PS3.

  • just think about it,doing the same for the videostore.
    how much profit could hav been made in the last year.
    since it should have been available for the EU.
    i understand looking at WEBB as the best the UK can offer,
    but don’t blame the rest of the EU for the fact you got kicked out of the worldcup

  • My questions
    1. What inspired you to make a Mini(s)?
    2. If you could would you include trophy support?
    3. What’s your favourite Mini title and why?
    4. How long did it take to create a Mini from scratch?
    5. Have you got plans for another title?

  • thanks for the reply adam its back in lol i dont really play on my pspgo im not a big fan of handheld gaming i prefer the big screen im worried that i have played pacman ce on the xbox 360 and still have it although i dont use it since i come to ps3 it is now just collecting dust that the graphics are not the same on the ps3 but i do need pacman games i will probably not get it for 2 reasons trophys and graphics do you know if it is coming to ps3 also or staying as a mini ty dean

  • also do minis intend to have trophy support in the future or stay the same ty dean

  • and sorr to triple post but when is it released pacman i mean thanks dean

  • There are obviously many different control methods across the various mobile devices right now – buttons/motion control/touch screen. What’s best for a game might be different from a case to case basis. What’s your favorite control method and what do you like to design for the most?

  • Why isnt the Tetris mini playable on PS3?

    • EA are currently working on a PS3 version of Tetris that will take full advantage of the capabilities of the platform and provide the best experience for users. Look for this version to be available later this year.

  • @Adam Grant
    Im still not convinced mate, if vector TD has been the best selling mini in Europe every week since its release and fails to get into the top 10 world wide, then clearly the EU contributes very little too the total results, i think you need to look into it properly and not just assume its all ok.

  • Pacman:CE any date for it? Can’t wait to get that game! :P
    + what about doing these to(Original Versions) –
    Pac-Man(on its own)
    Space Invaders
    Dig Dug(on its own)
    Galaga(on its own)
    Bubble Bobble
    Rally X
    Pole Position
    Rainbow Islands
    Return of the Invaders
    Missile Command
    …Endless Old-School List really
    (ok so they are not minis, well sort of more old games) :)

  • yay, i helped. :)
    so far i’ve bought history egypt, tehra dark warrior, monopoly and hysteria project.
    and i also won copies of age of zombies and aero racer, so i don’t know if they’ll count.
    and i’ll probably be buying car jack streets later.
    i was dubious about the minis at first but i’ve become a bit of a fan, age of zombies and monopoly are both great games.
    it helps that i can play them on my psp.

  • congratulations guys

  • I am very happy to see Age of Zombies at the top.
    That is all

  • Yay for the Pac-man mini! Made my day :)

  • Pac-man C.E. got mentioned?!
    Wow about time…so…when’s the release date?
    I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced last September!

  • Congratulations to all of those mini developers. :)
    I personally really like D-Cube planet.

  • So glad Breakquest is up there. I love that mini.

  • so lets say the average price of a mini is 3€, this would mean they made about 3 million in six months. Danger Joe made about 750k in two days or a week. This is not impressive at all. Sorry. Call me if you sold 10 million copies.

  • i have no doubt that it’s only a matter of time before they reach 10 million.

  • and too tight to give away a free mini to mark the occasion.

  • If I forget to logon in time, can somebody ask StormBASIC if they are gonna bring ZombieHunter to the PSP?
    It’s been well recieved as an iphone game (judging by the reviews), and the combination of lovely lady + killing zombies is as classic as they come.
    Link for those that have never heard of it.

  • With over 50 Million users worldwide even for just PAL, 1 million downloads is not very many.

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