PlayStation Home: WipEout Museum, Monkey Island 2 And More!

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WipEout celebrates 15 years on PlayStation with the brand new WipEout Museum space in PlayStation Home launching this week! Start by exploring the futuristic space, where you’ll find full sized models of iconic WipEout craft, then check out the various activities on offer. For the speed junkies, there’s race action with the WipEout 2D arcade cabinets. If point-and-shoot is more your thing, battle for top spot on the leaderboard in WipEout Shooter. Prefer simple exploration? See if you can find all the logos in Team Logo Hunt to win some funky head wear!

WipEout HOME 1 WipEout HOME 4

WipEout HOME 6 WipEout HOME 10

The space also includes a DJ area for relaxing or getting pumped up before a race. Access the DJ decks to pick a track and pick your spot to dance along to the music! Take WipEout back to your personal space with the cool new range of WipEout furniture, trophies and clothing on offer.

Also hitting the stores this week is the latest range of 80’s attire from the Playground space. Over at the Mui Mui ship you can pick up the latest crazy head wear with the Domingo hat, along with some new swim wear. For fans of Just Cause 2, there’s a range of great items available this week. The V-store updates this week with a range of Batman shirts.

20100708 LocoRoco

20100708 Playground JustCause2

Been waiting for more Street Fighter IV costumes? Good news this week, then, as we release seven more costumes: Rose, Sakura, Abel, Dan, Fei Long, Gen and Gouken will all be available this Thursday.

20100708 SF4

Starting this Thursday there will be trailers for The Last Airbender in the cinema. Keep your eyes open for the special posters, where you’ll be tasked to ‘Discover Your Element’. You’ll receive a special element flag to hang on your personal space wall and a Last Airbender t-shirt.
Heads up for those who have been enjoying the Hustle Kings event space. We’ll be removing this one next week, so head to the space during the week for a final ball-dodge fix. If you’ve not won the prizes yet, then this is your last chance!

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11 Author Replies

  • Not a bad update but no Toy Story apartment

  • I’m loving the 80’s stuff Thy so I’m happy :)

  • Pretty decent looking update this week.

  • That looks well cool the ‘WipEout Museum space’ ;)

  • almighty-slayer

    WipEout museum sounds cool :D
    Still busy loving the Midway space though, haha

  • I’m sure I’ve gone through this a few times now but there’s a mention of Monkey Island 2 yet I can’t see it anywhere…

    • There will be a selection of Monkey Island 2 content this week. There’s more coming soon as well, including a bundle pack that includes all of the Monkey Island 2 content that will be released.

  • “If point-and-shoot is more your thing, battle for top spot on the leaderboard in WipEout Shooter”
    Please tell me there isn’t a reward relating to this

  • no monkey island 2 content???

  • As loonytoon1982 pointed out there’s no Monkey Island, I think Thylaudax were trying to do the Store update! No one touches the might Kebby! :P

  • M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S

    Just a thought and i know i’m not alone, how about a Top Gear Space? it could be the studio with a lap of the test track in the current reasonably priced car being a minigame in full 3d like redbull air race, or car cannons, caravan conkers, take your pick the presenters have thought of all the cool games already, all of which home is more then capeable of running as sodium and redbull have proved… there could be a museum of the cars and contraptions they’ve created, and with it being one of the most popular tv shows worldwide just think of all the cash you’d make with topgear merch “i’m the stig” t-shirts, Stig costume and “Stig’s Lair” apartment are just some examples to get you started, what ya think? this idea is worth gold and you can have it for free!!! ;)

  • Spidie_Pig_Rules

    Any updates on the status of hovercrafts :O that big scaled model in the stuff store window is just a tease :(

  • thy is there any chance you guys could maybe try make home smoother for people to use , anytime you go into most shops it crashes your ps3 and the midway space is just terrible for loading when you 1st enter it . ever since the home square update home just isnt smooth anymore when you 1st enter any space and im on 50 meg broadband

    • We have people looking into the reported problems witht he stores and a fix / performance improvements will be rolled out as soon as they are available.

  • Thylaudax will we be getting the Cabin Boy and Trigger Happy-in-the-Box games at some point? Thanks

  • pretty shady to see the u.s got the yakuza suit and tatoo for free thy and yet you guys at scee are charging us like £3 for it .very shady and why ill rinse evrything for free out home and never buy anything again

  • some people don’t get it that …eu and us do there things apart ^^
    and they do it well here ^^

  • @13 – We already have “Trigger Happy In A Box”
    It is in Darla’s Den, on the other side of the “Buy This” barrier (you have to pay £2.39 to get to it legitimately)

  • @ almighty slayer im complaining abt VALID problems so why are you even trying to make out like im in the wrong .

  • Carnivius_Prime

    It’s smooth as heck for me and I’m only on 2mb broadband…

  • @19 so you everyone getting crashes on stores and stuff on forums must be lying and the problems with midway too lol

  • its when u 1st enter home square it stutters for a couple seconds and it never done that before update to square

  • btw incase any1 thinks im a hater of home im not all i want is it to reach its potential and u need to be harsh so the home team know the flaws , pool needs fixed with angles and spin from veemee

  • thanks thy for the news
    -When ghostbusters firehouse content arrived?
    -irem seaside of memories was planned for summer? (july and august)

  • Wipeout space looks awesomesauce.

  • The_Dark_Energy

    I mean the portable one that the U.S are getting tomorrow mate

  • The_Dark_Energy

    Sorry for the error chap, I’m using my Iphone to post this whilst I’m at a friends house

  • Haha The_Dark_Energy, thanks for pointing out that I were on about the portable ones lol

  • Holy t-shirts BATMAN!

  • I think i’ll buy some virtual clothes for my virtual doll. Oh hang on i’m not a six year old girl. its no wonder why homes used by few people most of which want virtual clothes …How sad

  • thy will midway get fixed tomorrow

  • I hate to remind you Alex, but…
    Can you make the What Did I Do to Deserve this, My Lord?! Event?

  • Why is Vicky from Little Britain there? :P

  • WipEout museum is defo my fav space in a while. Decent.
    I read what seany1 said about US Home getting FREE YAKUZA content and were SCEE charging us for it? and people look at that as complaining?! WOW people who find that as needless complaining are straight up idiots, im sorry but they are!
    SCEE a very sly and in the pricing of content for EU Home we get charged for content all the time and the majority doesnt say anything so they get away with it.
    Home will always what it is in the eyes of the media as of now. a waste of HDD space.
    But being the biggest fool of all, i still have a glimmer of hope for it…. still.

    • Yakuza content is provided by a third party. We’re repricing the t-shirts to the correct price today. We’re already charging the correct price, as provided to us, for the suit and tattoo so those won’t be changing.

  • what’s the midway 2 and new LocoRoco island?

  • I got the Platinum on WipEout..

  • Whoo hoo! the Domingo hat is mine.
    When do we get thatgamecompany and TeamICO spaces?

  • Question,
    Will there be or is there already going to be free stuff, discounts and exclusive gear for playstation plus users. Would be nice as I have plus and have found nothing on home for it. :)

    • There’s already a free t-shirt for being a PlayStation Plus subscriber. I can’t comment on anything further for the future as there are no set plans just yet.

  • Wow, that Wipeout space is only a year and a half too late.

  • Hi there
    I was checking on the forums & found the scee items rewards thread & i noticed that once you have been a menber of psn for a year they send you a code to get a gold ps3 for home yet im sure i have been a member for over a year yet never received a code is this false or have i just not been registered a year yet?
    FYI cool update.

    • There are more criteria for receiving that reward than just the age of your account. You need to fulfill all of these criteria. It’s an ongoing reward program, so if you meet the criteria in future you should be sent a code then.

  • wipeout looks good but like other people i dont want to go into the shops again as it seems to freeze up as you leave.
    also is monkey island a european thing cause ive asked other aussies and we never got this weird lookin cartoon or whatever it is, either that or im too old lol

    • Monkey Island is a game developed by LucasArts, the first originally released in 1990.
      Remade and enhanced versions of the game are now available on PSN.

  • Thy is there any chance you guys can maybe start using your own feature the quing system for arcades so we won’t need to wait works before getting a shot of them . Or sell the wipeout arcades so we can have them in our spaces .

  • I am still hoping there will be some news actually tying Home to the rest of the PS3, making it more relevant to the total PS3 experience. I mean some games support launching from Home, but there is no reason to do so currently. Live leaderboards to hang on your wall in your home apartment, your home apartment working as an in-game lounge, maybe ‘tvs’ to hang on your wall to enable live spectator mode from games being played. Use of Home avatar inside games. Export of game locations to Home, good example of this would be that if you buy a house in Oblivion and similar, you can get that house into Home with the in game items in it. Home trophies, for instance a mannequin in Home with a officers uniform that gets a new ribbon for every trophy you unlock in MAG or Socom.
    The list of things one could do is endless, but currently nothing is happening, and Disagea 3 is still the only game I know which had a Home trophy (and I am not sure even that patch made it here) and that trophy was rather unimaginative.
    Come on Sony, make Home an integral part of the PS3 as promised before it launched instead of ‘just another random app’ like it is now.

  • Just a couple of questions I need to ask you:
    1. Why can’t Germany enter resident evil spaces? It says, “Not available in your country.”
    2. When will shopping centre and carnival glitches be fixed?
    3. Why did you say 79p for 100 tokens at carnival when it’s only 50?
    4. Are we getting any other Iren spaces, if so when?
    5. Are there any upcoming items for PS Home from PS+ service?
    6. Is it true we are also getting GamesCom and Tokyo Event spaces like E3 event?
    7. What’s the point in the polling station when it doesn’t work or isn’t being used? They should be a question ever 1 / 2 weeks if you ask me.
    8. Can you please confirm any upcoming spaces, with dates if you can.
    9. Who do I send a complaint to regarding aka_Nero?
    Okay I’ll leave it there, thanks in advance if you answer any of my questions. (probably not):D

    • 1. This is because of age rating and German laws on protecting minors from 18+ rated content.
      2. As soon as the fixes are finished and verified that they solve the problems. They’re both being worked on but exact dates aren’t available right now.
      3. The pricing was changed and I wasn’t told until after I’d made that comment.
      4. We have further Irem content coming.
      7. We’re working on improvements for the booth, and a new question will arrive shortly.

  • thy will the midway carnival be getting games added in the future coz the place will be deserted once people have all the unlocks , i have most of them already just playing for free lol

  • Hey, when does home actually update is it on Wednesday or Thursday? Looking forward to the wipeout museum by the way.

  • Thought I’d drop a comment here that we believe we’ve isolated and resolved the problem with the crashing stores. Let us know if you continue to have any issues after today.

  • aww hell yeah Sony some love for your greatest of the classic franchises, long live Wipeout! (now get to work on the next game dammnit)

  • Thanks for reply alex about the gold ps3 item
    Is it possible to tell me what all the things you have to do to get it? I have spent over $3000 aus on psn/home, have over 700 items in download list & have 23 platinum & over 1600 trophys total surely i must be close to getting it.

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