Digital Comics Store Update (7th July 2010)

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We’ve got another huge update this week with a total of 54 Comics for your reading pleasure.


From DC Comics we have issue 3 of Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, and more of the amazing DMZ series.
We also have two special one-shot crossover issues from the disturbed mind of Warren Ellis – Planetary/Authority: Ruling the World, where Ellis almost brings the two teams together to fight a giant octopus-like monster; and Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta in which DC and Wildstorm universes clash in an alternate reality.
Finally, DC are offering another free comic from their Zuda imprint. The Night Owls #1 is a light hearted strip set in 1920’s New York following a group of detectives who solve supernatural crimes.
Marvel bring us another splash of brains with the start of the five issue Marvel Zombies 2, plus we see more Black Panther and Astonishing Tales.
IDW release Ghostbusters this week in which the boys visit a comic book convention. You can see a preview of the book here. Transformers and Star Trek fans will also be happy.
Disney/Pixar take us under the sea to follow a little fish called Nemo. If you’ve got kids, you must buy them Finding Nemo.
Last, but not least, we see the conclusion to Cancertown.
Here’s the complete list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1687 2000AD
  • Astonishing Tales (2009) #4 Marvel
  • Batman: Year One #3 DC Comics
  • Black Panther (2005) #6 – #9 Marvel
  • Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth : Chapter 6 of 6 Insomnia
  • Criminal: The Sinners (2008) #1 & #2 Icon
  • Devi #7 Liquid Comics
  • DMZ #6 – #12 DC Comics
  • Donald Duck and The Secret of the 313 Disney
  • Eleventh Hour #3 Markosia
  • Fables #11 – #14 DC Comics
  • Finding Nemo Disney
  • Free Realms #5 & #6 DC Comics
  • Ghostbusters: Holiday Special : CON-volution! IDW
  • Green Lantern: Secret Origin #3 DC Comics
  • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War : Part 4 DC Comics
  • High Moon #2 DC Comics
  • Jonah Hex #13 & #14 DC Comics
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #5 DC Comics
  • Marvel Zombies 2 (2007) #1 Marvel
  • Mickey Mouse in the Haunted City Disney
  • Planetary/Authority: Ruling the World DC Comics
  • Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta DC Comics
  • Project Eon #2 Markosia
  • Ramayan 3392 AD #7 Liquid Comics
  • Resistance #5 & #6 DC Comics
  • Scrooge McDuck and The High Sea Trap Disney
  • Snakewoman #7 Liquid Comics
  • Star Trek: McCoy #3 IDW
  • Superduck #13 : Creatures of the Abyss Disney
  • The Lexian Chronicles #8 Markosia
  • The Night Owls #1 [FREE] DC Comics
  • The Sadhu #7 Liquid Comics
  • Transformers #8 IDW
  • Victorian Undead #3 DC Comics
  • Walk-In #6 Liquid Comics
  • Wizards of Mickey #9 : The Return of the Phantom Blot Disney
  • Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper #1 IDW

Please visit for prices or to see the whole catalogue.

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13 Author Replies

  • So, any news on when we Scandinavians/Rest of Europe gets access to the comics? I am so hoping to hear something.
    Annything on the Crossregion gifting? is there a possibility that it comes?
    Sidenote for the Scandinavians, go to your local Playstation site, and choose forum, choose Norsk lobby and there is a thread there that you can post to and show that you want the comics to come out, direct link, even if it will get broken is:
    The forum adds a space in the link that breaks it unless you copy the whole link and removes the space.
    Any chance for the cartoon Mandrake to make a apperance?
    And thanks for the Free The Nigth Owls, looking forwards to reading it.
    So, Pete, how is everything going? all well I hope, whit summer going on.

    • Hello again! Still no news I’m afraid. Nor for any other countries at the moment. If we get info we’ll post it here. Other than that I’m keeping busy designing new features and looking longingly outside at the sun.

    • Some late news – Justice League #5 will be released next week instead. Sorry guys.

  • Marvel Zombies 2! Great stuff.

  • Done and Done ;)

  • Great update. Will we be seeing We Will Bury You #4 on the store at some point?

  • hey,
    decent update, thanks. Saving money for transformers nefarious, any news on that? And any answer from IDW on Angel?
    Good to see a crossover, any chance of a marvel/dc one? Or anything from amalgam?

    • I don’t have the release schedule at the moment, Pauline may be around at some point.
      I somehow doubt we’ll be seeing the Marvel DC Crossover on the store – not sure how they’d split the cash!

  • any manga coming soon like bleach or deathnote

  • Great update Pete, already downloaded my usual for this week.
    Out of curiosity, for us PS+ subscribers are we likely to see some comics added to the content available each month sometime in the future?

    • We did speak to the + guys a while ago. I’m not sure what the conclusion was – I think it would make more sense if we were on PS3 too…

  • last week i was trying to download mirror’s edge and resistance 2 directly onto my psp and each time i got an error message saying ‘the service is undergoing maintenance’. Did anyone else get it and can i expect it again this week?

    • I know of a couple of other people who got that message. I think it is fixed now (cache promlems apparently). If you experience it again let us know.

  • got Batman Year One #3 :D

  • Hey there Digital Comics staff, id just like to say im so impressed by all of your work – i remember when you guys first annouced this and i was giddy with excitment that i would finally be able to have a standalone comic experience on my PSP.
    Its a genious idea and i had previous tried to get comics on my PSP from webcomics who happened to have thier comics in PSP format, but looking at the comics through the Photo wasnt enough.
    Little did i know there was a team secretly working on a PSP comics reader =P
    Now that you guys have DC as a publisher it seems like you guys have the perfect foundation, personally i think you guys should push this even more now. You have a brilliant selection and more people need to know about this!
    Anyways, thats enough from me – just wanna let you guys know how much i love ya :]
    Awesome update as usual guys, ill be getting my dose of DC comics today :]

  • Thanks for the reply Pete. Kinda figured that but just thought I’d ask. No biggie, was just thinking it would be nice if + covered everything from games, movies and comics at some point.
    I’ll ask the + guys when they next post.

  • Pete, a little while ago you recommended the Ghoul (free comic) to me, thanks, it was interesting one, cant wait to be able to buy that series, but, I do have one comment about the audio cometary, It seemed to really on the autoflow or what its called to activate, as I do not really find the autoflow to be the best way to read the comics and prefer to manually zoom and focus, is there any way to manually trigger the audio cometary to start for the page?
    And, Looking forward to the features you are working on.

    • At the moment the audio commentary is triggered when the autoflow hits a panel that the author / artist wants to talk about. You are free to use the manual controls once the commentary starts. However I see what you are saying, if you only use manual controls then there is no trigger. Interesting, I’ll think about it.

  • BlueFlameSkulls

    I need a larger memory stick to carry those comics.
    Any chance of being able to download the comics onto your PS3 in the future? Kind of like downloading PSP games on your PS3. It’ll make it easier for transferring. The mediago software doesn’t agree with me.

    • If we release the viewer on PS3 then this will be possible as we’ll also have a PS3 comics store. Hopefully this will happen.

  • new transformers issue makes me happy.
    no more wonder woman makes me sad, i hope the new issues will be put on the store soon after the print versions because i’m very interested in seeing where they go with this new direction straczynski is taking the series in, though i doubt the new outfit will last, much like when they changed superman years ago.
    not having a wonder woman book in the uk means i don’t get to read much with her in so i would love the series on the store, even if it’s just the new issues as they come out.

    • Hey HazelAM, hopefully DC will start to release the Wonder Woman comics like they are doing with Justice League – Day and Date. Let’s see what happens.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Still looks cool seeing the DC stuff listed.
    If a PS3 comic reader was to be made would we have to wait for all these comics to be redone in HD or are they of a suitably high quality to look ok on a 1080p TV set already?

  • oh and trinity would be nice too. ;)

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Ah cool, thanks for the prompt reply. Make a PS3 version then please :) I’ve still plenty space on my 500gb drive. plenty room for comics.

  • Still aiming for 2010 for the rest of Europe?

  • no God Of War this week
    lest hope it will be soon

  • I have got to be honest, I have never been in to comic books. However, I gave it a try with a couple of the free ones and now I am quite enjoying them.
    So, any chance of any of the View Askewniverse comics (Clerks, Chasing Dogma, etc)?

  • Lots of comic there for me, looking forward to getting through them all.
    Just got one little gripe. The Autoflow on the Resistance comics isn’t the best. Sometimes it’ll zoom into text too far so it becomes distorted, sometimes it’s zoomed too far out so you have to manually zoom it in to read the text and sometimes it misses text out entirely.

  • Great update again Pete! It can’t keep up like this can it?
    Looking forward to reading the final chapter of Cancertown, really enjoyed that one so far. The Lexian Chronicles and the weekly 2000AD Prog will of course be on my download list.
    Lots of other great stuff to grab to though, like Fables, Victorian Undead and the two Planetary one shots. Would grab Justice League: Generation Lost but I’ll be waiting for that price drop on day & date releases from now on from DC.

  • Why does sony playstation always releases stuff in USA waaaay before the rest gets it? PSN Video store, digital comics and even exclusive games get later release dates here.
    Only problem I got with Playstation…

  • Carnivius_Prime

    not always.
    I enjoy Eyepet and PlayTV, the former of which the US won’t get until the Move version is out and the latter they likely won’t ever get at all. So they don’t get eeeeeverything before everyone else.

  • Only england to my knowledge has PlayTV ;)

  • When will this thing be available in Portugal???

  • When will this be available in the Netherlands for that matter.. maybe people would be more understanding if someone would tell us why there is this huge delay.. in getting us the comic store.. or a moviestore for that matter..
    we are always the once waiting @ the back end in Europe but we surely are not the smallest of consumers.. what’s is the use :(…

  • “For France, Italy, Germany & Spain – yes. Sorry for the delay.”
    Wait, are you saying 2010 isn’t a target for the rest of Europe?
    I think Shadowdragoon won’t be happy to read that.

  • I actually knew that allready. ;) was a forum post about them releasing there soon and no news for the rests of Europe. ;)

  • Would like to see it coming to the rest of Europe. Especially after reading or playing the MGS:graphic novel. Recommend it strongly if you haven’t checked it out.

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