Battlefield Bad Company 2: Onslaught Mode Now Deployed

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This is Daniel Matros, the new community manager at Dice. As you may or may not know, we just released Onslaught mode for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Just wanted to give you some more info on what you can expect in this new co-op experience.

Onslaught is co-op in the sense that you get to play with a squad of up to four soldiers against endless waves of A.I. enemies. Endless until you take the base flags, that is. The people who are actually doing the Onslaught are you — the players.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught for PS3

Atacama Desert is a real favorite among Battlefield players. In Onslaught, this huge, vehicle-heavy map is ravaged by minor sandstorms that give it a limited visibility.

This makes Onslaught approachable on two totally different levels. First, it is the perfect place for newcomers to hone their squad tactics without having to face human opposition. On easy or normal difficulty, this should be very manageable by a team of four soldiers playing together. As long as one of you stays alive at all times, the others can keep spawning in.
For the elite squads out there, crank up the difficulty to hardcore and see how quickly you can clear the maps — then compare your best times on the global, Onslaught-specific leaderboards for bragging rights.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught for PS3

The enemies keep attacking as long as you don’t capture a base and advance. Prepare for the fight of your life on Hardcore difficulty!

I played a bunch of matches on Atacama Desert on the hardcore setting today. After 20 or so epic fails, the junior product manager here at Dice and I hooked up with two more soldiers and swept through Atacama’s three bases in 13 minutes. By no means even close to the fastest time in the world, but a nice first attempt to try and crush in the days to come. Two of the guys in our squad today finished up on Atacama in just seven minutes. See if you can beat that.
Oh, and I caught executive producer Patrick Bach in the corridors earlier today. I asked him to give our readers on the PlayStation.Blog some inside info on how to succeed in Onslaught mode:
“Keep your squad tight and make sure to experiment with a mix of different kits. It’s all about finding the right weapon for the job. You wouldn’t try and blow up a tank with a sniper rifle — even though you CAN headshot people with the repair tool, actually.”
Solid advice. For more on what is happening at Dice and with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in particular, stay tuned on our blog. Hope to see you guys online, and do let us know what you think of Onslaught!

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  • Need to get on this. Bought it on release but had no time to give it a blast. Sounds superb fun.

  • £7.99 for co-op mode Nah no thanks moved back to MW2.

  • i bought this on release day and have to admit to it being a lot of fun and very addictive…
    easy is if you like to play with your eyes closed
    normal is for light entertainment
    hard is a lil bit more of a challenge
    hardcore is where it’s at, this is the real fun mode, although having never got through any of the maps in public random squads it’s great fun.
    my only gripe is the hit detection or lack of!! so many games i join and cant damage anything at all, i know it’s p2p for this mode and its down to ppls connections but its becoming a joke now, lots of negative feedback about this on various forums etc
    is there a patch/fix EA/Dice can implement to help solve this issue?

  • Can you play this mode on your own? Or do you need more than one player to be able to play it?

    • You can play it on your own but to get the true essence of Onslaught it’s best to play together with other people.

  • yes you can play on your own in a private match although you wont get far….
    good fun for flying round in the chopper though in the desert blasting away and improving your flying skills

  • Sorry guys it’s all about the resurgence pack today.

  • How people claim Modern Warfare 2 is better than this game…maybe they should fight a war running around with double shotguns and an attack helicopter at such low height.
    Battlefield, get a tank in game, surround surround and a 50″ plasma and welcome to what I call a real First Person Shooter unlike the childs game known as Modern Warfare 2

  • *Sound system

  • As this could have been released when the game was released, and put onto the disc, please explain why I would pay £7:99 for something that was always available? That’s like purchasing a TV that doesn’t have BBC 1 then letting me pay for it at a later date!!???
    DLC = Rip Off!!

  • SO for that reason, i’m out!

  • That’s the nature of DLC mate. You have a choice though, buy it or don’t buy it.
    The fact that BFBC2 is such a superb game I wanted to extend my play time on it, so I purchased the content.
    Same with any game.
    frodouk is my PSN ID so if any of you chaps want to play some games, throw me an invite and we’ll hook up. Cheers

  • i dont believe it was on the disc originally but came down in the last update of over 400mb…
    and you dont have to buy it?

  • “do let us know what you think of Onslaught!”
    4 maps isn’t nearly enough to stay entertaining for more than a day or two. But hey, Blacklight: Tango Down’s releasing today, so we can always get that for our co-op shooting fixes.

  • Blacklight: Tango Down doesn’t look that great though? Is it out on PS3 today, or just XBLA with the PS3 release next week?

  • @10
    and the funny thing is you have already downloaded it in the update…hahahahahaah

  • @funkpower: My god you’re right! This is madness! It’s like buying a sky subscription and then paying extra for movie and sports channels. Or buying a TV series on DVD and then having to pay for more DVD’s when new episodes are made.
    I mean, what do these people at DICE think? That I should pay them for the work they do? Nuh uh buddy. I bought one of their products once. DICE owe me now. I better get everything they’re making in the future for free or I’m never gonna not buy their games ever again.

  • The mode is good fun to play and a nice add. BUT £7.99 and no new maps was a let down as it didn’t take long to get 100% and didn’t need to work out the maps as we have been playing them. But still my best FPS

  • VIP map pack 4 is also out today, but no-one seems to have noticed. Rush mode for Atacama Desert and Conquest for Part Valdez. The Atacama Rush map is pretty much the same run through as the Onslaught mode, and is absolute mayhem (in a good way)!

  • love BC2, good old DICE though……quick to promote yet people are still waiting for the “i am bad company” trophy fix for bad company 1…
    constantly hiding behind the phrase “soon” as a response over at the EA fourms is really getting to people, i’ll buy onslaught when you fix this issue as you have promised now for nearly 16 months

  • @VictorAnalogy: Completely different. The “movie” you are paying for would not be available when you first subscribed to Sky. When you buy a game, the DLC is already complete! They don’t release the game then go “Hmmmm shall we make some DLC?” It is already in the bag! So why not put it on the disc? Rockstar already have the DLC for Red Dead! That was announced BEFORE the game was released!?
    Its a mugs game that you are buying into!

  • What exactly do you think was in the 400mb patch you downloaded last week?
    A huuuuge amount of work goes in to AI programming for bot maps. One of the biggest challenges in programming bots is path finding. You have to program the bots to select the “best” route *and* make them “smart” enough to take a sub-optimal route for flanking. On top of that, BC2 has fully destructible buildings so when a hut has been blown to the ground your AI has to be smart enough to not hide behind it / walk around it any more. This stuff isn’t easy to do. It definitely wasn’t ready when the game shipped. DICE deserve every penny they get for it. You don’t want it, please, don’t buy it.

  • I’d play BF2 again if they fix the stupid knife. A melee attack is suppose to be faster than shooting them.

  • Now? Uhm, wasn’t it like three weeks ago? *Sigh*

  • Lol, agree with you on that one Calloom.. One of the reasons i dont play BF because i find it too sluggish compared to ‘other’ FPS games. Melee kills are supposed to be quick but you miss when your right next to them – [DELETED]?
    Anyways, glad to see this game getting a game mode like this, i wont be getting this but im sure it’d be awesome online with a few mates!

  • Loved BC2 but annoyed about the so called VIP pass. Unlocking existing maps for all the game modes is not “free content”, it just means EA/Dice crippled the modes intentionally. Not happy about that, and as a result not supporting such DLC.

  • New maps and modes not just re-hashes of both.
    I know these maps as well as where I live!!
    Give us something “NEW” for a change.

  • As I thought, Blacklight: Tango Down isn’t released today on the PSN.

  • I played this with a co-worker last week and must say I really like the idea of squadding up to beat the AI. We played with a squad consisting of only me and him on hardcore mode which was very challenging so I suggest you play with a four man squad if you want it to be a bit easier on hardcore mode.
    Other than that Onslaught mode is actually a great preperation for multiplayer because it truly shows you the importance of teamwork.

  • How stupid do you think your customers are that you give away “free” content which basicallly amounts to you unlocking game mode & map combinations which SHOULD have been available on disc and from day one ?
    To follow this up with £7.99 for quite limited dlc is insulting.
    You do know you are working with EA, and not Activision’s Bobby Kotick, right ?
    Get your servers up to standard & show some respect to the people who pay their hard earned money into your company.

  • 1st,check my stats for BC2,so whoever thinks I’m anti BC2,take a hike.
    Shame on you,Dice:4 maps,most stupid AI ever seen,8 basic trophies,no insignias.I bought it same day it came out,expecting something interesting,but all I got was couple of h of squad conquest mode with engineers shooting only RPGs,medics blasting their machine gun like there’s no tomorrow.If you shoot with silent gun hidden&hit the target,all enemies will turn to you&open fire.
    If you passed it on hardcore,there’s no other challenges left,if you’re going for the best time,you only need to check the scoreboards,there are people who finished it in a way that it isn’t fun to play:run,gun&hope you won’t die.Enemies spawn from one spot,just post couple of men facing that direction & you win easy.
    How hard was it to add few insignias for us to chase around?Oh wait,sorry,you still have problems with that ‘all bronze stars’ insignia fiasco.
    I know,that most people don’t like MW2,I don’t,but hell,they have Special Ops,which’s already included in the game&it had 4lvls full of different scenarios in each of them.Loads of stuff to do.
    You have one of the best FPS,which I love to bits,but that mode is just taking a p****.Not cool

  • Onslaught was released 2 week ago…

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught Mode & Battlefield 1943 (£13.99/€17.99) Rating: PEGI 16
    This is a bit cheeky, isn’t it? I bought the Onslaught pack last week full price ($14.95) and just a week later it’s bundled in with Battlefield 1943 ($19.95) for $27!?!
    If I’d know this pack was coming out I would have waited a week, saved myself money and got the two packs together. Another example (along with PS+) that heavy users of the PS Store get punished for buying content when it’s first released.
    This offer should have been on the store last week when Onslaught was released, then I would at least have had the choice to get it instead of the single dlc packs. Instead it comes out just a week later and I feel like I’ve been shafted!!!

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