Patapon 3 Demo Next Week

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PSP owners: get ready to have that tune swimming around your head again – there’s a Patapon 3 demo coming to PlayStation Store on Wednesday 7 July. I’ll leave Chris Hinojosa-Miranda from SCEA to describe what’s in Store…

I have been having a strange urge to walk around with one eyed covered, humming hyper-addictive chants looking to impale anything (or anyone) looking to start something… especially two-dimensional-tribal-mask-wearing enemies.
Why the hyper-aggressive musically induced comic mischief rage? Probably from the days I’m spending rocking out the new (very, very new) Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo (now with more multiplayer!).

Patapon 3 for PSP

So you say, “What’s so special? Patapon 2 also had multiplayer?”
Well let me enlighten you with a few cool single-eyed-facts (to keep it in theme, I’ll limit them to three):
1. Patapon 3 is a whole new chapter in the Patapon saga.
2. There are some really cool new characters, including the Superhero Patapon.
3. To experience the awesome multiplayer adventures that lay beyond Patapolis, you’ll have to go through a strange portal called “the internet.”
That’s right. Patapon 3 has entered the interwebz (so to speak), with exciting new adventures that you can play with your friends via a wi-fi connection… and this demo is but a peep-hole glimpse into an entire new world, full of larger-than-eye enemies, super stylized eye-water graphics, and eye-popping excitement.

Patapon 3 for PSP

Patapon 3 for PSPPatapon 3 for PSP

Should I tell you more? Ok, fine. Patapon 3, the Multiplayer Demo adventure can be downloaded for FREE on Wednesday, 7 July from PlayStation Store… exclusively for your PlayStation Portable.
If you are looking extremely confused asking yourself, “what is a Patapon?” No worries, here’s a quick recap of the story so far (now I am making squiggly motions with my arms taking you back in time).
The Patapons are an extremely ferocious war mongering tribe, whose only passion is to dance, sing, and pillage their way through the countryside in search of their beloved Earthend. Their adventure is a musical one, where you, as their leader, must lead them into battle with a series of timed-specific commands (attack, move forward, defend, retreat). Each command has a unique sequence (i.e. Circle, Circle, Square, Circle = attack), and each sequence must be entered in-time to the Rhythm of the Earth (an infectious 4/4 beat).
Why not give it a try?

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