A Chance To Win 3 Months Of PlayStation Plus

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This competition is now closed. Check the comments to see how it went and well done to the winners: Tha_soh, Carnivius_Prime, Djie7, SolidusDave and Xenostar.
Good morning all. As you will no doubt be well aware PlayStation Plus launched this week, and we’re feeling a little generous and wanted to give you the chance to win a 3 month subscription by joining me with some blog related fun. All you need to do is use your powers of observation and keep an eye on the comments section below. Okay, well there is actually a bit more to it than that:

  • I will post a link to an image in the comments section that will feature some banner artwork from a game that is available on the PlayStation Store. You have to use your powers of deduction to work out what game that artwork is from. The image will look something like this:


  • Once you have worked out the answer, the first person to respond in the comments section with the correct answer will be declared the winner (please don’t just spam game titles without actually checking the images). I will make clear in the comments section who has won.
  • I will then send the winner a code via PSN message.
  • If you are a winner, please don’t then enter again, just to be fair to everyone else
  • I’ll then post a link to the next image, and so the cycle begins again.
  • I have five codes to give away, so will be posting five images over the course of the morning.

I’ll give it an hour from the time this blog post is live, to allow people a decent chance to be aware this is going on, then I will start proceedings. Keep your eyes on the comments section for starters orders.
Just a side note, please keep any questions about Store content until next week’s update, this blog post is just a bit of fun for you to get involved with.

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