Landit Bandit

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Hi Everybody,
Let us introduce ourselves and our little project Landit Bandit which will be available via PlayStation Store from 23 June 2010 for €12.99/£9.99.
We are five gamers that are commonly known as The Bearded Ladies. We started this tiny studio (in Trollhättan, Sweden) at the start of 2009. At that point not a single person in the team had worked on producing a commercial game, but the past year we have been lucky enough to live every hardcore gamers wildest dream; To make our own game for PS3.
The game itself, Landit Bandit, is a homage to several old classics such as Ugh!, Moonlander, CrazyTaxi and the ever entertaining Liero. It actually started out as a tool for rehabilitation of stroke patients, but that is a longer story for another time. Here is a collage of really old stuff and programmers art for now…


So we took something that looked marginally better then the above and made an entertaining splitscreen duel that we brought to the Nordic Games Conference last year. Our tiny indie booth had quite a few players battling it out during the conference and it just so happened that two of them were wearing Sony shirts. Before we knew it we were signed up as a third party developer for the PS3 and the project that was supposed to take 5 months and be PC exclusive had just turned into something completely different…


To be continued…

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