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Hi Everybody,
Let us introduce ourselves and our little project Landit Bandit which will be available via PlayStation Store from 23 June 2010 for €12.99/£9.99.
We are five gamers that are commonly known as The Bearded Ladies. We started this tiny studio (in Trollhättan, Sweden) at the start of 2009. At that point not a single person in the team had worked on producing a commercial game, but the past year we have been lucky enough to live every hardcore gamers wildest dream; To make our own game for PS3.
The game itself, Landit Bandit, is a homage to several old classics such as Ugh!, Moonlander, CrazyTaxi and the ever entertaining Liero. It actually started out as a tool for rehabilitation of stroke patients, but that is a longer story for another time. Here is a collage of really old stuff and programmers art for now…


So we took something that looked marginally better then the above and made an entertaining splitscreen duel that we brought to the Nordic Games Conference last year. Our tiny indie booth had quite a few players battling it out during the conference and it just so happened that two of them were wearing Sony shirts. Before we knew it we were signed up as a third party developer for the PS3 and the project that was supposed to take 5 months and be PC exclusive had just turned into something completely different…


To be continued…

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  • Hello, is there a demo planned for this game?
    It’s better to get a clear judgement from first hand experience rather than photos/videos

  • Looks like a fun game but overpriced like many PSN games.
    Will wait a month or 2 and get it half price, this has happened to many PSN games I have bought so it’s a strong disincentive to buy on launch.
    It would be a sensible idea to have offers on a games launch to buy it.

  • Wow, looks pretty interesting,
    i always love splitscreen games!
    but is it gonna be 2 or 4 player splitscreen?anyway, its always nice to see that sony cares about the little, indie guys (or bearded ladies?) to!

  • Interesting story so far, a little short though, even for a teaser/start… :)

  • I impulse-bought this as it looked good. At the price, it’s not worth it. Held my interest for about 15mins before I didn’t feel like playing it anymore. It’s not bad, but it would need to be about half the price for me to reccomend this to anyone. So, yeah, this is a clear wait-for-sale game, I’d say. I really wish there’d more demos on the PSN store as I could have saved so much money over the years on games that didn’t turn out to be quite what I thought they’d be.

  • Nice story and wish the very best for you guys!
    Bra jobbat, jag kanske köper det snart :D

  • no demo, no buy – sorry, but its time to change a few things, scee!!!

  • didn’t get anything on the game, but the story is good so far!

  • Looks promising but, again, a demo would be nice. :o)

  • F*king awesome, put some metal music in there.

  • This looks like a lot of fun!
    I will be buying this

  • Ugh? That is a blast from the past – I wasted many an hour on my Dragon 32 killing dinosaurs and collecting eggs.

  • It looks gorgeous, esp the water and clouds floating past in the distance. Control-wise i would definitely like a demo before buying it.

  • “no demo, no buy – sorry, but its time to change a few things, scee!!!”
    Couldnt agree more. It was a long time ago since I last bought a game off the psn store because you never know what you get and you cant sell it if you dont like it.

  • “Crazy Taxi”
    Surely you meant Space/Air Taxi. Big fan of the classic concept, but we really need a demo to judge the entertaining value of this “reboot”.

  • Did you say Crazy Taxi?!?! Sold, no question.

  • Every game like this should be under £10 & come with a demo on release day.
    If the games are good they will still sell after letting people try them, right ? If you lack confidence in your product (and this doesn’t relate just to this developer), then do something about it!

  • Hi gamers,
    Thought I would take some time and answer some of the questions.. ..or wait there is only one question.. .and its more of a demand :).
    The reason there is no demo is simply because we are a very small team on an even smaller budget. Releasing a demo requires the same quality assurance process as releasing a full game. This is a time demanding process and since time is money.. .you’ll figure it out.
    We are definitely confident in our product and it is quite possible we will release a demo up ahead, but first we have a few things on our todo list :
    * Generate money for some long overdue salaries
    * Buy new sneakers
    * Purchase an island
    * Book one of those viscously expensive space flights
    * Bathe in champagne bought from the mini-bar on the space flight
    * Sink the island using nothing but caviar and diamonds…
    Ok, you get the point. We need a short vacation before any demo can be released. Until then here is some proof the controls are great :
    “the controls are great”
    – The Bearded Ladies
    The Bearded Ladies

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