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Hi folks,
I didn’t think I would be back here so soon, but we’ve been hard at work creating a free update to Coconut Dodge!


It’s essentially a Director’s cut, as we’ve had a bit more time on our hands to add extra polish and extra features! We’ve also listened to all the feedback you’ve given us so far, and implemented a bunch of your suggestions :-)
Here’s a list of the updates:
1) 3 Lives – This has been the most requested feature. The game is still a great challenge with three lives, and to reward you for playing the game without being hit, you’ll get 20,000 bonus points on levels 10, 20 and 30 if you manage to do it without being hit at all. So, the hardest of the hardcore will have the highest score :-)
2) Quit and Restart from Pause menu. This is something we wanted to do initially, but didn’t have the time. It’s now in all modes of the game (gave something away there!) and works as expected!
3) A different SuperTurbo run animation. It’s faster, with bigger plumes of sand, so that you can tell easier when you’ve activated SuperTurbo speed.
4) A subtle sound effect for SuperTurbo. Again this helps to distinguish SuperTurbo from regular Turbo.
5) Easter Eggs. We’ve added a few easter eggs for you to find! – they are things that have been requested from the community over at They are very easy to find, you just have to look beyond the boundaries of Maze Master ;)
6) Level 10 Bug Fix. This one slipped through our QA and Sony’s QA because it is very rare. Sometimes Level 10 would have no coconuts in it at all. We managed to track down what was causing this bug after a few days non-stop play testing, and eliminated it! Yay!
7) Finally, two of the earlier mazes (from levels 1 and 2) are now featured in Maze Master, replacing mazes 6 and 13.

Having had time to reflect on the game, we realised that mazes 6 and 13 do not fit very well, as they were designed to be used with the bouncy beach balls. Without the beach balls, they are too easy to complete and therefore a bit disappointing when unlocked by a player :-(
We appreciate that removing something from the game to replace it with something else (which we feel is better) might be controversial for some people, and it’s a difficult decision we made due to memory limitations, which I can explain now.
As you will notice, Coconut Dodge has no loading times once the title screen has loaded. The entire game fits into the PSP memory. We did this to eliminate annoying loading times, and the frustrating logos you get at the beginning of every game too. The game is fast and responsive as a result, but it means we didn’t have a lot of room for more stuff.
So, we think the game is far more polished with these two earlier mazes replacing the weaker mazes, as it introduces players to the Maze Master mode a lot sooner, and gives players more of a chance to master the skills they need to progress quickly. We apologise to those people who grew attached to mazes 6 and 13 for whatever reason, but we think that this is a sensible change to the game.
There are other bits and bobs we’ve updated, but those are the major changes.
This update is free to anyone that has already purchased Coconut Dodge, but as patching is not supported by minis, you will need to delete your copy of the game from your PSP and/or PS3 first, and then download the new version! Don’t worry; your high scores will not be affected!
I should also mention that Coconut Dodge is still only £1.99 /2.49 Euros until July, at which point the price will go up astronomically, way beyond the price of a McDonald’s Quarterpounder ;)

[viddler id=3987c38&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Thanks all and we hope you enjoy it – we are very happy with this update, as it adds all the things we wanted to have in the first place, but just didn’t have the time!

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