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With such a deluge of game announcements and new trailers at E3, sometimes excellent games can get overlooked, like a pearl hidden at the bottom of the ocean. That’s why I’ve decided to bring to your attention a few trailers that you may have missed.
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Go back to Kratos’ roots in his second rampage on PSP and discover what shaped the ancient world’s angriest man.

[viddler id=ee7a9508&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Kung Fu Rider
Flee from gangsters on an office chair using your PlayStation Move motion controller in this quirky title from Japan.

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Heavy Rain Move Edition
Play the hit interactive drama in an entirely new way using the PlayStation Move motion controller to mirror the characters’ movements.

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Eat Them
Create your own monster and see how much havoc you can wreak in the city in this PlayStation Network exclusive.

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Heroes on the Move
Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly and Bentley are together at last in this PlayStation Move enabled game.

[viddler id=155411d1&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

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  • Kung Fu Rider looks good.

  • I never had Heavy Rain, but the Move edition looks like something really interesting!

  • Heroes on the Move looks very appealing. Wondering how it plays. Might be one of the games to convince to buy a Move controller. Heavy Rain I’ve been meaning to get for a while. Will it be a seperate version or does the regular one update for free if you already own it?
    Ghost of Sparta is bound to be great so that’s an almost definite purchase.
    Eat Them looks a bit like a revamped Rampage in some ways. Could be fun.

    • We were inspired by old schools games like Rampage – and monster movies and comic books in the making of Eat Them!
      In Eat Them! the player gets to create their own giant monster which they then use to smash, crash and munch their way though the city. The monster is people-powered – so eating folk is a prerequisite of keeping your monster in full-on destruction mode. The 3D game features eye-catching comic-render style graphics, fully customisable monster creation and lots and lots of missions from Maximum Destruction to Hunt. The player has the option of single-player and split-screen multiplayer, head-to-head and co-operative missions. Eat Them! promises action, mayhem, destruction, humour and lots and lots of eating people! The game is scheduled for release this winter. http://bit.ly/eatthemnews

  • Eat them reminds me of Rampage.. great stuff :D All of this is why i love Sony

  • The information I’ve heard. That the DLC for Heavy Rain has been delayed due to working on the move support had better not be true…
    Given the choice. I’d pick the DLC. I’m bloody paying for it afterall.

  • When do we get the promissed DLC for Heavy Rain!!!

  • They’re making a Sly Cooper Collection, now please make sure they do the same for the PS2 Jak and Daxter / Ratchet and Clank trilogies ;-) It would certainly work well alongside the release of Heroes on the Move!!!

  • Also, I must say Eat Them looked interesting, reminds me a little of War of the Monsters, probably the most epic game ever released ever, where the hell is the sequel to that PS2 gem????

  • Kung Fu Rider looks so crazy that i want it, downloaded the trailer from the PS Store and it looks mad but fun, funny if there was a chair add on aswell lol

  • There’s a Sly Cooper collection coming out on PS3? Excellent. I’ve never played them but love Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter (would love collections of those too) so I’ll definitely give Sly Cooper a go. I love Sucker Punch’s inFamous (looking forward to the sequel of that muchly too)

  • More flappy arm nonsense. I find Heavy Rain ‘move’ particularly insulting.
    Heavy Rain was one of very few titles designed with mature, intelligent audiences in mind, and yet Sony deemed it sensible to turn it into a carnival game. What better way to immerse yourself in the storyline and atmosphere than to flap your arms around like a hyperactive child. Wonderful.
    What could make it EVEN BETTER? How about wearing rapidly flickering $150 goggles which dull the image, suck out the colours, and make everything look like a pop out colouring book?

  • Ok Kung Fu Rider as just sold move to me lol

  • Would love to get in on this, I don’t believe motion controls will replace the classic dualshock but it’s definitely worth a look in.
    However, 40 for the Move, 30 for the sub controller and 40 for a game makes me a very sad and lonely player
    Shocks me to think it’ll cost upwards of £100 just to play a game of virtual ping pong with a friend, and another £60 for two sub-controllers if you want to play the “proper” games like Killzone and Resi 5. I feel quite lucky I’ve already got an Eyetoy camera, although it’ll probably work out cheaper if I didn’t
    God forbid I would ever want to play The Fight: Lights Out with a mate. Four move controllers, jeez it’d be easier and cheaper to start your own fight club in the basement

  • James, can you get some confirmation about whether all the cars in GT5 have cockpit view or not? The information seems to have raised more questions than provided answers.

    (sorry) :)

  • @SlipperyFella, I’m with you on the War of the Monsters sequel, it was indeed full of ‘epicness’ and one of the most underrated PS2 games! I often dream about an even more epic online version with an enormous city and customisable monsters. Also Kung Fu Rider just made me laugh a ridiculous amount this early in the morning. I’d love to have seen the pitch for that game. So, You’re a business man who also is a kung fu master … for some reason you decide to steal an office chair, ride it through the city dishing out some vigilante justice … arriving home in time for sushi.

  • I would really, really love Crash Bandicoot on the Heroes on the move. Oh well.

  • still no eu gt5 release date?
    and no replies to the question either, a change of staff but nothing’s changed on the blog i see.

  • just to let you know james
    the twisted metal trailer on the store is broken when you click on download it downloads a picture called “modnationracersgenericthumbnail.png” or something like that instead of downloading the trailer

  • YAY!
    Sly’s back in action! XD
    (The Sly Collection redifined in HD 1080p AND stereoscopic 3D (Active/Passive) AND Hereos On The Move! XD).

  • Could you please post those movies in a way that I can watch them on the PS3 browser?

  • @Thomas Rawlings
    Multiplayer you say? Now I’m really interested cos Rampage was great fun in multiplayer. Definitely adding it to my ‘games I really want to have a go on’ list :)

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