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Hi Everyone, you may have heard in all the E3 hype that we are launching a new premium subscription service called PlayStation Plus, so I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up on what you can expect to get from this great new service so you have all the info before launch on the 29th June.


The first thing to note is that PlayStation Network is still free to join and all the current features will remain free.  PlayStation Plus will be offering you a service above and beyond this, including loads of content and exclusive, member-only, PSN features.

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From 29th June you’ll be able to purchase a 1 year or 90-day membership from PlayStation Store and instantly get your hands on the following premium features. Plus, if you sign up for a 1 year membership between 29th June and 3rd August, we’ll also throw in a free downloadable copy of the award winning LittleBigPlanet.
As a member you can expect to get your hands on at least four games a month at no extra charge.  Each month there will be a selection of one PSN game, two minis and one PS one classics available on PlayStation Store for you to download. You also get premium avatars and dynamic themes each month, many of which are exclusive to members. 
Talking of exclusive, there will also be discounts available on loads of PlayStation Store content, just for members, so make the most of them as these will change each month as well.
Finally, wherever possible we’ll be making sure that members are included in some selected demos and beta trials before they go live to the public so you can be the one to tell all your mates about the next big game they ‘must’ get.
Just the games, avatars and themes alone are worth at least £200* per year, so even before the other benefits, this service is great value for money
Full Game Trial:  
This premium feature gives you the chance to try PSN and Blu-ray disc titles before you buy them in a whole new way.  We are not talking normal demos of selected parts of a game here.  With Full Game Trial, you can download the full game and play it as if you owned it for approximately one hour, depending on the game, before you decide if you want to buy it or not. So you can check out the online modes, play against friends or anything else you’d normally do with a game. 
The other great thing is that your progress and trophies from the trial will all be unlocked if you buy the game so no need to go back and start again.
Automatic Download:
We wanted to offer members the speediest service possible so sign up and you can set your PS3 to automatically receive the latest game updates for all the games you play, PS3 system software updates and even have game demos sent directly to your PS3 without lifting a finger.
Just set the time you want to receive them and your PS3 will automatically wake up and download everything, ready for when you next want to play. No more waiting to play your favourite game because there is a new patch or having to remember when the latest system software is launching, let your PS3 do the work.
Details of this great new service, including a list of content available for the first 2 months will be on between now and the 29th, but don’t forget to get on the Store and sign up before the 3rd August to get the added bonus of a free copy of LittleBigPlanet.
It would be great to hear what you guys think of this new service and I’ll be back one here on Wednesday morning to try and answer any questions you have.

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87 Author Replies

  • So, whats the price?

    • I know its below but in case you didn’t see it the prices are – €14.99 / £11.99 for 90 days and €49.99 / £39.99 for a whole year

  • Cross Game Chat ?

    • The current features of PlayStation Plus are those listed in my post above – Games & special offers, full game trial and automatic downloads. We understand that many of you are asking for a cross-game chat feature, we said during our presentation that the service will evolve over time but I can’t guarantee anything at this time. Hopefully the service as it is currently is great value for money so anything we add will be a bonus ;-)

  • James,
    From how it was phrased at the conference, it sounds like, should your subscription run out, anything you get through said subscription becomes inaccessible. Could you clear this up when you get in? :)

    • Sure, anything you buy with the exclusive discounts, many of the exclusive extras/add-ons, the premium avatars/dynamic themes, and of course the free copy of LBP (if you sign up in time;-) are all yours to keep for good
      The games that you get within the service are available for you to keep and use as long as you are a member.
      Plus, the other exclusive features you get to.

  • theres not much there for $50 , whats the euro price ??

    • €49.99 for the year but the games, avatars and themes alone are worth more than €200 a year, so even before the other features, its good value.

  • you give us this stuff…. but what we want is this
    people have been asking for cross game invites and chat for four years… what is going on? Four years and you still don’t have features 360 had in 2005?
    are they ever coming?

  • will the game/minis/psone game be to keep?
    what if you already got the game on offer?
    cant see myself paying for this tbh dosnt seem to bring any real benifits

  • Hey James,
    Just wanted to find out something before I get hyped. Will this service be available for all PSN regions? Or will it be limited to the US/UK?
    Looking forward to some good news,

    • I like it when I can give you good news! playStation Plus will be available in almost all terr’s that have access to PlayStation Store. the only countries we aren’t able to offer the service to at launch are Turkey and Russia

  • dead link btw
    sounds great i’m just dissapointed about no online storage for saves i know it was a rumour but that would have been very useful
    and what about price?

  • Are all reigns included?

  • is that really it , no way is that worth 50 quid a year

  • £11.99 for 90 days, £39.99 for 12 months – you purchase it through the PlayStation Store.
    When you stop paying you loose the access to what you have downloaded.

    • correct accept you don’t loose access to any of the content purchased with the great Store discounts exclusive to members, premium avatars, dynamic themes, some game add-ons or the LBP free gift.

  • Sounds great and the features are cool. I just hope more features will be added over time. If thats the case, then I will happy buy the price of plus :)

    • We will always be working on evolving the service and will keep you up to date on any new developments

  • Will this be available across all countries?
    Not like Qore and FirstPlay which are only available in USA/UK.

  • If I sign up early to get the downloadable LBP, will my saves transfer across from the disc version? Would be nice to have LBP available at any time.

  • The link doesn’t work.

  • Wheres the Cross-Game Chat? Did you run out of time? Is anything new for firmware updates?

  • In Europe: £39.99 / €49.99 per year or £11.99 / €14.99 for 90 days.

  • do you keep games if you stop subscribing james and also is the lbp for ps3

    • the free games you get with the service are only available while you are a member, but anything you get with the discounts and many of the exclusive features are yours to keep. You also keep the free copy of LBP, this is a gift for those who sign up early.

  • I truthfully believe that the fee is a little too expensive for the provided content. I highly doubt i’ll ever jump in the premium service, but would gladly take part in the 3 months free trial.
    Besides, PS2 Store would have been a great addition.

  • The discounts thing sounds nice but please don’t stop the current discount system you have in play for those who do not take part of Plus. It was a pleasent surprise to see mushroom wars go up for 50%.
    I’m also of opinion that early demos should be a default thing as well. It makes a big difference between choosing to pre-order a game and when not to.
    Alpha Protocol wasn’t really hyped but it looked great on paper and such but played bad. I almost feel bad for those that pre-ordered it and didn’t like it. You shouldn’t have to pay more to prevent that -especially since pre-orders themselves often cost a slight premium over Day1+ purchase.

  • Awesome stuff. Got a price in £s for us?
    Will most likely buy

    • £11.99 or £39.99 – although you only get the free LBP with the year membership. Its well worth it though, enjoy

  • Sorry, but the automatic download feature sounds like something that should’ve been included right from the start. To pay for it, borders on the criminal imo.
    So far this whole scheme doesn’t sound very promising and I’ll need a lot more features before getting aboard.

  • After the year subscription you lose all the stuff.

  • TL:DR (sorry)
    But do I have to continue subscription to PLAY the games I’ve downloaded while on this service? If so, sorry, you ain’t getting my 40 quid (I guess it’s 40 quid).

  • Hang on a moment.
    You lose access to the items you downloaded if you don’t renew your subscription? Meaning you have to repeatedly subscribe just to access your items bought while on subscription?
    If this is true, this is officially one of Sonys stupidest moments. And I saw the ApocalyPS3.

  • Oh ignore my previous comment #15, the downloadable LBP is the PSP version.

  • cross game chat?
    a simple question: when is it coming?

  • @Smoggy, yup its totally pointless for me, its just like an ‘extended’ rental period.
    Oh well.

  • this sounds ok but it does need more features, but i do think that automatic updates should be free.

  • you guys really havent put this together well and dont explain it too good at alll

  • you guys have mucked up bigtime with this charging 40 a year for rentals basically why couldnt u just have offerd cross chat and stuff that people wanted all along we would all pay for that but not this garbage

  • For people who dont think its worth it you get £200 worth of games plus betas, new features and trails. Sorry but £200 of games for £40 is worth it.

  • 33 you lose the games if u stop subscribing though so its only rentals

  • You really should make sure your links work prior to publishing.
    I like the idea of what your’e offering, but if you lose access to the downloaded items if your sub lapses; well that’s just a very poor judgement call and will likely lose you a lot of subs.

  • Sounds good to me, far cheaper than I expected.
    4 free games a month too, that’ll be worth at least £20 so I’m very interested.

  • £40 for £200 worth of games is only worth it if the games that it offers appeal to you.
    the only thing that appeals to me is automatic downloads and I’m not paying £40 a year for that.

  • sorry but this is crap and a total waste of money, most of that stuff should be on the normal psn service.

  • i’m not entirely sold on this either, £40 for what? a bunch of PSN titles, which are already including PSP games, therefore, no good to me, you’re going to ‘try’ and ‘offer’ beta access to ‘certain’ games (there’s no promise there), i do like the idea of not having to do updates manually, but i am not paying £40 for that, and i’m not going to spend £40 to rent a game for an hour either. this really needs clearing up.

    • you get access to PSN games, minis and PSone classics each month, all for your PS3. The full game trial is not just an hour rental but a new way to demo full games before you buy them. plus you get to keep other exclusive content like premium avatars, dynamic themes and game add-ons, then the exclusive discounts that are higher than the normal store discounts, and get LBP for free and to keep forever. Hope thats more appealing??

  • you re-sub though and you get them back instantly so not a problem its priced the same price as live subscription and you don’t see MS giving you free games and discounts for being a gold member do you? People are being petty here they will pay £40 a year to play online with the “other” console but wont pay it to get over £200 worth of content a year on ps3 just because the online play is free anyways. Well your choice really I am gonna do it your a sucker for not doing.

  • does this automatic updates also work for apps like vidzone or is it just game updates

  • I have to admit I was expecting more from this and charging people to download patches automatically really doesnt seem fair. Maybe I’ll get it but I’d like to see more added to it first really. E3 was awesome though, some amazing news there. :D

  • Was looking at the offers and how it was going to work. After hearing the little clause about losing what you have if you no longer subscribe…………………..thanks but no thanks. Plus the games your offering already bought on the free psn that are mine to keep.

  • also what about people who have bought loads of store games and get offered games they already have hmmm have u even thought this through its seems not

  • I hope it’s available to all PSN users also in Poland!

  • Cant wait for this, great one Sony :)

  • @44 do they ever think things through? lol :P

  • What are you guys doing? It sounded like a decent service!
    I was all but ready to part with my cash, and then I hear this, you can’t keep what you are paying for?
    Ridiculous idea.

  • cross chat , 1 free game to keep every month and 2 film rentals every month and BOOOOOOM worth 40 a year isnt so hard sony no1 will touch this

  • looks like a great thing for ppl who buy psn games every week. i just hope stuff wont be exclusive to the service… so i can buy selected content without the subscription

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