inFAMOUS 2: See the E3 Trailer Now!

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Hi guys,
Exciting news I’m sure you’ll agree as Cole MacGrath makes his electrifying return in inFAMOUS 2, the second chapter in the best-selling franchise exclusively for PS3. Check out the stunning new trailer below:

[viddler id=9b0c9691&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

Blamed for the destruction of Empire City and haunted by the ghosts of his past, reluctant hero Cole MacGrath makes a dramatic journey to the historic Southern city of New Marais in an effort to discover his full super-powered potential — and face a civilization-ending confrontation with a dark and terrifying enemy from his own future.
Gifted with extraordinary god-like abilities, Cole alone has the power to save humanity, but the question is– will he choose to do so?
Much more inFAMOUS 2 news to come, so stay tuned – this is one you definitely won’t want to miss!

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  • not bad, i wonder if its him with the ice powers or maybe a new enemy, i cant wait to see what the beast looks like. not too keen on the new look and voice and making him humourous is not to my liking either but im sure it will turn out awesome…

  • Looking spectacular, although i must admit that i am unsure what to think about Cole’s new look. Still prefer the old one to be honest.
    Day one though.

  • My favourite trailer of E3!

  • Can’t wait! The sequel to one of my favorite games of 2009! This and Sly Collection… Somehow I never got around to Sly on PS2, so this time its a definite buy for me!

  • Why have they totally disconnected inFamous from inFamous2 with a total change in character?
    Oh wait they have not, its the same character but TOTALLY different. Dear me, FAIL. :( He looks and sounds terrible, I loved the old Cole.

  • agreed with stormyuk tbh, i think maybe if this is what they wanted for the series they shoulda just made it a different person but i really liked old coles personality.

  • I love Infamous and this Trailer is pretty good but I just don’t care for the new voice they picked for Cole. I feel they should of stuck with the original or went with someone with a less grim sound. Either way the game looks awesome.

  • Old Cole looked and sounded more Bad***
    I don’tlike the new one :(

  • Also: Get this on PSN… NAU!

  • I hate to be negative, but I really don’t like the new Cole either. I can’t help but feel that we’ve seen him in other games(do you get what I mean?), the old Cole really sounded like he had a burden, his tone of voice reflected that very well. Plus the yellow motorcycle jacket worked because it was really different to most game characters, again, the new Cole looks like something we’ve seen before.
    No doubt I’ll buy the game, but for the gameplay (which looks great may I say, what with the new melee and all), although my experience may be ruined a little by that constant voice in my head saying that “this just isn’t right”.
    Please, if you have a different opinion, don’t hate me for mine, because that’s all it is an opinion.

  • could I suggest a downloadable ‘Old Cole’ skin?

  • I feel like this new voice is a step down. I think that if anything Cole should have a slightly more mature and distinguished voice.

  • The voice ain’t as bad as I was led to believe and the game looks excellent. I loved the first one and this is up there with LBP2 and Motorstorm Apocalypse on my most wanted list

  • The new look is okay i guess but what really gets me is his voice and personality….i don’t like it. The game looks like it will be fun I loved the 1st one but i hope this new weird voice and personality don’t ruin the experience for me.

  • i have never felt the need to post a comment on the ps eu blog until now. and not for the right reasons.
    i am sorry, that is NOT cole! it simply isnt, new look new voice, new hair style, if it wasnt for the fact that this is called infamous and his electric powers, i wouldnt recognise him. and on to his voice, he just seems to laid back like he’s taking it all in his stride where as the true cole of old felt real. real burden, like he is a human with actual weights on his shoulders. and his look looks a little to tony hawk for my liking.
    in short i am hugely dissapointed as infamous 1 is one of my favourite games of all time. i cant look at the ‘new’ cole properly. without thinking… what happened to you?

  • Voice bothers me but ill get used

  • Looks brilliant First Infamous was amazing so looking forward to this one. Only change I dont want is to the music. The music in Infamous was epic, Silent Melody was brilliant as a theme for the game. Heres to more Amon Tobin.

  • One of the best trailers from E3, short and exciting.
    Day one purchase also, since I enjoyed Infamous very much.
    Regarding Cole’s new look and voice, unlike some others, I actually find it to be better.
    Way too many game characters are bald and concept directors need to think more personality, in which I consider the new Cole to be much more personal.
    I need to hear more of his voice to make a proper call, but the old voice had a greater burden on it, which suited the story well.
    Looking forward to the game coming out, good job so far!

  • Apart from him looking and sounding weird, the game looks pretty good. I hate his new look and his new VA. He basically looks like a new guy with the same name, maybe a kid version? Ah well.

  • I really don’t like the new Cole, the redesign missed by a mile. Voice actor is kinda similar to the first one, but the character it self is terrible. I want back my yellow badass Cole, not this jerk.

  • Great game. It’s certainly my favourite game of Sony E3.
    I dislike the ice power (Cole, as you say, is the electric man), I would have seen that better as DLC, so you don’t need to integrate them in the story, but if are story-related in a good way there’s no problem.
    Good work Sucker Punch. ;)

  • What about giving his old face back atleast…
    And why did you change his voice… Seems like most fans here dislike the change…

  • Woah, that’s Cole? How is he gonna fit as a selfish badass superpowered guy if he doesn’t sound or look like one?
    I agree with Chogok about having a DLC ‘Old Cole’ skin seeing as they won’t have enough time to change every cutscene, animation etc.
    Still, Infamous was a purely awesome game and i’m definitely getting this one, even if I have to force myself to pretend it’s a different person just so I can accept the changes.
    Can’t wait to use those new powers and terrorise people again :)

  • Still not convinced on the new character and art style, looks like a Nathan Drake wannabe. I thought the dark graphic novel art style and brooding ‘is he good or is he evil’ character is what made the original game stand out. The new Cole is unrecognisable, it may as well be a completely new lead character…
    I will be interested to see how closely the plot follows on from the first game, and how Cole manages to develop ice powers…
    I’m not writing this off yet as I loved the original, but I definitely need to see more to be convinced…

  • Hate the new look and voice. No longer on my instant-buy list…

  • When it doesn’t look AND sound like Cole, how do we know it IS Cole?

  • “it isshshshs alwayshsh shshomething” redesign missed the mark by a lightyear…

  • Nice edit button here btw!

  • Cole iz a bit different aint he?

  • I agree with Apnomis, “Nathan Drake wannabe” couldn’t have put it better myself.
    Plus, I still can’t imagine this Cole fitting the evil character well, or hero either :/
    I feel bad for Sucker Punch now, this must know that this change is going to have a bad effect, but it’s probably too late for them to change it now.
    On another note, will the story revolve around various conduits again? I thought it was great having other people with powers everywhere.

  • Did you only played the original cos of the character? I played it cos it was a bloody good game and this looks to be too. Sure is a lot prettier too.

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