DC Universe Online Debut Trailer

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Hi Guys,
For those of you that haven’t seen it already, check out the brand spanking new DC Universe Online trailer.

[viddler id=1732145b&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

Coming to PS3 and PC later this year, check out for more information on this stunning new massively multiplayer online experience.

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  • Superman owns all MUAH HA HA HA :)

  • Hi we are making a MMO and we are not Blizzard Entertainment hence we will fail.

  • Looking forward to it. I hope that details about subscription fees or whatever will be announced soon ;)

  • Really looking forward to all the new stuff coming out from SOE. Very excited to hear more about The Agency and DCUO at E3, the new trailers for both have been fantastic.
    Just need DC on board with PSN Comics now, especially since they are going to do a special weekly DCUO comic! :)

  • Joker looked wierd…. But he’s still awesome

  • Looking great. Never liked MMO’s before (and I loooooathe World of Warcraft) but since this is DC comics themed which I love and not fantasy crap I’m finding this very appealing.

  • Hopefully someone can answer this:
    Is this game cross-playing platform I.E, PC gamers playing with the PS3 gamers?
    This game does indeed look better, graphically I mean, I just want more game-play footage.

  • This looks awesome

  • already better then microsofts disgraceful E3.

  • Hay sony,
    You better have some good stuff up those sleeves of yours after that thrilling E3 by xbox.
    I am a PS3 only guy but if you don’t give me something brilliant to spend my money on i am sorry but the new xbox is heading my way.

  • i’m still not sold on this. is a really cool idea, but how dumbed down is it going to have to be to be played via the PS3? i mean, my only experience with a MMO was FFXI (and i intend on buying FFXIV for sure, mainly because i’m a huge FF fan boy, not because XI was anything special)and that game was farily intensive on the use of a keyboard. anyone like to comment on this? also, subscription? if it is subscription based, i’m probably out, as XIV is likely to be pay monthly and i am not a big enough dork to pay for two games a month

  • sjeez this looks very bad…. damn Sony take a look at how batman is made in arkham asylum for the love of god please dump the SOE it’s getting sad. After showing awesome stuff like Killzone 3 and GT5 this is a shame, shame on you SOE!

  • I love the idea, but graphically it doesn’t even look as good as a decent PS2 game. Give me Justice League Heroes 2 for PS3 and I’d probably be happier.

  • @da-wolfdude: Still beats the previous version they had of him.

  • looks great
    but there would have to be a freetrial for me to try before i commit myself to a subscription because i’ve never played an mmo on a ps3 before and dont know how it would feel
    also: when is free realms coming out on ps3?

  • I tested this game at NY comic con 2009 last year, and just on the fact that u can not be & Play as the DC Superheroes! Makes me want to forget about this one! Why When They were promoting this game over a year ago hasn’t it dropped? Bugs! If we were allowed to play as anyone of the DC Characters I might change my mind! Screw that made up unknown character you play as!

  • Will it have fees?

  • @debodapro you’re missing the point completely and besides if everything could play as the real DC characters you’d end up with multiple Batmans and multiple Supermans and such and that would just look ridiculous. I find the idea of creating your own character to fight alongside them far more appealing and a chance to be more original. I’ve got a couple ideas I want to try in it.

  • magnificent trailer, flash ftw! =D

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