Trans-Atlantic World Cup Bravado

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Jeff Rubenstein, ayatollah of the US PlayStation Blog, and I got talking about football earlier in the week. It started along the lines of him saying: “Oh yeah… so I hear USA is playing Great Britain in the World Series just before E3.”
And, in an outrageous display of confidence, he issued a wager: if USA beat England on Saturday, then for the rest of the competition, I have to have a Stars and Stripes banner at the top of the EU PlayStation Blog and I must change my avatar to the U.S. Soccer badge.
Of course, If England win then it’s St. George’s Cross atop their blog for a month and three lions next to Jeff’s name.
I see it as fitting punishment for letting Diana Ross take that penalty in 1994.
So come on England!
Jeff Rubenstein, Eddie Pope, Raymond Carver, Eddie Van Halen, Alec Baldwin, Eddie Murphy, Britney Spears, Nathan Drake… your boys are in for one hell of a beating!

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