Brand New SOCOM Special Forces Trailer

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Hi all,
I’m pleased to reveal we have a new trailer for SOCOM Special Forces. As a treat we have a few words from Ed Byrne, Creative Director at Zipper Interactive

[viddler id=3b513f21&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

Greetings SOCOM fans across the pond!
This is Ed Byrne at Zipper. I’m proud to announce that our first official gameplay trailer is now unleashed for your viewing pleasure. After revolutionary group Naga swiftly takes over a Southeast Asian country, a lone group of Special Forces operators is all that remains to bring control to chaos. Led by a legendary NATO Operations Commander, they have just six days to unravel the elusive intentions of Naga’s commanding General.
In the trailer you’re going to see first hand the new features we’re bringing to the SOCOM series, including destructible environments, dynamic cover and an all-new tactical AI system. Under all this you’ll see the heart of SOCOM beating – a team of operators working together against unimaginable odds to get the job done.
We’ve revealed the main characters and their backgrounds in previous posts but now you get to see them in action; stay tuned for further updates.
Okay, you can go back to the World Cup now!

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4 Author Replies

  • Is this and Killzone trailer the two huge announcements? Please tell me its not.

  • Nice new trailers..but ‘huge announcements’? I hope not.

  • I bet they are:) Hoped for gran turismo things:p but we’ll have to wait until tuesday

  • Don’t…I don’t believe that…
    Two huge announcements couldn’t be SOCOM4 and Killzone3,again.
    Okay, Internet lags.

  • Huge announcements, I still wait, too many shooters, give os something else, but I like Killzone.

  • Great! Cant wait!

  • Great trailer :) love it!

  • hope this is not one of the “huge announcements” you’ve been teasing

  • Gameplay? Looked like pre-rendered FMV to me.

  • Typical of sony if these are the big announcements. We’ve got enough of people hyping rumours, we don’t need you to hype news we already knew about last night. Cheers for trailers and info though, it’s appreciated.

  • Seen the trailer on GameTrailers before it came on here :P
    Looking awesome though.

  • same as 1.
    “Is this and Killzone trailer the two huge announcements? Please tell me its not.”

  • Count me in the group of the ‘THIS is the big announcement?’ crowd!
    I am sorry for sounding like an A-hole here, but two 1-minute trailers of games that were already expected – or even announced – MONTHS ago are “huge” announcements?
    We all know that Sony is saving as much as they can for tuesday, but come on!
    Can’t wait for a Last Guardian release date/ window though…

  • i hope this is not the huge announcements … i’m waiting ….

  • they said ANNOUNCEMENT, NOT trailer…wait and see

  • Soooo… erm… Richard.. Care to put us out of our misery here? I mean, some of us have been glued to this page refreshing.. ALL morning! lol (I’m sad, I know) .. but the trailers aren’t the HUGE Announcements, are they?? :-/

  • Love the Trailers, But just like the rest would like to know if these are the announcements, Come on Richard spill it for us!

  • I don’t intend on buying any more shooters until this comes out ;D
    Will this use the same ‘push to talk’ online feature as in confrontation? I thought that was a great feature because it cuts out the background noise from are daily lives like family, pets, coughing etc. lol.

  • Looks sweet, but I need to know is this an online only game, or will there be an offline mission campaign as well? Split screen? Not everyone has high spped broadband-game developers seem to miss this point.

  • Really looking forward to this. I’ll be picking up Move too, so I can’t wait to see how I get on using that in SOCOM ;)

  • Confrountation was my first taster at Socom, and even though it was a buggy mess it was one of the most addictive and intense shooters iv ever played, really eager for your version!

  • We’re going to beat the Yanks at the World cup!!! Plus Socom looks great :)

  • If this is the “two huge announcements” I think SCEE have a diffrent opinion what is huge in the gamingworld then the actual gamers out there have….
    And that is kinda scary and sad..

  • Seriously… a trailer?
    A definition for you:
    “a public statement containing information about an event that has happened or is going to happen.”
    A trailer of an already announced game is not what you hyped at all…. seriously, you guys can’t need the visits… so don’t crap on your fans with false hype.

  • Great trailer Zipper. ;)
    This will be probably my first SOCOM game. I’m looking for a great sp (story) and a solid gameplay.
    I’d love to see all this great trailers on the Store in the next days.

  • Thanks for reply Richard-have a good E3 :)

  • Well it will officially no longer be morning in about 5 mins… I saw somewhere that would be some announcements on here THIS MORNING… eerrrrmmmm…. *scratches head*…

  • these have got too be the so called announcements as they said announcements on blog in the morning and its now 1pm which is not morning anymore . huge letdown classing two trailers of games we knew about weeks and months ago as huge announcements lmao . p.s wont be buying socom for at east a few months after the shambles that was confrontation

  • Hmmm I feel kinda bad being negative here because I love EVERYTHING ‘Playstation’ and I’m always excited to hear about new features, improvements etc.. hence my anxiety and ultimately, disappointment… hmmm.. E3 better have me falling off my seat… seriously! I’m gonna go do something with my day.. thanks for nothing :o(

  • think its safe to say e3 will consist of mainly about move and 3d with talk about all games already announced and gameplay and probably psn plus too .

  • so are you guys going to apologise for this ridiculous stunt?

  • This cant be the 2 “huge” announcements can it?

  • Lets just say that if this is SCEE idea of huge announcements then E3 this year for Sony could be the worst one yet…
    Hope not tho ;)
    But someone should reply to us, the community aint happy! We dont like to be lied to.

  • Trailer is more than a little bland to be honest. Looks very generic and lazy. No personality from the characters at all. Nothing shown in the trailer makes you care about what’s actually happening or why they are there.
    Please, I know what I am talking about and you need to get it sorted for any future trailers. What you are showing isn’t good enough and considering that how big this potentially is, you are squandering all the effort you are putting in with poor trailers.

  • Yeah this is the big Announcements
    First official SOCOM Special Forces gameplay trailer
    In what appears to be Sony’s big Saturday morning announcements, a pair of gameplay trailers were released, showing in-game footage for Killzone 3 and SOCOM Special Forces. Below we have your SOCOM trailer, and you can find the Killzone 3 trailer here. Sit back and enjoy, but pace yourselv

  • Ed Byrne? The Ed Byrne? The Irish comedian? Must be if this is one of two huge announcements! Come on Sony, as one of many ‘Sony Fanboys’ this is a new low!!!

  • I Think This Will Be The Best SOCOM Ever !

  • When are we going to start seeing multiplayer footage so we can either confirm our fears or have them laid to rest? Is it actually going to a SOCOM game or is it going to be another Call of Duty clone with the name SOCOM slapped on it? Is it going to anywhere near what SOCOM 2 was?
    NO HEALTH REGEN in multiplayer!!!!

  • how exactly does the move come into play ?

  • Very generic looking. I guess Zipper should be commended for adding a playable female character though. I hope Lightbox are going to add some female skins in their new title, My GF would have loved to play as a girl in Warhawk.

  • please let there be better controlls this time around.. thats the main reason i never got into this series..same goes for this one, gameplay and environments looks amazing, but why can’t they make these games handle more like traditional third person shooters?
    i gave them the benefit of doubt for socom confrontation, but again the controlls made this game unplayable to me..maybe ill get this one to play with the Move but thats not an option for multiplayer (which id really like to get into..)
    MAG had weird controlls too but i got used to them, and i love the game now.. atleast those controlls are playable..too bad cause ive always wanted to get into the socom series for its realisme (and being a playstation exclusive series)

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