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Hey all,


Here’s what’s coming up in episode 10 of FirstPlay, which hits the Store this Wednesday.
It’s the last of our minis giveaways this week, and we end with what’s probably the best of the lot – super-addictive sci-fi arcader, Aero Racer (worth £3.99) comes completely free with episode 10. And if you’ve missed any of the minis from our last three episodes – Echoes, Blast Off, Age Of Zombies – it’s worth remembering they’re all still available on the Store for just 99p an episode.
In this week’s videos we have two hands-on HD previews. The first is with Tecmo Koei’s meaty sci-fi shooter Quantum Theory, a game built almost entirely from bullets and insanely huge biceps (not that we’re complaining). And the second is with NaturalMotion’s equally muscular gridiron cruncher, Backbreaker, which is built using the same ‘puppet-with-cut-strings’ Euphoria engine that brought GTA IV’s characters to life (and, more entertainingly, death) and makes lining up big hits feel better than actually scoring.



We’ve also got a review of big-trousered adventure Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, as well as our regular round-up of Network Highlights, this week featuring a guide to the best of the Store, a round-up of the latest downloadable movies, and a top ten Just Cause 2 easter eggs. And that’s on top of our HD screenshot galleries, which this week feature what’s almost certain to be the biggest game of 2010, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, as well as blockbuster tie-in Tron and Enslaved.


Please do find us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk, where we run regular giveaways and competitions, and email any suggestions, feedback or marriage proposals to We’re also on the official EU forums here.
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3 Author Replies

  • “and a top ten Just Cause 2 easter eggs”
    No doubt plucked STRAIGHT from the monthly rag.
    :( for the community, as far as this ‘digi-mag’ is concerned.

  • I look forward to the Quantum Theory stuff, been waiting for this game for ages, hopes its worth the wait.

  • @Nathan
    Personally I think FirstPlay is fantastic. It gives me something to look forward to every week on the PlayStation Store. Things are already brilliant with the overly generous free minis and fantastic VO from Lucy Porter. Love it.

  • But still, readers of the magazine are being fed the same news twice, if they subscribe to both.
    Your RDR review, and many others, despite the voice over was still just a watered down version of the rag’s review. If I take a script and re arrange the paragraphs then put it out as my own work it’s still the same core content.
    When you start offering innovative and fresh content, that can’t be found in your own publication, then I’ll start being less down on the app.
    And kudos for the info about non funding from Sony. But your app still shouldn’t be allowed to populate the PSN. It’s tantamount to worthless.
    Sorry, but them’s the breaks.

    • Like I said, I am sorry if you’re not enjoying FP – obviously we want to make people as happy as possible.
      But I have to point out what you’re saying about the reviews and other content just isn’t true. We don’t take magazine copy and rearrange or rewrite it – FirstPlay has its own team and everything is done from scratch.

  • I like First Play. I don’t subscribe, due to the fact that some episodes don’t have things that I’m interested in. I bought episode 9 and that was really good. I enjoyed the RDR review. Sure, I read about it in the magazine, but FP gave me actual gameplay footage that screenshots in a magazine just can’t do justice. So people, give the FP team some slack, and let them carry on with their good work! :D

  • “FirstPlay has its own team and everything is done from scratch”
    ..that just so happen to give the exact same scores as the ones I’ve seen in the magazine, with the exact same reasons (albeit scripted differently to avoid the issue of second-hand info)
    You must take some of us for fools. Since issue one there hasn’t been one iota of info gleaned from the programme that I haven’t read beforehand elsewhere. You even give away minis already in existence and really hammy DLC. What happened to this exclusive content for FP? I hope you don’t mean the themes because they suck.
    This is all falling on deaf ears as you have the majority of the (less than right thinking) PSN audience buying this bile so you must think it’s OK to keep churning it out.
    Well it’s not good enough. Listen to the minority as well as the majority and improve your service.

  • “..that just so happen to give the exact same scores as the ones I’ve seen in the magazine, with the exact same reasons (albeit scripted differently to avoid the issue of second-hand info)”
    Well, yes. The scores are the same because FP is part of the OPM brand – we clearly state its ‘From the makers of Official PlayStation Magazine’. It’s designed to work as a single entity with separate teams working together. We speak with a single editorial voice, but the content itself is totally fresh. It’s not a trick, fella, it’s hard work to create content people can enjoy in different, complementary mediums.

  • Isn´t it stupid to do something from scratch when you have a talented staff writing for the paper mag? It is a bad business model!
    It´s seems you have problems with the folks that already read your magazine. Why not bring it to the rest of europe. I don´t buy the paper mag because it´s on a much hire price but love to have the digital version for 0,99 €. Now stop drinking tea and make it hapen!

  • Once my FirstPlay subscription ends I won’t be renewing it. It feels like you guys are just too slow at delivering the latest reviews and previews.
    We should have seen something on LBP2, Killzone 3 and Infamous 2 by now seeing as they are all announced. I know much of that info is being saved for E3 but magazines out there are able to deliver something. These are all massive games for PS3 owners.
    We should be getting reviews of a game in time for its release instead of consistently being a couple of weeks behind. We want to know if that game is going to be worth it when it’s released on the Friday or the PSN game released on the same day as your magazine is worth buying.
    Try something different like a news section, trophy guide, most wanted games chart, interviews, etc. Mix things up a little because showing FIFA goals every other week is getting old quick.
    I would rather have a magazine with the very latest reviews and previews with some exclusive scoops rather than a free Mini which I’ll play for 10 mins before never playing again.
    Sorry for sounding so critical. I don’t actually think you are far away from having a worthwhile magazine but as things stand its not worth it for me personally.
    All the best.

  • I have to say i’ve been quite underwhelmed by what has been appereaing on FP. I mean all we really get is a bunch of videos to which you could easily go to gaming site and get for free oh and on time not a couple of weeks after the games release. Sure the promise of exclusive DLC is very appealing, but i’m pretty sure you once stated that OPM would get exclusive Demos on the disc and that never happened.
    Well I’ll probablly not renew either after my subscription is over. Having said that i’m not completely negative the production is really cool and i do like the voice over…

  • I have the same problem I had last week…can’t download the free mini?
    Any help with this is appreciated, thanks :)

  • If anybody wants to find reviews for Aero Racer, the game was called Rocket Racing until yesterday. Bit of a silly move considering now nobody will find any press for it whatsover!

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