MAG Interdiction DLC on June 23

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It’s been just over four and a half months since MAG released worldwide and 930,000 battles, 1.7 million players, and 1.1 billion kills later, the time to expand is now.
Zipper Interactive is proud to announce that the Interdiction expansion pack is coming to PlayStation Store on 23 June 2010 for €7.99.
Included is a brand new game mode called Interdiction. Built for up to 128 simultaneous players, Interdiction challenges two rival factions to attack and seize control of three command posts with the aid of several heavily-armed convoys on three brand new maps: Lake Bayano Spur, Sovot Motorway, and Iron Creek Quarry.

[viddler id=5d72fc72&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

To make it even more interesting, we’ve made all three maps completely faction neutral, allowing all sides to play any map whenever they want. In addition, we’ve given every squad their own APC vehicle (that’s 16 APCs on the map at once!). To win, players must capture and hold as many objectives as possible to increase their score while concurrently depleting their enemy’s. In short, Interdiction mode equals crazy battlefield mayhem.
A new game type and three new maps isn’t all we’re packing either. As an extra bonus, we’re also adding the ultimate in MAG protection: our Heavy Improved armour set. Trust us when we say that it doesn’t matter if you’re Raven, Valor, or SVER; if you don the Heavy Improved armour consider yourself a walking tank.
Oh, and one other thing: to reward you for spending your hard-earned money on our new DLC, we’ll also be including a handful of brand new in-game medals, ribbons and trophies! What are they? Glad you asked!

  • Jump Start – Capture two Command Posts in a round of Interdiction
  • Mowing the Grass – Get 10 kills with a vehicle turret in one round
  • Dashed Hopes – Destroy two mines with gunfire in one round
  • Cannonball Rally – Become an MVP (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in a round of Interdiction


  • Roadside Assistance – Capture 10 Interdiction control points over your career
  • Landscape Architect – Get 50 kills with a vehicle turret over your career
  • BOD – Destroy 20 mines with gunfire over your career
  • Designated Driver – Earn five Interdiction MVPs over your career


  • King of the Hills (Bronze) – Earn the Roadside Assistance medal while playing Interdiction
  • Red Ball Express (Silver) – Earn the Designated Driver medal while playing Interdiction
  • Road Runner (Gold) – Capture three Interdiction control points in a single round

So that’s the Interdiction Pack. Again, you can pick it up for €7.99 from 23 June, but don’t think that we’re stopping there – we still have a lot planned for MAG in the coming months.

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4 Author Replies

    • James Gallagher

      I’ve just noticed that the date published was the 22nd. However, that’s the US date and ours is the 23rd, due to our PlayStation Store updates being on Wednesdays. I’ve updated the copy; apologies for any confusion.

  • WOOHOO at last
    So what will that be in pounds as worked out by ps currency converter?

  • Just to point out, at least some of those medals and ribbons can be earnt outside of this DLC. I just got the Dashed Hopes ribbon in a Sabotage map, and already a decent way towards EOD (thats what it says in game, you might have a typo Shijima).

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      Some of the new trophies are not specific to the Interdiction game mode per se, but they have been added as part of Patch v1.06 and this DLC.

  • Probably £8. A 1:1 ratio to the Euro price..

  • Ahh very nice! :) That looks really good, the new maps look good and the new game mode sounds great.
    Price seems pretty good to.

  • Will there be an OIC?

  • twistedintoform

    £6.29 would be my guess.
    not sure whether to pick this up and go back to mag or not, i haven’t played it in ages, and even then it could take a while to get into a game. i couldn’t shake that fisher price toys feel of the weapons either..

  • I should really play MAG more often, these new maps give me more of a reason to do that.
    Also will there be more DLC like this in the future you have planned?

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      Zipper have big plans for MAG for a while to come yet. Watch this space for more news over the coming weeks and months.

  • £5.99 is what it SHOULD be, but won’t

  • FANTASTIC ZIPPER! So I guess the 1.7 million players is also an indication on how many copies this game have sold. I hope so! MAG is an fantastic game! IM gladly paying for this FANTASTIC DLC!
    Well done! Keep it up and make innovations in this game. MAG can become a big franchise if you guys/girls continue to innovate and support this product. Add stuff and new things that expands the MAG experience.
    Look and Singstar and how much it has evolved until now. Allot of changes and I can see MAG to the same.

  • #10
    If it is like the euro price it should be £6.60

  • Hi,
    So what’s the deal with this DLC; is it tied to the account that purchases it like some of the other little MAG DLC’s were, e.g. Fast Attack Pack ?
    Basically, if a user plays MAG on 3 separate PSN accounts, does this mean they have to buy the DLC 3 times (once on each PSN account), in order to play the new modes/maps and such?
    It’d be nice to get some clarification on this issue before the DLC drops.

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      Like most DLC for the system, the content is locked to the PlayStation®3 that it’s installed to, but can be played by any PSN account on that system.

  • Nice!!! Extra map DLC! :D

  • @ 13
    If you play on the same console the dlc will be on all.
    You can dl it on a friends ps3 and he’ll have it to =)

  • I’ve been waiting for something like this for awhile now that would bring me back to MAG. Definitley going to buy it but I hope this doesn’t split the community up as I hear not many play MAG anymore.

  • Soccerbeast1031

    when will the searvers be back up?

  • FAIL, you have forgot to change the date from the us-blog. In EU the PSS don’t updates on tuesdays. Because of that it will be the June 23 NOT the 22 June

  • Brings a fresh spark back into MAG, wished I never vetted now, I’m at a low level and will get hammered.
    I’m very tempted.

  • MAG team I think I got a glitch.
    I finished a Domination game and I got this trophy.
    Red Ball Express (Silver) – Earn the Designated Driver medal while playing Interdiction.
    The symbol is a red ball with a grey shadow trail following it and a silver border.
    I got the trophy and it shows on my trophy list. It must be some sort of glitch or something?

  • About [DELETED] time!

  • I’ve been waiting for an age for fresh life to be given to MAG, and now it’s here :D! The constant gluttony of LMG spamming, Sver’s maps and the Japanese (don’t play against them – it’s brutal) put me off MAG. This should easily allow me to dump another 30-50 hours into MAG :).

  • Still no new Weapons and weapon customisation :/

  • hell yeah! love this game and its constant dlc’s…too bad this one aint free though, that really puts a gap in between players (normal players and players who can afford the dlc..)
    new mode looks ok, looks like the 256 player modes but more organized and teambased..i still prefer sabotage though..pretty much the only mode i play..

  • >> FANTASTIC ZIPPER! So I guess the 1.7 million players is also an
    >> indication on how many copies this game have sold. I hope so!
    it’s about twice the number sold so far.. it could do with a bit of a marketing push to get it past the 1m copies sold.
    US: 510,000
    EU: 250,000
    JP: 70,000

  • This doesn’t get released till thursday in aus. :( What happened to when the store used to update world wide at the same time? why did they change it? It was better that way. Now we have to wait almost an extra 2 days to play. And all the americans will be heaps good at it and own all.

  • Just a short dumb question: Is the DLC region-specific?
    I’m just asking, because I bought the Canadian Version of MAG and only have access to the European PS-Store and now I’m wondering if this will work out…

  • I have to say this that this is not nice, I woke up like 12 o’clock in finnish time and i wanted to buy that new DLC but it’s not yet there! next time plz guys put the time on there that we will see when it’s at the playstation store! THAT WOULD BE NICE!


  • sony update the fricken ps store with the dlc!

  • Downloaded it, intalled it can’t play it just say visit Sony store so i re downloaded it reinstalled it and it still will not work BCES 00558, Where do i get help???

  • OMG on my case it says BCES 00558, and on the game disc it say BCES 00818 3rd time lucky.

  • OMG I’ve had this DLC since launch but because no-one seems to be playing MAG any more it takes forever to get into a game (circa 30mins). Everyone seems to be playing Sabotage and ignoring the other game types…
    Very frustrating… In the last week I’ve played two battles before giving up waiting and joined everyone else on Sabotage…

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