PlayStation Move Developer Diary: The Shoot For PS3

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The Shoot is a title exclusive to PlayStation Move, an arcade shooter where you are an action hero and the PlayStation Move motion controller is your gun. Listen to the director and shoot your way through five different spoofs of classic B-Movie themes: the Wild West, undersea monsters, haunted house, mobsters and a robot invasion. Shoot through parts of the highly destructible set to see what they’re really made of.

[viddler id=2bd19175&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

You can use the PlayStation Move to activate special powers. Shoot into the ground to generate a Shockwave and destroy all your enemies in one blast, spin on the spot to slow time with Showtime, and fire in the air to activate your all-powerful Rampage gun. No more need for buttons or foot pedals – just duck behind cover and dodge projectiles, using the PlayStation Move. You can even co-star with a friend in your own action movies!
Oh, and don’t forget our Challenges. We’ve taken our movie themes and applied them to motion games like underwater baseball and haunted house bowling, and a few more surprises…
Putting The Shoot together has been a brilliant experience for me and the team at Cohort Studios. The PlayStation Move has been a joy to work with from day one, giving us amazing accuracy and opening new opportunities to take the shooter genre forward in the game’s design. Putting the PlayStation Move and the PlayStation 3 together, we’ve created a fast-paced, fun-filled action title that wouldn’t be possible with traditional controls or even a lightgun. Check out the video to get a taste of what The Shoot has in store for you.
We really hope you enjoy the game when it comes out around the launch of the PlayStation Move. Looking forward to seeing all your high scores!

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  • Looking good! Now stop teasing and give it here ;-)

  • looks like it could be fun

  • I can haz price on Move?

  • It’s looking great. Now, give me a time Machine so I can test this. I can’t wait :)

  • 3, dat be ma cument..
    Seriusly though I’m not realy in to this, but im realy looking forward to the move.

  • I hope we see some good move games beside the predictable games like this rail shooter.
    I hope Ape Ascape 3 will be an title that moves “move” hardware.
    No pun intended

  • I really don’t want to point my arm at the tv and imagine that i’m holding some sort of gun, as you can see the arm starts to shake after a while and get’s tired. If we were to get some sort of holder, like something that resembled a submachinegun – we could hold it like a real weapon with both our hands and the stability would be far more accurate.

  • The Shoot is nice for casual and younger gamers out there. But for the avrage Playstation gamer this in my eyes is not worth my time.
    Home Sony at E3 wil prove me wrong that Move is just Sony’s way to get the Wii audiance.

  • I’m sorry but this is no different than what the wii did a long time ago. Sure it looks a bit better and the accuracy might be better but it’s still just an onrails lightgun shooter. Nothing innovative as far as I can tell.

  • Im really mad that Nintendo brought this gimmick upon gaming. I despise motion controls. No offense SONY. I still support you no matter what just dont expect me to buy MOVE.

  • Looks a little ‘jittery’ for my liking. I look forward to the tech, especially if media manipulation gets developed using move but for games, I’m not too sure.
    Then again, Move is not really for gamers is it? It’s for the larger casual customer base who will be playing with this in their family unit.
    Me, I’m a couch gamer and a controller will do fine. I really can’t see me playing through an entire game in one ‘standing’ using move, I’ll be knackered.

  • You do realise this is gonna just pave the way for tons of shovelware and kids games on the PS3. Look at the Wii’s game library, around 75% (probably more) of the games are rubbish.
    In my opinion, this is not the right move for the PS3 and Im sure many others will agree. I know its been said a million times before but we need more Xbox-esque online features instead (Cross game chat etc).
    If you are trying to appeal to ‘casual’ gamers, you are wasting your time! Most of them will already have a Wii and also the PS3 is too expensive to compete with that.

  • I agree Danlisa it looks very jittery, the cursor is wiggling around all over the place. It could be that he is constantly pulling the trigger which is making it jump up slightly but its hard to see if that is the case.
    Still not made my mind up about Move

  • I was looking forward to this but have to say that the jitter crosshair just looks exactly like a Wii game, which I hoped we wouldn’t be seeing, perhaps having to bolt this onto the EYE is a problem rather than designing it from the ground up. I hope to see some better demo’s before I make my mind up.

  • i think the commercial should be changed
    “It does everything” to “it did everything”

  • @Comment 15
    what do you mean?
    Sony’s SIK! Especially with Move comin out! =D

  • @8 agreed, I wont be bothering with move, so games ‘purely’ for move, I don’t expect them to do well.

  • This looks really amazing, I can’t wait until it comes out!
    I hope there will be more previews of existing games, such as Little Big Planet.

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