PlayStation at E3: 1996

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If 1995 was about demonstrating the hardware, 1996 was all about getting that hardware into as many homes as possible and Sony Computer Entertainment announced a huge price drop to the PlayStation system that was the big talking point of the show.
On the game front, we were introduced to Crash Bandicoot, who would go on to become a PlayStation mascot and Lara Croft, whose appearance in Tomb Raider was the first step towards becoming a cultural icon.

Psygnosis announced sequels to WipEout and Destruction Derby, Namco brought the second instalments of Ridge Racer and Tekken, and a company then known as Squaresoft offered a glimpse of Final Fantasy VII.
We were entering the age of the videogame blockbuster, where crowds erupt for a 30 second clip of FMV footage and press conferences are as spectacular as they are informative. E3 1996 was a huge show; so huge, in fact, that the following year the organisers decided to move to a bigger venue in Atlanta.

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  • almighty-slayer

    Awesome again :) Enjoying these
    Just looking forward to seeing what good points you can pick out of E3 2006 :P Haha

  • I miss old school Crash :(

  • These are great recaps, will you be doing one for every year up to 2010? You could just about fit them in before the 2010 conference if you did a year a day including weekends! ;)

  • Carnivius_Prime

    I think even at this point there wasn’t much for me on the PlayStation yet and I was still enjoying the SNES too much especially Yoshi’s Island, Tetris Attack and Terranigma all having been released around that time. My first PlayStation games were Time Crisis, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut and Soul Blade and I liked them all a lot at the time though unlike most of my faves I don’t feel compelled to play them at all these days.

  • Ohhh, amazing. Crash and Tomb Raider were exactly two games that forced me to buy PlayStation :) And I really miss old Crash too :( It would be awesome to see another Crash game or at least Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3!

  • My favourite Crash game is CTR but the other ones were also good.
    Also did we decide what time Sonys E3 conference is on. I heard 6pm BST, 7PM BST and 8PM BST. Which is it?

  • Why no next-gen version of ‘Destruction Derby’ yet? That was an amazing game for its time. I loved Crash, Tomb Raider, RE… :P

  • awww, only if crash bandicoot remained a sony-owned IP X(
    Why did sony sell him?!?!?
    and spyro?!?! XO

  • Haha Crash B. was one of the first games I played on Playstation! I was only 7, and there was no Gran Turismo yet..

  • PSONE was a revolutionary system for me. Especially when it came to fighters and sports. Rival Schools still my favorite from that system. But i had a massive collection of games that were to the cream of the crop. Can’t wait to see what E3 this year has in store.

  • I can only agree – very nice idea for a blog feature. I got my Playstation at the Euro launch, there were quite a few good games at launch but the real star for us was the demo disc with the Destruction Derby demo. So much fun…

  • 1996 was IMO the best year in the history of PSX. WipEout 2097, Tekken 2, Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Final Fantasy VII were all top-notch games that are still remembered fondly by many today. Cheers for commemorating them! =)

    • James Gallagher

      1997 was a good one – I enjoyed writing it and hope you will enjoy reading it tomorrow. There’s an extra special video included!

  • and the gaming god said let there be me and thus i spawned and according to this so did Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider

  • Too bad we cant enjoy PS2 classics on our ps3s, too bad sony are too stupid to relise everybody wants to play there old PS2 games. too bad sony dont relise we dont want the back catalogue of Disney games. too bad im getting a xbox soon…..oh wait thats a good thing

  • #14
    It’s A PS3 NOT A PS2 you use a PS3 to play PS3 GAMES if you want to play PS2 GAMES PLAY THEM ON A PS2.So you are buying a Xbox360 because ps3 cant play ps2 games?Well god luck playing them on the Xbox 360.

  • Sorry to be a buzz kill but I always hated Crash Bandicoot simply for not having a save function to be used anytime on the world map, only when you completed a level, so it was a pain completing the game to 100% (which I liked to do with every good game).
    Nintendo games on the SNES could do this, but a newer PS1 game couldn’t… minor irritation that angered me to no end. Still, the later games learned from this mistake and updated the save system to make it a lot more fun and much more possible to slave away trying to find all the secrets.

  • I follow Sim Racing.TV online and they are banging on about some Big Racing Announcement at E3 2010. Can anyone shed any light on this? By the way. Jessica Lopez who presents it is out of this world.

  • Ahh… the year that Myst was released for PSone, I’ve been a fan of point n click adventures on PlayStation since that day.

    • James Gallagher

      Myst… I quite like it. Will I get in trouble for saying there should be more point and click games on PlayStation 3? Probably not.

  • that year i was born lol so yeah dont know nothing and im a litle proud :P

  • @James, the PS3 does support mice, so I’m surprised we haven’t had a flood of PnC adventures already, but I suppose the Move controller could be an acceptable substitute for a mouse (assuming Sony have this genre in mind).

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