Tehra Half-Human, Half-Demon Heroine On PSP/PS3

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Hi guys, Tehra: Dark Warrior PSP MINIS is out!!!
TDW is a fantasy-based RPG slasher set in the times of knights and dragons. As you navigate through each level you encounter numerous enemies or varying size and strength. Using the power of your large sword you battle through grabbing and slashing everything in your path.


The game is set in the land of Sistar, a city laid to waste due to endless war between the humans and a tribe of vicious mythical demons called the Urka’h. As the main player in the game, you move through realistic 3D environments aiming to grow stronger and gain more skill to ultimately defeat stronger enemies. Throughout the game you’re likely to meet a number of creatures, including the likes of Orcs, the undead, Mages, enormous Trolls and some of which will be unknown to man. Tehra was created as a hybrid human-devil to mediate the conflict and maintain peace. With the help of demon blood, Tehra can switch from human to demon, wherein her attacks are stronger and deadlier but require more energy.

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Overall, while I found Tehra Dark Warrior to be visually stunning, showing off its immersive 3D realistic environments – and lets be honest here, they are great!!!!


Click here to see how it looks!

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