PlayStation At E3: 1995

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1995 was a significant year for the games industry: the first PlayStation console was released, we saw glimpse of the future when the DVD was unveiled and the Los Angeles Convention Centre hosted the first Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3.

Previously, games companies had appeared at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) but, as the medium grew in scale and popularity, the Digital Software Association, which became the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), decided it needed its own flagship event.

As the original PlayStation had launched in Japan the previous year, this was a time for the Western audience to get its hands on such games as Battle Arena Toshinden, Warhawk and Ridge Racer.

One of the enduring memories of 1995’s E3 is the appearance of Michael Jackson at the PlayStation party; one of many celebrities that would attend over the years, either for business or pleasure, as the games industry grew rapidly.

What are your fondest E3 memories?

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  • great idea for a series of posts James. Hard to believe that this was 15 years ago!

    • James Gallagher

      Thanks, I’m working away on the other years and will be posting one a day to excite you to boiling point!

  • Seeing SARPBC 2 at E3… Oh wait, that never happened.

    I’d have to say that seeing the Gran Turismo 5 trailer last year is my fondest E3 moment, seeing as it was the first E3 I saw :P

  • the good old times lol , Playstation fan since those days !!!!! i still remember the first time i played Metal Gear

  • Haha but 15 years ago? Mad!


  • lol ridge racer was classic on ps1 haha anyone remember the trick to swap discs so you could listen to your music while playing lmao epicc

  • Best E3 was the one with MGS1, worst E3 was 2008 where MS stole FF13 and claimed it was HUGE even though it had just gone multiplat, not like it was 360 exclusive or anything. Good job Sony has so many 1st party studios – they totally eclipse MS and Nintendo combined.

    • James Gallagher

      Yes, MGS games have a habit of stealing the show at E3. Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks for plenty of highlights.

  • Meh

    N64 > PS1

    Gamecube > PS2

    DS > PSP

    Wii < PS3

  • @ 9 lmao lmao lmao lmao when do you next see your doctor m8

  • for some reason i smell an EPIC E3 from SCEA this year , i hope im right , pre E3 announcements have been AMAZING , im just waiting for u guys to make Motorstorm 3 official , Killzone 3 , LBP 2 , Socom 4 , God of War Ghost of Sparta and now Motorstorm 3 rumors before E3 …i dont think i have seen so many amazing games getting announced b4 E3 in my long time being a playstation fan , hopefully i will be there at sony’s press conference to see it in person !!!!

  • The Uncharted 2 video from last years E3 is my fondest memory. I have only watched the last two E3s though.

  • I remember I had 2 PS1’s, a slim one and a fat one. Exacly the same now with the PS3’s haha

  • 15 years ago? I’m so old….

  • ano 15 years since ps1 was out to think i was 10 when it came out lol .

  • @ seany1. Lol, I used to swap the game disc for music when i was playing Gran Turimso as well; those were the good old days!!

  • I only remember last year’s E3 because I was expecting a lot of GT5.
    But the trailer was really nice …I followed the whole press conference! I will do so this year again.. Because I hope this will be thé E3 for Gran Turismo 5. All signs are positive until now.. so my hopes are very high!

  • Oh I forgot to mention my fondest PS3 moment, I think it was 2005 when the PS3 was unveiled with the boomerang controller!


  • @ truebadman defo m8 those were the days i’ll never forget the times me and m8s had on ps1 and ps2 . im still a big kid at 25 lol but doesnt feel the same when your m8s are more mature in the head than your are lol so ps3 times are never as good as ps1 and 2

  • Wow that video is terrible, it’s like that “Room 23” in Lost :)

  • 260 KB Memory cards? 500GB HDD :)

  • i remember last year when Mod nation racers was first introduced! awesome game, awesome memory!

  • James, will Metal Gear solid rising be mentioned? Can we have a trailer!

    • James Gallagher

      I have no idea but I hope so – I know as much about what Konami have lined up as you do.


    Have to agree. Kaz looked so annoyed that no-one else was impressed :D

  • okay, just hope we all get an actual trailer for the game this year. can’t wait for playstation move to come out!

  • Probably the PS3 unveiling, the whole thing totally blew me away at the time, especially the boomerang controller and the pre-rendered “in-game” videos ;-)

  • will the E3 be on ps blog or the actual ps site? i wanna watch it on 15th cant wait!

    • James Gallagher

      There will be live coverage here on the Blog and in-depth interviews and features on

  • Please post Sony’s E3 Press Conference on the SCEE PS Stores this time (as soon as possible after the conference), last years E3 Press Conference was posted on the US Store and not on the SCEE PS Stores

  • It still gets me how long Sony have been in the mix. Humble beginnings in 1992 with Sony Imagesoft and the constant movie licences to one of the platform holders and biggest publishers today.

    Getting old, boyos.

  • getting better at the same time though

  • thanks james ill watch it here on the blog

  • last years promissed to deliver the videostore to the EU before the end of the year..

    1 year later the EU is still waiting

    ps the UK is not a part of the EU,since they don’t pay in euros

  • cant wait for gamescom 2010 either!

  • almighty-slayer

    Love the idea, James! Look forward to seeing the other posts on other years :)

  • “my grandma can drive faster than that” ;)

    amazing game Ridge racer was need more off them on PSN

  • The PlayStation Brand is the BEST IN THE WORLD! :)


  • “…based on real Japanese history; so here’s a Giant Enemy Crab – attack it’s week point for massive damage…”



  • How about getting some of these games on the PS store.

  • I don’t know what Sony could do to “win” this years E3.
    Microsoft got Project Natal, Gears of War 3, Fable 3 and usually get some former Playstation franchise coming to the Xbox 360.
    And Nintendo got Metroid: Other M, a new Zelda game and the 3DS.

    The press have already seen Move, Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2 and we know that inFamous 2 is coming.

    So what can Sony do to win this years E3 and get back in the driver’s seat of the gaming industry?

  • One of my favourite moments was when I realised Nintendo’s E3 2008 titles were really bad, I saw the PlayStation press conference and I sold my Wii immediatly and got my PS3… :)

  • I remember the 2005 E3 fondly as it was the first one I watched live online – I remember being amazed by the tech demo of Alfred Molina (Doc Ock in Spiderman 2) and Phil Harrison’s continuing obsession with rubber ducks, and of course the infamous ‘target render’ trailers for Motorstorm and Killzone 2. Of course in hindsight there was a lot of over promising in that E3 too like the boomerang controller, 2 x HDMI for split screen gaming, 4 x Ethernet ports, and various bold promises about PSN and Remote Play…

    Then there was E3 2006 with those Giant Enemy Crabs and Riiiidddgggeee Raaaaaacccceeeeerrrrr!

    Followed by the broken promises for Home in 2007 (Social website integration? Mobile phone integration? Working TVs/Hi-Fis/Photo Frames that streamed your content?)

    And who could forget the inspired decision to showcase the Sony Financials in the form of a LBP level in 2008. (I hope you guys do this again this year with LBP2)


  • pt2.

    Then last year when things finally started clicking into place with Sony and the PS3 and they had a great showing including a live stage demo of Move (a great decision given Sony’s previous history with over-promising on hardware, and given MS made the mistake of over-promising with Natal using faked trailers) and various other surprise announcements like FFXIV and Agent, as well as great demos of Uncharted 2, MAG, Modnation, The Last Guardian, God of War 3 etc.

    Needless to say I’ve got big expectations for this years show, and will once again be streaming all 3 press conferences live :)

    I personally feel like this will be one of the biggest E3’s ever with all 3 press conferences promising big announcements/surprises.

  • Thanks for making that video playable in the PS3 browser James.

    Although i had already seen the leaked trailer, seeing the official announcement and footage of The Last Guardian , that’s all i can remember when i think of E3 now. :)


  • This reminded me of how awesome Sony’s advertising campaign style was for the PS1 and then the PS2… they had much more of a darker weird angle on things, remember The Third Place?

    Back to PS1, I love putting the Demo 1 disc in just to listen to the track and look at the menus… and play on good old Battle Arena Toshiden

  • Roaring, walking, virtual T-Rex!!

  • I got an invitation to E3 2005, but couldn’t get there as I didn’t have enough money for the flight and hotel :(

    A good friend of mine went instead and got me some nice swag :P

  • Oh, and the Metal Gear Solid 2 E3 trailer from 2000 is the most memorable trailer I ever seen. Shame I was disappointed by the game when it was finally released.

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