Digital Comics Store Update (2nd June 2010)

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Digital Comics Wednesday is upon us once again. Let’s have a look what’s in store.


One of this week’s highlights has to be Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time Graphic Novel. Over 70 pages of beautiful art based on the movie of the game. Weighing in at over 160 MB, please make sure you’ve got room!
From Icon, the award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming continue their landmark Powers series. Stand alone Issue 7 sees Warren Ellis (yes THE Warren Ellis) join detective Christian Walker on a case. Ellis subjects Walker to lectures on the state of the comics industry and the medium of comics itself. It’s all very meta, and a must read for comic fans.
Powers #8 sees the start of a new story arc called Role Play which details one of the most disturbing cases of Walker & Pilgrim’s careers. A group of college kids who role play their favorite super-heroes are being murdered one-by-one, and unless Walker and Pilgrim can stop the killer, more kids will die.
Markosia start a new series called Hope Falls which looks rather intriguing. The comic’s protagonist is Helen Gane who was murdered twenty years ago, and yet she returns to the peaceful town of Hope Falls looking not a day older. She is still a little upset over the whole murder thing and sets about taking vengeance on those responsible. I’ll be reading issue 2!
Here’s this week’s complete list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1682 2000AD 18+
  • Atomic Robo Vol.3: Shadow From Beyond Time #4 Red 5 Comics 9+
  • Beyond #2 Liquid Comics 17+
  • Criminal (2006) #8: Lawless #3 Icon 18+
  • Criminal (2006) #9: Lawless #4 Icon 18+
  • Devi #2 Liquid Comics 12+
  • Donald Duck and the Contact Savingitis Disney 3+
  • Donald Duckling and the Assisted Courtship Disney 3+
  • Eat The Dead #2 Liquid Comics 17+
  • Hope Falls #1 Markosia 17+
  • Kong: King of Skull Island #5 Markosia 12+
  • Powers (2000) #7 & #8 Icon 18+
  • Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time Disney 3+
  • Ramayan 3392 AD #2 Liquid Comics 12+
  • Serpent Wars #4 Markosia 12+
  • Snakewoman #2 Liquid Comics 17+
  • Virulents #2 Liquid Comics 17+
  • Walk-In #2 Liquid Comics 17+
  • X-Mickey #13: Krimold’s Hearth Disney 3+
  • Zombie Broadway #2 Liquid Comics 17+

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7 Author Replies

  • The good old 3:
    Norway/Rest of Europe, Crossregion gifting and PS3 reader.
    Some new questions:
    Then, Who is it that we in Norway can contact about the comic store?
    When the store is released here, will we get access to “all” of the english ones that are out, (Aleister Arcane 1, 2 and 3 is out in UK, will on opening all 3 be avavible, or will they be released one and one)?

  • Shadowdragoon, I think he got it now xD

  • Loving the new stuff from Liquid Comics, it’s nice to see something different. I ended up downloading all the comics except three last week and I’ve already bought the next issue of all seven. They’re definitely the best thing to hit the store since Locke & Key.

  • Issue 2 of The Sadhu seems to missing from your list as well, unless my eyes/mind are playing tricks on me?

    • Hey Darkscorpius, well spotted! Sadhu #2 is out this week too. Which of the Liquid comics would you say is the best? I’ve not had the chance to read many of them yet.

  • @Darkscorpius, which comics from Liquid do you recommend? I think it’s Liquid, but Incognito is great!
    Will definitely pick up the PoP comic, how much will it be given that it’s 160MB?

    • Hi Zoibie, I had the same question! BTW Incognito is from Icon. I believe Prince of Persia is £3.19 which is good value for 4 comics worth of stuff!

  • Still want DC comics, it shouldnt be too hard since you guys have DC universe online coming for ps3 right?

  • Hi Pete, that’s a tough one as I enjoyed them all. I’d say Devi, Sadhu and Eat the Dead probably stand out the most.

  • For the release in Belgium, are you in talks with publisher Dupuis? I would very much like to collect my childhood favorites again. I lost most of my collection during my move out of the parental home.

  • @Zoibie I bought Devi, Sadhu, Eat the Dead, Ramayan 3392 AD, Snake Woman, Virulents and Beyond last week, I’d recommend any of them tbh, especially the three I mentioned above.

  • So still no chance we’ll be seeing the Comics store in other regions?

  • A new week, a new set of information-sharing.
    You asked me last time if there where any info on the for our local offices. All i could find was the address to the SCEE in general; e.g the London address.
    I see ShadowDragon has asked the same question. WHO do we contact? or even better; who do we contact, who may know whom to contact?

    • I’ve asked around but no one knows who knows or who may know who knows! Maybe email the SCEE office and ask for a contact?

  • @Darkscorpius, I’ll give them a look, just as soon as I’ve finished Kick-Ass ;)
    Looking at the description for PoP I’m a little wary, one of the categories listed is ‘Children’… it’s not too.. ‘Disney’ is it (couldn’t think how else to describe it :p)

  • god of war comics?

  • @Zoibie How is Kick-Ass? I got the first issue but haven’t got around to getting the rest.
    I was going to get PoP as well but I’ll wait I think. Let me know what it’s like if you get it.
    @Pete Do you think we’ll ever see any Buffy graphic novels in the store? Prefably Season 8.

  • Any idea when Locke & Key #6 (the £50 notes and clotted cream version!) will be released? Anyone know when it was/will be out in print?
    And do you have any update on the addition of Giant-Sized X-Men #1 – the conclusion to the Joss Whedon X-Men story arc?
    Please and thank you, just like mum told me! :)

  • I second Acridweasel’s post. We need more Locke & Key (£50 notes/clotted cream included!) and more of Joss Whedon’s X-men, I need to know what happens next.

  • @Darkscorpius, Kick Ass is great! I don’t know how faithful the movie is to it since I haven’t seen it. Still, stick with it!
    I’ll PSN you about PoP if I get it (which, knowing the big PoP fan I am, I probably will)

  • Locke & Key? Dragon Age # 2?

  • @Darkscorpius, I’ll take advantage of your Liquid Comics recommendations as well :) I tried out the two free issues that they had last week but neither of them really grabbed my attention.
    Shall be grabbing my weekly 2000AD Prog, the Judge Dredd: The Talented Mayor Ambrose storyarch has been fantastic, and for someone who normally doesn’t care for zombie stuff, Zombo in 2000AD is fantastic!
    Will also be reading Atomic Robo, Thor, Powers and I will likely check out Prince of Persia

  • @Pete
    Ill try later, maybe it leads somewhere =)

  • I give up :( Still no more Sonic

  • @21 Alyndri, I am pretty sure Pete asked iVerse on Twitter for more Sonic and they replied that they would submit more. Might take a few weeks but you should see more Sonic some time in the near future I think.

  • Are these comics only available on the PSP? or can i get them on the PS3?

  • You can get neither, because you are in Norway.
    IF we had access to the store we could get it for the PSP. No comic-reader for the PS3 as of yet.

  • I see, i guess the comics need translated into Norwegian first am i right? if i was purchasing comics i would want them in English as i am a Brit living here.

  • Halfaworldaway, Pete Stott wrote the following last week:
    Posted on 26 May, 2010 at 1:42 pm by Pete Stott
    Hello again! The earlier post didn’t catch you out! So many questions, I’ll answer the ones I can.
    When we finally open some more stores across Europe we are planning on having an English language section alongside local & translated comics. This way you have a choice. In fact, you may have more comics than us! We’ll also do our best to ensure that these stores have a selection of free comics to enjoy.
    So, it seems that there will be English ones here in Norway. ;)

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