Digital Comics Store Update (2nd June 2010)

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Digital Comics Wednesday is upon us once again. Let’s have a look what’s in store.


One of this week’s highlights has to be Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time Graphic Novel. Over 70 pages of beautiful art based on the movie of the game. Weighing in at over 160 MB, please make sure you’ve got room!
From Icon, the award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming continue their landmark Powers series. Stand alone Issue 7 sees Warren Ellis (yes THE Warren Ellis) join detective Christian Walker on a case. Ellis subjects Walker to lectures on the state of the comics industry and the medium of comics itself. It’s all very meta, and a must read for comic fans.
Powers #8 sees the start of a new story arc called Role Play which details one of the most disturbing cases of Walker & Pilgrim’s careers. A group of college kids who role play their favorite super-heroes are being murdered one-by-one, and unless Walker and Pilgrim can stop the killer, more kids will die.
Markosia start a new series called Hope Falls which looks rather intriguing. The comic’s protagonist is Helen Gane who was murdered twenty years ago, and yet she returns to the peaceful town of Hope Falls looking not a day older. She is still a little upset over the whole murder thing and sets about taking vengeance on those responsible. I’ll be reading issue 2!
Here’s this week’s complete list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1682 2000AD 18+
  • Atomic Robo Vol.3: Shadow From Beyond Time #4 Red 5 Comics 9+
  • Beyond #2 Liquid Comics 17+
  • Criminal (2006) #8: Lawless #3 Icon 18+
  • Criminal (2006) #9: Lawless #4 Icon 18+
  • Devi #2 Liquid Comics 12+
  • Donald Duck and the Contact Savingitis Disney 3+
  • Donald Duckling and the Assisted Courtship Disney 3+
  • Eat The Dead #2 Liquid Comics 17+
  • Hope Falls #1 Markosia 17+
  • Kong: King of Skull Island #5 Markosia 12+
  • Powers (2000) #7 & #8 Icon 18+
  • Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time Disney 3+
  • Ramayan 3392 AD #2 Liquid Comics 12+
  • Serpent Wars #4 Markosia 12+
  • Snakewoman #2 Liquid Comics 17+
  • Virulents #2 Liquid Comics 17+
  • Walk-In #2 Liquid Comics 17+
  • X-Mickey #13: Krimold’s Hearth Disney 3+
  • Zombie Broadway #2 Liquid Comics 17+

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