Buy A New PSPgo And Get 10 Free Games

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If ever there was an incentive to take the plunge and buy a PSPgo, then here it is: if you buy or have bought one between 1 April 2010 and 30 September 2010 then you can download 10 top titles from PlayStation Store, absolutely free.


The games on offer are:

*This list varies depending on your country; please see the terms and conditions for further details.

All you have to do to claim your games is use your shiny new PSPgo to access PlayStation Store and download the PSPgo Theme from the Latest category. You will receive an email including a PlayStation Network Voucher Code that will let you download your ten free games.

For more details including full terms and conditions and the list of games for your country, visit

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  • hmmm why are you giving so many games away free?

  • Think about us launch buyers?

  • wow , why SCEA doesnt have any PSP GO promotions ? 10 free games ? wow i already owned LBP , Motorstorm AE , GT but i would gladly take Wipeout pulse or GTA Vice City

  • They’re giving away so many games for free because the PSP Go is a sales flop… Seriously, I’ll be the first to defend PlayStation and Sony in any fanboy argument, but the PSP Go is a bit of a failure, if I am totally honest.

  • cool ! 10 ( REALLY good games ) for free !

  • I already have digital GTA, LBP and GT, but I wouldn’t mind many off that list.

  • hi i a bit thick when it comes to reading t and c s mine was setup on the 22/5/10 with my ps3 acc (master) and purchased a couple of days before does that mean i qualify on the 9th to dl the theme for the code thanks for any help

  • almighty-slayer

    Yes please. I am severely tempted…But don’t think i have the money!

  • God, I feel like Sony just suckerpunched me. Stupid me ran to the store on day 1 and got the Go. Typical Sony, this was the last time I bought a system on launch from them!

  • I am so gonna get one :-) My old PSP is on its last legs.

  • Shame this is not a 3000 deal pspGO is fail

  • That’s a crazy deal,but the system doesn’t interest me apart from peace walker.

    @ jordanW241

    It does suggest dead system,I dont think Sony will be happy with Go’s sales,especially how each version of DS sells in comparison.
    Also factor in Nintendo’s 3D handheld is revealed in two weeks time,it’s looking a worrying for the PSP right now.

  • not fair on us that brought this on day 1

  • slightly tempted now, if I can find one for under £150 I’ll probably get one

  • O.o must check prices for PSP GO im in need of a replacement ever since my psp 2000 died

  • Not a bad deal at all! It does reek a little of desperation though :-P I’m still happy with my PSP 1000 though

  • Way to punch the US gamers in the face Sony

  • BusterMachine19

    This is really poor stuff guys – I understand wanting to try and push the go to new buyers, but to freeze out the people who bought early is very poor form. To be perfectly honest it’s pretty disgusting treatment, and I’m seriously considering whether I’ll support Sony products any further.

    Here’s to hoping we get some form of response on this matter.


    Just need to find a place where wi-fi works, usely i DL throgh my ps3..

    I’m feeling I’m so lucky cuz i got the Go on my B-day, 16 of may.

  • Hm, it’s still too expensive at £200. If it was £150 I would consider, especially since my PSP 100 has a broken right d-pad button :(

  • Some good games there. But can’t PSP-Go be say £99.99? £199.99 is TO MUCH! :(

  • desperate measures in full flow now for pspgo , fully expect go to cease production this year as this will be the last desperate push for sales , r.i.p pspgo we hardly knew ye lol

  • this isnt good for exsisting psp go owners. what about supporting the people that already bought the psp go like me in december.
    very dissapointed…

  • i paid 150 quid for my v+ box off virgin media and now customers are gettn them for free lol its way companies work

  • awesome stuff sony! something had to be done for PSP go owners, beyond a joke hardly any games been made available for download on the store, this should ease the pain a little

  • I feel so ripped off getting just a Rock Band Lite voucher in Canada when I bought it day one.

    No free games and a terrible pricing stratagy.

    I wish I lived in europe. You guys clearly have more sense then SCEA when it comes to the PSP Go. Not enough sense but at least some.

  • Thanks Sony. I bought the PSP Go on day one, and now, people who bought it after april 1 of 2010 get 10 free games!? That’s it, i had it.

  • “3. This promotion starts at 12:00pm UK time on 9/06/2010 and ends at 11:59pm UK time on 30/09/2010 (the “Promotional Period”).”

    Awesome guys. Will definitely download the theme in a few days!
    Much better than I expected… I thought the deal would be to pick ONE game out of this list of ten :)

  • @waypoetic I think it is after January 1st at least that seems to be the case in DK. Not that it makes any difference for you if you bought it before… feel sorry for you guys :-/ but you did have a promotion deal back then right?

    Anyway I think it is awesome because I was just about to buy one :-)

  • the Go! is £174.15 on Amazon but even with 10 games free its still too much for me. I have a PSP 2000 and some 15 games plus the PSOne games off the store and a Digital Copy of Gran Turismo. I don’t need 2 PSP’s. One that can play UMD’s and Downloads and one that only plays Downloads. I’ll stick to my old one.

    Thanks anyway Sony.

  • “I paid $249 for a PSP Go and all I got was this lousy Rock Band demo voucher code”

  • Ill wait untill E3 maybe their might be a new handheld console. I doubt it but still. I feel sorry for the day 1 buyers. Good offer though. All i want is a psp with 2 analogue sticks. Please, please, please! Then i can play Peace walker and GT. Ill also buy most of those games that are on the list.

  • I’ll buy it after E3. You never know they might release a PSP2!

  • I think we all knew that things were bad in PSPgo-land, but I didn’t know it this _this_ bad!

    It’s not that it was necessarily a bad idea, but it was always the wrong price, it was badly marketed and of course retailers saw little point in promoting a product where they didn’t get any further sales due to the digital download model.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with the next generation of consoles. With cheap storage and fast internet connections becoming more and more common, it’s difficult to see why Sony and/or Microsoft wouldn’t want to have a monopoly on all sales of software, as they currently do with sales of DLC and Arcade / mini / Games on demand software. It means that they can fix prices (as they do on their current stores) destroy the second-hand market and significantly cut down on piracy.

    The PSPgo was an interesting experiment in this business model and it failed spectacularly. But if, in a couple of years time, Sony release a download-only PS4 and Microsoft release a download-only XBox 720, will people feel that they just have to accept it?

  • how long does this offer run for…i might buy one for my sons birthday at end of next month if its still going

  • That’s ridiculous, 10 games could be €450 depending on the pricing of the games. That’s pretty much two PS3s if you search around a bit.

    The fact that launch owners aren’t included in this tells me that the few people who actually bought your hardware at launch (me) are just being sweeped under the rug.

    Last time I buy a handheld from you guys at launch, and that’s saying something since I’m an almost constant supporter of Sony and always have been. That 3DS does look interesting…

  • Man i feel sorry for the guys who bought 1 on the day of release and didn’t they only get 3 games in digital format if they already owned them on umd. Poor show sony surely you should give this to your loyal customers who supported you from the beginning not fence sitters that need convincing. The only good thing i see in this is that i did not buy a PSP(no)GO. Plus isn’t E3 upon us with what is rumored to be the unvieling of the PSP2, and i hope it has 2 joysticks this time round!

  • It smells desperation around PSP Go. Why don’t Sony just price cut the unit. If you add just a little more money you can buy a PS3. Seriously, PSP Go dosen’t have a UMD drive which I’ll guess reduce the cost. Is it the 16GB flash which cost or what? Because it’s overpriced! :O

  • how is this fair sony, i bought mine the third day after launch and all i got free was one game and a theme, so why are you now giving away 10 free one’s to people who buy it 5 t0 8 months later when your loyal customers that bought it right off the bat only gets one, i feel the people who bought it right off the bat should get the offer as well.

  • Yeah, thanks a lot Sony.

    This is typical, so many people supposrt you in buying a PSPgo on launch or near by, and I got Gran Turismo free which I was very grateful for.

    Now you give out ten of the best games PSP has to offer and the loyal fans can’t get them. Sure I’ve got one of them… one.
    Now people who buy them soo long after launch have more reason to buy one than the fans do.

    Not the happiest with support for the loyal ones man.

  • can i swap 1 for resistance :D?

  • *beep* you sony. i never buy a product on the release again. 10 free games??? and what do the already PSPgo owners get???? this sucks!!! :@

  • Typical Sony – enticing people to buy a hand-held console that has seen less support in 2009 & 2010 than an Atari Jaguar!

    Why not give something to those poor suckers who already purchased a PSPGo (like me!!). Incentive not to drop the product like the dirty sanitary towel it is, would probably show that Sony are at least sympathetic to the lack of support, and assure current users that something will be done.

    Instead, people will purchase a PSPGo under the false promise that they will receive tons of games via PSN store and receive 10 free games! In reality, 10 free games equates to 90% of the actual library of games available for the PSPGo!

    I sold my PSPGo. I purchased mine on release as Sony assured a massive library of downloadable games! Meh! Poor show Sony…. p**s poor! Fact is – the PSPGo doesn’t do anything special that the older PSP’s don’t. I can tolerate UMD’s.

  • Hey, I bought the PSP go on launch day, is it possible for me to reddem the free games?
    Thanks :)

  • I bought a Go on launch day, and I got 1 free game!
    Add me to the list of [DELETED] off early adopters.

  • Well, as an early adopter I got a mere 4 free games. Cheers Sony – always supporting the people who support you….

  • I can’t find the theme. I guess the people who paid £225 on day one only get the Gran Turismo, and the 3 extra games free.
    Those who buy it now for cheaper can get 10 games free, I dont wan’t to complain but I feel a bit let down :/

    I guess i’ll wait and get the PSP2 and PS4 about 5 months after launch, SONY might reward me with free games.

  • This is the second post I’ve made about this and I’ll echo what I said before: something about this seems wrong. 10 free games is over the top.

    Can’t help but feel, this is clear PSPgo stock to make way for the PSP2 later in the year.

    Before you have me down as another troll or whatever the correct term is, I DO want the PSPgo to do well as I brought one on launch (and I did’nt even get the free Gran Turismo, so maybe there are a few sour grapes here).

    Like I said, this feels wrong and if the PSPgo is sooner rather than later discontinued, then offers like this , will only bring more bad feelings and press.

    Heres hoping that this offer is for the right moral reasons yet I feel all it will do is bring more ill will.

  • Under £100 & 10 free games, i’d snap one up, but at it’s current price no chance.

  • Too bad that none of those 10 games interest me. I like the PSPgo concept, but it’s severely taken down by the poor game selection on PSN. There are simply too many good games that are only available on UMD, and not on PSN.

    If these games existed on PSN, I say my chances of buying a PSPgo would be significantly higher.

    *Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (already available on US PSN, why not here?)
    *Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
    *Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
    *Star Ocean: First Departure
    *Star Ocean: Second Evolution
    *Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

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